I'm Not You and Your Not Supposed to Be ME!(a body swap story)(ch.1)

To Lloyd Trixie Trixersan is the wannabe Theatrequeen and Lloyd Manson to Trixie is the prankster which is why she lways in detention. So what happens when these two switch bodies, considering they've hated eachother since the day they met eachother

Created by Erini14 on Friday, November 16, 2007

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I'm Not You and Your Not Supposed to Be ME!
bye Erini14

Chapter 1 It Was a Start

Trixie's POV

It was April,it was the last week. I remember walking into English taking a seat next to my best friend May.

May was short, she had dark blondish hair,along with brown eyes, and kind of big chest which some of the boys swear is fake but it's not. Me and her ha more inside jokes then I did with Ann.

We used to be friends with Freesia and Penny but then she started dating then they started dating Dylan and Lloyd.They were on the baseball team.

Hey did you remember the homework? May asked.

"Um yeah read the rest of The Catcher In the Rye"

"Could you brief me it on it,please Trix's I've been working on my project with no help from Freesia"

"Oh we basically learn he has early signs of,of, oh God I forget what it's call you know when you see things when aren't there"

"oh gotcha thanks Trix"

Yeah thanks Trix. Lloyd said behind me.

Yeah,whatever. I said

Then Ms .Francis walk in saying good morning Class take out your copy of Catcher In the Rye"and she quickly took the attendance.

Ms .Francis was skinny, tall and dress like a cirrus clown or hippy if you prefer to say.If you pay attention in her class it was easy to past with  a B. Which would explain why I had an A average in her class.

Okay class which of you students actually read the book? Ms. Francis askedI raised my hand with a few others.

Mr .Manson please tell us who Phoebe? Ms. Francis asked

Um a character from Friends.Lloyd answeredA couple people laugh at him.

I threw him a note that read you really are dumb, huh Lloydarella?

Well why don't you just ask the freakazo Trixie. Lloyd responded

That's uncalled for LLOYD .I shouted

"Oh really what are you gonna do about it wannabe theatre queen"


" Okay hail, the wannabe theatre queen Trixie of the Trixersans"

He saw sitting next to him and I slapped him across the face.

How dare you slap my boyfriend. Penny said slapping me across the face

Hey May those can't be real.Don said pointing at her chest

You are the biggest ass hole I've ever met.May said slapping him across the face.

How dare you .Freesia said punching May.

I'm not going to take this from a two face fat bitch. Lloyd said to me which made me slap him harder.

All the sudden Mrs.Krane walk in. Mrs.Krane scary a lot of students not because she was the vice principal because she had a mole right above her lip with a mustache, she was very manly looking to a lot of her students was big and tall at the same time, she could make any one fear for their life.

Thank you Ms .Francis for the call to the office, Mr. Manson,Mr.Duno, Ms. Levant, Ms.Ray, and Ms .Trixersan my office now!. Mrs.Krane said well more like shouted.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ Lloyd's Lloyd'sPOV

Don,Freesia and Penny were glaring not only at Trixie but me! Trixie's friend May had her head down the whole time why I don't know, my only guess is she's not the type who does detention.

I mouthed what to themWhat ! your asking me what!
You really are unbelievable Lloyd. Penny mouth to me.

Welcome to my office and I'll discuss your punishment for all you. Mrs.Krane open the door I follow after my friends then Trixie and May walk in behind me.

Mrs.Krane sat down at her deskWell well why am I not shock to see Mr. Manson,Mr.Duno and Ms .Trixersan.Mrs. Krane asked

Well because last week me and Lloyd had been send here for causing a food fight right near the drama club's table right before their pictures.Don said.

Don't smart with me Mr.Duno or else I will band you two from playing baseball for the rest of the year. Mrs. Krane said

I'm not shocked to see you Trixie why did I see you last week. Mrs.Krane asked

" Oh because Ms.Dirker want to know if we should wear costumes we all had leads in or just wear the costumes from Grease because of a certain food fight"

"Oh right ,what did she do again Trixie"

"She decide it was best we used the costumes from Grease,Bye Bye Birdie and our up coming play Hairspray to keep it in theme"

Oh what a kissed up .I said to myself

What was that Lloyd? Trixie asked

"I call you a kiss up Trixie Trixersan"

"I'm not an embezzle like you Lloyd Manson"

"Embezzle,oh well drama queen"

I'm not a Drama Queen. Trixie shouted while everyone in the room stared at her all I could do is laugh

Mr. Manson,Mrs .Trixersan Saturday detention! Mrs.Krane shouted

Mrs.Krane it's not Lloyd's fault Trixie overreacted. Penny said

"That's not true your boyfriend started this messed Penny"

"Not true May, Trixie could have ignore the comment"

"and I could smash a rock over your head PENNY THE Air head of all bee queens"

That's it all of you Detention and that includes Saturday and you will all being talking with the school counselor. Mrs.Krane said trying not to shouted.

Why do we need to see the school counselor?  Don asked

Because it is clear to me you all have anger issues with each other that's why. Mrs.Krane answered annoy

For how long?Freesia asked

Till the counselor feels you don't need it anymore,now goodbye,go see her now. Mrs.Krane demanded as she kicked us out of her of office.

I walked out with everyone else and poke Trixie just to pissed her off

What the hell Lloyd!Trixie shouted

"What ever are you talking about Trixie"

"You know what the hell I'm talking Lloydarella"

"that was one time and I know damn well Trixie Trixersan you switched the signs"

"What ever you say Lloydarella"

I gave up the battle that name annoyed me more then anything that could say to get the reaction I want out of her.We all walked to the counselor office.

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