[slash] Eyelash Curlers and Butcher Knives [Jeffree Star] [Oneshot]

mxblyts Okay, just a little bored.. So I decided to make this. Got a lot of help with the sexy bits ;) from a friend, so thank yous!

Created by xmissxwayx on Thursday, November 01, 2007


I walked down the sidewalk rubbing my arms to warm me from the chilly breeze. I looked downward and counted all the cracks in the cement as I passed them.
There was a pink lipgloss covering another crack on the ground. I paused and bent down to pick it up, observing it. The bottle was glass, and there were different shades of pink in swirls. I looked upwards again to see where it might've come from and saw no one. Well, no one else but another person, who was walking a good seven or so feet infront of me. I scanned the rest of the area. No girls in the park across the road either. I shrugged and continued to walk forward, the gloss still in my hand. I kept going, thinking the lady infront might have dropped it, even though her outfit screamed otherwise. She was wearing a short black miniskirt with fishnet stockings and a black jacket. It looked kind of sultry actually. Her blonde hair was in a short bob with whisps sticking out in places. I sped up.
"Excuse me, miss?" I said.
"Yes?" she said with a laugh. We both stopped and I saw her face. She He had long, thick eyelashes, accented with bright pink and blue eyeshadow. His eyebrows didn't even look like eyebrows at all, they were slender arches drawn on his forehead, and were unnaturally long. And the thing that gave it all away, his broad, flat chest. I realised I must've been staring, because he had placed a hand on his hip and put his weight on one foot.
"Oh, um, nevermind.." I mumbled. He gave a halfhearted smile and began to turn around. It was then I realised his shirt was neon pink under his jacket and his lips were shiney too.
"Actually, um, I was just wondering... I uh, just found something... Did you drop this?" I asked, finally deciding on a line to use, while holding out the lipgloss.
Why not? He was dressed in pink anyway, it was worth the shot.
His eyes widened slightly.
"Why, yes," he said, staring at it. I held it out further to him, and he took it, brushing our hands together. My muscles tensed as it happened, then he drew his hand back.
"Thank you," he smiled.
"No problem," I mumbled, before turning to go back.
"Hey, wait," he said, in a rather girly tone. I looked over my shoulder.
He looked like he was thinking of something to say. "Where did you find it?"
"Back there," I waved.
"Oh... I'm Jeffree," he smiled, and his monroe piercing shone.
"Alex" I replied, half suspiciously.
"Nice to meet you" he grinned. I noticed how his eyes lit up each time he smiled, they went from dull powder blue to electric blue. Quite a good combination, I think.
"Yeah, you too... See you round," I said and quickly power walked away from him, into the opposite direction. Sure, I was also going in the opposite direction of where I intending on going, but still. Any excuse to end that conversation. I didn't once look over my shoulder to see Jeffree's reaction, but headed to a small bar I knew was coming up. I entered and sat in the corner.
For the next twenty minutes I sat alone, drinking O'Douls non alcoholic beer. It was then I remembered I had no plans for the weekend. I checked my phone. No calls or anything.
How sad is my life??
I sighed and slipped my phone back into my pocket, then stared at the ceiling. It was musty brown. I ould hear people talking in the background, laughing and drinking contests, then I heard a small jingle. Someone else had come into the bar. I closed my eyes and not more than a minutes later, I heard someone speaking to me.
"Hey again." I opened my eyes to see those brightly outlined eyes again.
"Hey" I said, caught off guard.
"You with anyone?"
"No" I frowned.
"Oh, then mind if I sit here?" I shook my head, even though I was wanting him to just walk away. Rude? I guess, but he just made me feel nervous. He sat opposite me in the booth.
"What will you have?" a waiter asked.
"Jack Daniels" he answered, then faced me. "So Alex... Tell me about yourself." He smiled. I stared at him for a minute, wondering why he was so interested in me when we just met. "If you want, I can go first" he offered. I shut my mouth, and blinked.
"Well," he started. "My name is Jeffree and I like to paint, do make up, take photos, I'm from Orange County and I like to write, I'm nineteen, and of course, I'm a cross dresser," he finished with a wide grin.
"Wow" I stated.
"Yeah" he laughed. "You go."
"Okay.. Um... I'm Alex, I'm from New York, moved here three years ago, I'm also nineteen, I like to uhh... Do nothing I guess..." I said, chewing the inside of my right cheek.
He laughed. "Nice!" He sat up and propped his chin on his hands, which I had just noticed were adorned with long posh pink nails. To avoid gawking yet again, I decided to srtike up a conversation. We ended up talking for the next hour. He wasn't that bad. A few drinks later, he was quite funny, made no sense, and I actually ignored his appearance. He was an all round nice guy.
He ended up sitting next to me in the booth, and he just finished his fifth beer. I laughed as I watched him set the bottle down with a determind thump.
"You're so weird," I said, leaning my head back.
"Thank you kind sir, I like that too." I raised an eyebrow at him and he giggled. All of a sudden he snaked hisarm around my neck and started to sing.
"I got my hair fixed, makeup done, I'm ready to go, step in the club and you know I'm the show. Diamonds in my teeth are always a' glow, blinded as I speak, mesmerized by my flow," he sang.
"That's not bad," I said, and he started to tap on the table. I tapped the beat too.
