Math Teacher Rape

Created by LtlePointeDancer on Sunday, November 04, 2007

It started at school you were my teacher and i was your student. I came in that day with really tight short skirt on a low cut lacy cami on. I sat down and took my test and I looked up and you were staring at my 34D breast. I came back later that day to find out my test score. I was the only one in your classroom and you said I scored 80 but I needed a 90 to pass the class with a A so I could get my Chanel Snow Boots. By now everyone was in class and no one was in the hall way. I bent over to look at my grade and I felt your warm hand reach up my skirt and under my pink mesh thong. I yelped and he said if you want that A you can come to my room after school for "tutoring."
Not knowing what I was getting myself into after the last bell I walked into your room. you wernt there so I just sat at the desk in the front until he came in. When you came in and seemed all innocent and gave me a paper to work on. I got half way through my paper when you came and walked over toward me and sat down and with out notice stuck your hand up my skirt and grabbed my vagina. I screamed and you took it out and grapped duck tape from your pocket I tried to get away but you grapped me and put it over my mouth I fumbled and tried to escape but you punched me and i passed out. You shoved me into a file cabniet and pretended to go home. Instead he went and hide in his car til everyone left he came back to his class room and took me out of the cabniet still unconcious. You drove off to places unknown. Later I woke up in the front of a SUV with you fingering my clit, I tried to scream but I was gagged and couldnt. I sat there for another 10 minutes and then we came to a big house in one of the richest neighborhoods in the city It was the biggest on the street and had both a pond a farway view. You opened the door and walked over to my side of the he pulled me out and dragged me into the house and threw me onto the couch the downstairs looked just like a normal house but i had a feeling there was something wrong in this house

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