The Wedgies of Washington High

Hey there, first enstallment of a series of stories focusing on the problems freshman face in high school, mainly wedgies. So sit back and enjoy :)!! -goldenface92 P.S I don't know why I have to make this A rated... theres one cuss word and it says

Created by goldenface92 on Monday, November 12, 2007

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“Wedgie or not Jamie?”
Jamie, a cute short and blonde haired girl stood in a corner clutching a pink folder and a textbook. She had been cornered by a couple of the school seniors, and seeing she was a freshman she knew what was coming.
The seniors at Washing High School had a knack of wedgeing freshman, usually with the goal of either ripping the underwear, hanging the victim by said underwear, or some other bizarre underwear cruelty. It didn’t matter who it was, if any senior decided to wedgie any freshman of their choice, they could do it.
So Jamie’s hopes for escape were slim as two tall seniors were about to give her an extreme underwear yank. Luckily no one was in the halls to witness this, but Jamie still did not want to go through with it.
“So little Jamie, how about it?”
Jamie looked up with her dark blue eyes. “Do I have a choice?”
The seniors scoffed. “Ha, of course not! Now drop those books and face the wall freshie!”
Jamie did so, and closed her eyes, not wanting to look back only to see a streak of green and white, only to realize it was her panties being pulled closer and closer to her head. With a sudden yank, her underwear rode up to her torso, and Jamie gave in and looked back. She saw the two senior girls laughing, each clutching a handful of green and white-printed cloth. “Aww, such cute panties, too bad they’ll be in shreds Jamie dear!”
Jamie just looked back to the wall. “Shit,” she muttered.
Just then she heard the ripping and tearing and soon she felt like she was wearing no panties. She looked back and saw the seniors with a strand of cloth that used to be her underwear. They threw it in a nearby trash can and simply walked away.
A little later Jamie made her way to her locker and packed her stuff into her backpack. At the corner of her eye, she saw a dark figure creeping towards her. At first she thought it was the seniors, but saw it was someone else. “What the hell are you doing here?”
Jesse, a dark-haired boy who had known Jamie since middle school leaned on a locker next to her. “Oh, hi Jesse,” Jamie said, blushing a little, as she had a crush on Jesse. “I sort of ran into some seniors and…”
“Oh, I see,” Jesse exclaimed. “They probably gave you a wedgie I bet.”
“Yeah…they…sort of…. ripped it….”
“Ah, I see… that’s no good. You probably missed your bus eh? Need a ride home?”
“Well… I… uh…”
“Jeez louise girl! Why are you being so timid? Yes or no?
“Yeah thanks Jesse,”
Jamie packed up her things and followed Jesse to the parking lot. Jesse, being a little older than Jamie, had a drivers permit and could drive legally by himself. His car was an old red Geo Prism, not in the greatest shape. “Well it ain’t pretty, but it is sure as hell working.” Jesse said with a smile.
Jamie put her stuff into the back seat and sat in the passenger seat, as Jesse rolled into the driver’s seat and started the car. “So Jamie, you ok? Jesse asked.
“Yeah, I’m ok. Have you been given the treatment yet?”
Jesse looked at her with his soothing green eyes and smirked. “No, but it will come whenever. Anyway, it’s probably not the most comfortable thing sitting in ripped underwear; well unless it was a thong then I guess it wouldn’t matter.”
Jamie’s cheeks became red, as she felt talking to Jesse made her stomach crawl, let alone be it about her underwear. “Well I don’t notice anything.”
“Oh so a thong it is.”
“No no no Jesse.” Jamie was completely red, good think Jesse was to busy to notice. “I don’t like thongs, but the girls ripped my underwear pretty bad, so it wasn’t attached anymore.”
“Ha, oh Jamie, you need to loosen up. You got to just laugh at this. I mean it can’t be that embarrassing talking about underwear.”
Jamie laughed a bit, and turned her head to look at Jesse for the first time. “Well, I don’t go around talking about underwear everyday…. Turn left here.”
Jesse did so and they arrived at a white two story house. “Well thanks,” Jamie said.
Jesse nodded as Jamie got her things and traveled to her house.

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