"Spit on the dance floor to know where you are, slip to the beat drivin' in my pink car. Know you love, and I love, that I'm Jeffree Star." He burst into laughs. I realised we were sitting close, his arm was still around my neck. I could feel his breath on my neck.
I neared his face while he giggled more. He looked at me in the eyes. They weren't powdery, nor electric. They were glowing.
He suddenly lifted his head from my neck so it was level with my face and kissed my lips. My eyes grew wide as he did, not reacting to his gesture at all. He pulled away, keeping his eyes closed and turned to straddle me. The very small gap between me and the table was closed by him and he kissed me again.
Did he not get the idea? He was kissing me, a guy. I mean, freakshow kisses guy in public, in an open booth, guy freaks out while freakshow feels guy's chest, guy
I found myself with my eyes closed and arms around his waist, while he cupped my face. What?
His tongue had already slid into my mouth and he grabbed my shirt collar.
"Oy, you two, take that outta' here!" a man called. Jeffree pulled away and jumped off me, grabbing my hand and we were out of the bar within seconds. I didn't even know what was happening, just that we were running to someplace I didn't know. We had reached a house I was assuming was his, and he fumbled to find the right key, then opened the door. As soon as we got in, he slammed the door shut with me against it, attacking my lips again. I pulled away and looked at his eyes again. Still glowing. I looked at him in full length, from his flat chest covered in pink, to his bare legs under the fishnets, then back to - here we go. There's the answer.
Powder - normal
Electric - happy
glowing - horny
I chuckled as he blushed and dragged me upstairs to a bedroom that was covered with bright colours. Almost blinding, if I may say so myself. He shut the door and pushed me ontop of the silky pink bedsheets, the pounced on me while taking off his jacket.
"Take off your shirt," he said in a husky voice. I did as I was told while he peeled off his tight pink top. Before I could say anything else, he had gotten to the zip of my drainpipes and struggled to pull them off. It was then I truly realised what he was heading for. He wanted to have sex with me! I lied there still while he pulled his own clothes off, thinking of what I got myself into. Was it too late to get out of here? I just met the guy, and he was already drunk and on top of me. I might aswell brace myself...
He kissed my neck over and over, sucking at small areas he knew would make me moan. He started to grind his hips against mine, causing my eyes to snap open.
"That's new," I said in a hoarse whisper. Jeffree gave a whicked laugh and did it again. I grabbed his neck when he did it the third time. "Oh my god." His hand made it's way into my boxers and began to grip my member.
"Wh-what are you doing?" I asked.
"Shh, just enjoy it," he said into my ear, making my shiver. He suddenly began to pump me, without any control I let out another moan as I closed my eyes. He started to bite the skin around my collar bone and moved his hand faster. Withing ten seconds I'd cummed all over. He laughed as he took his hand out of my boxers and licked it. I stared at him wide eyed.
He brought his lips close to my ear and whisepred:
"Enter my construction zone."
He giggled as he turned us over, me still watching him with big eyes. He saw that I was still trying to comprehend what was happening, so he gave me a soft kiss. I breathed.
Without thinking further, I pulled off his underware, not breaking the kiss, and rested my hands on his inner thighs.
"You need to get ready? Or..."
"No, just do it," he winked. I smiled and kissed him again, spreading his legs wider, and moved closer to him. Then, I entered him. I was unsure of what to do, so he moved his hips, away then back. I realised what he was trying to do, and started to pull in and out of him. I had then built up enough courage to slowly pull out and ram into him. He moaned into my mouth loudly, and I knew I was doing well. I did it again. And again. His hands were tangled in my hair as I pushed full force, so I was completely inside him.
"Oh fuck!" he yelled as he pushed his head back into the pillow. His eyes were shut tight and I placed my lips on his. Our chests were touching and I could feel that I was starting to sweat.
"I'm so close" I stuttered. I magically grabbed his erection without even thinking and began to pump, just like he had done me. After a minute of intense pleasure, I slammed into him for the last time before shooting my load inside him. He soon cummed over my hand, and I gently pulled out. I lay beside him and stared at the ceiling.

"How did you learn to do that?" he asked breathlessly as he looked at me.
"I... Don't know..." I looked at him with a lop sided smile. His eye shadow was smudged, his lipstick smeared all over his face, and his hair even crazier than before.
"You were good," he said, and kissed me again. I caressed his cheek and looked at him. His eyes were now clouded.
"What are you feeling?" I asked, not finding any mood to go with his eyes.
"I don't know."
"Okay then... Are you thinking?"
"Yes," he said, closing his eyes. Aha.
"So what are you thinking?" I asked curiously.
"I... Just met you today..." He said lightly.
"Oh yeah" I grimaced. I guess we both felt like whores.
"I really like you though," he said with hope. "And I was thinking... If it's okay... I'd like to get to see you... More," he said, staring at my bare chest. I laughed.
"Yeah, I like you too."
"So how about a date, tomorrow?"
"Yes," I grinned.
"Oh great! I already have the perfect outfit planned..." he said,rubbing his chin. I laughed inwardly. His outfit was the reason I ran away from him in the first place, especially his eyes...
But now...
I think it's the reason why I never pushed him away.
Let's have a sexy party
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