7 minutes in heaven (GIRLS ONLY& MAYBE GAYS\BIs)

WEEEEE MORE STUFF (*MUNCHES ON TEA CAKES* ^w^) This song emphasizes the romance so try to open results in a new tab/window, PLLLEEAASSEE!

Created by thehatta on Saturday, November 10, 2007

Okay, you are Kagome's friend and she has been talking about going down this 'time traveling well' for a long time and you're sick of it and finally said, "I need some effing proof!"
So, Kagome says, "Fine, come with me," she pulls you to her house and into a tiny shack and she pulls into the well and for some reason the well threw you out and you land on your butt. You look up and are surrounded by all the hot bishis of Inuyasha!
(Inuyasha, Miroku, Seshomaru, Kouga, Naraku, Bankotsu, and Jakotsu)
"Since you are all here, let's play seven minutes in heaven! And instead of the closet we will go into the forest and instead of 7 minutes, lets have an hour." Kagome suggested,
"Whatever," you say, still confrused, 'Just as long as I don't get killed.' you thought
You sit around the fire and Kagome comnes around with a small basket. WHAT NUMBER DID YOU PICK?
Number 1
'CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP,' You think as you picked number one, "N-number one..." you whimpered, Naraku smirks and almost hover ominously deep into the forest 'Not the really creepy killer!' you think and make your way deeper into the forest,
You come into the densest part of the forest and you look around hearing noises. You turn around and Naraku is inches from your face, "You skin looks soft," he stroked from your forehead to your lips and gives you a light kiss, "and is..." he finished, "Thank you," you said lightly, you don't know why but you are VERY horny/attracted by his gracefulness and he leans in for another kiss, he moves lower and starts ripping off your clothes (not literally)kissing you full force.
>An Hour Later< "______where..." Inuyasha called, and stop dead in his tracks as he saw you both about fifty feet away from each other and says, "Good, knowing Naraku, I thought he would have raped you or something." Naraku smirked and after the gang left he kissed you briefly, "I hope we do this again." he said hauntingly
Number 2
"Number 2?" You say briefly, hoping no one heres you, Kouga stood and picked you up bridal style running in his tornado thing to the base of a large tree, "Ok, from what I've heard you only like Kagome so we don't have to do anything..." you say quickly
"I was hoping we could maybe try this 'human' game, we would probably have fun." Kouga says cheerfully, You both lean in closer and you speak as your faces get closer and closer, "I guess that wouldn't be a problem...would...it...eh Kouga?" Your lips lock, almost as if it were meant to be, Kouga let's you play with his tail and he pushed his hand up your shirt...
>Hour Later< "______!!" Kagome cries, you and Kouga were able to get your clothes in perfect order before she found you, "Hey guys...doesn't look like you did much, I knew you wouldn't." Kagome said cockily as you two held hands, staring into each other's eyes and walked back to camp.
Number 3
"Three?" you say quite loudly (nervous habit) Bankotsu takes your hand and pulls you toward him and yanked you not that far into the forest.
You two sit for about half an hour of small talk and silence, "So, why did you become a mersionary anyway?" You ask, "I felt like there was nothing else that suited my better than being a killer." He says calmly, you stand and he stands along with you. You suggest, "let's make an attempt at this kissing thing and humor the rest of the group" "Fine" he says. Your lips lightly touch and you like it, not the best, but you like it. The kiss becomes deeper and deeper, "C'mon you two, let someone else get a turn!" Miroku calls through the thin layer of trees between camp and you, you quickly run back to the camp muttering something about not believing you did it, to your self, 'The weird thing is, I kinda like him.' you thought and looked at Sesshomaru walking into the forest with Inuyasha... "Aren't they brothers?" You think aloud...
Number 4
"NUMBA FOUR!" You shout, Miroku stood and you said "OKDIEE DOKES!" And you followed him a while into the forest. Miroku pinned you against a tree and grabbed your behind, you made passionate love in twenty minutes and came back with twenty-five minutes to spare, Sango was thankfully by her village for her diseased family. Miroku stole a few pecks here and there and pulled off his pervyness also and you slapped him a few time also...you wish Hojo would have been there and you missed him so you snuggled by Miroku to not feel as lonely and had fun the rest of the night.
Number 5
"Five..." You said calmly, you didn't care who you got, they were all shmexy and deserved a 'spanking'. Sesshomaru stood and you followed swiftly after him, You were literally chased for a half an hour into a clearing and he pinned you to a tree, you like the way he's rough and the fact that he's even touching you. He forces his lips on your trembling ones, you relaxed and even kissed back. He plays with your ear lobes you moan softly, pushing up his Kimono and feeling around his abs and chest, >An Hour Later< "_____ C'" Inuyasha starts, but sees you half naked and hurls at the sight, Sesshomaru and you put on your clothes and he held your hand the rest of the night as you sat on his lap and snugled to his chest. He finds a way to turn you into a full dog demon and you have kids and live for another ten thousand years together...
Number 6
"N-n-number 6?" You studder, Jakotsu raises his hand and goes into the forest, you two walk around for the whole hour talking about cute boys, nails and hair, you seem to agree with most of the stuff hey says and had fun talking to him. Sesshomaru came in to find you and said, "Times up, its my turn now." you guys walk back slowly and when you explain Inuyasha laughs his head off and Kagome falls over laughing along with Miroku... (If your are unsatisified I will allow you to take this quiz only ONCE more)
Number 7
"Number 7" you say blandly and Inuyasha stands, everyone of the Inuyasha gang gasped slightly, but didn't object. So, you two went into a forest clearing and you two laid next to each other looking at the sky darkening with blues and deep scarlets, you roll over and stare into his golden eyes watching over him intently. He lifts his head and you lean in to peck him on the lips, you moved downward and sat yourself on his lap sucking and biting at his neck, "_____" he moaned your name and your senses took over, driving you mad as you passionately kissed and your tongue intertwined with his. "I love you," he said and you two made out the rest of the hour and you finally said, "What about Kikyou or Kagome?" Inuyasha smiled, "It's your choice," You rolled off of him, "I'll think about it." You come back to the campfire and play the rest of the round, that night you thought and thought and finally gave him your answer,
If Yes: Inuyasha kissed you passionately and that lead to other things, he told Kagome and she liked Kouga anway. You two stayed together and he helped you turn half demon and you had six children and stayed married for 750 years with your family.
If no:He was disappointed and you ended up going back to the human world and came back only on special occasions.

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