I'm Not You and Your Not Supposed to Be ME! (intro)(a body swap story)

To Lloyd Trixie Trixersan is the wannabe Theatrequeen and Lloyd Manson to Trixie is the prankster which is why she always in detention. So what happens when these two switch bodies, considering they've hated eachother since the day they met eachother

Created by Erini14 on Monday, November 12, 2007

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I'm Not You and Your Not Supposed to Be ME!


I Can't Help But Think

Trixie Trixersan's POV

I sat down thinking how could this have happen, how could Lloyd and I actually have switch bodies.And why Lloyd of all living things, I would have much rather been an ant, a tick, a tree, even some random stranger, so you gather I don't get along with Lloyd. Well then your a smart cookie. Oh you want to know why Lloyd I don't Get along?

 We've never got along not even when I first move here from NY in 6 grade , it was summer and I almost kill him, but our parents got along great Good God Why? I don't know.

Okay when we 1st met he was nice to me only because his parents were with him. That one day I showed up at the ball field to see if any of the girls actually play softball turns out none,Lloyd had made fun of me for my weight but little did he know that day I had a softball in my glove and threw it at him with all my might. I remember him sitting there in shock that I actually did that for about an hour he didn't move.Then his sister Ann showed up,she look shocked that Lloyd had been sitting on a bench and that I was holding a softball glove.

Lloyd mom says be home an hour for lunch,hey your our new neighbor un Trixersan right?Ann asked me that day.

"Um it's actually Trixie"

"Well Trixie not girls around here play ball"

"Why, it's just a game"

"My name's Ann, you want to head back, I'll introduced you to people that aren't like my brother Lloyd"

Then my brother Dave showed up. Trix's not again. he said as Ann and I ran away that day.

You think since that day Lloyd would of left me alone wrong! The names just get better and better fatty, cow, weird, strange, Drama Queen, Witch, Magic Freak,(because I believe in magic it's obvious from some of the plays I've written) A wannabe Theatre Queen and the list goes on.

Ann took me under her wing and introduced to a part of me I didn't even knew I had, which I love,I love getting on a Stage, I love acting and singing and Ann had show me I could do all the things I didn't even bother trying.

Wait oh yeah about the switch, Lloyd upset he has to hang around the drama people,when he's in the production. I finally get my dream role and I can't even play it, My dream role Tracy Turnbald in Hairspray.

Unfortunately Lloyd had audition as a joke and his parents were making him stick with it oh the best was he came and got my on stage lover Link.Yuck! the idea of just having to act like I love him.

Okay your probably how the hell we switch bodies, so I'll recap it all.

Lloyd Manson's POV

I can't believe I'm trapped in Trixie's body, she's a fat bitch to me and most likely always will be. Oh I love how people say she's so nice when she's not I've been in detention with her plenty of times.

It's really rich how I'm labeled as the bad egg, when all my grades are 80's or better except with English.Well okay she's not bad till I pissed her off but I can't help,I love seeing her over react.

Well if I knew that pissing her off so much would result in being trapped in her body, I wouldn't have done it that much.I think the only thing Trixie can said to pissed me off more then anything is Lloydarella all because I know she switch the bathroom signs one time and I fell for it. Well I should really tell you how the switch happen. I can't believe we can't find a way to switch back.I would write about how I met Trixie but knowing her she's already told it, how i call her fat then she threw a softball at me.Oh Well I wrote what she asked for why do extra work?

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