Just a Random Lemon with Dante from Devil May Cry...

I wrote this a year ago. Don't shoot me. (I have this story on a mediaminer account. Alexx of Water)

Created by Alex.IronWolf on Sunday, January 22, 2006


For Now and Forever More

A one-shot Dante Fanfic

Requested by: Nee-san (Inside joke)
From: Your point of view

It was a cloudless day; I was outside in the gardens picking wild black berries when I heard a faint cry for help. My blonde hair whipped in the wind, as did my white dress. My violet eyes grew wide. I ran down the orchard path to where the cry had come from. When I ran to the gates of the Church grounds I saw a man around his twenties. He had short white hair and startling blue eyes. My mind raced. He wore brown slacks, and black combat boots. He was shirtless, nay for the bright red coat he wore. He had several open wounds on his arms and legs; a blade still embedded in his chest. I had heard tales of man with suck silvery white hair and bright eyes.

He can take a bullet to the head and live. He may be stabbed multiple time and still walk and breathe as you or I. His name is Dante, Son of Sparda. The
half-demon who betrayed his demon blood and fought for the human race. Twice he has saved our race from extinction. Those were the words of Father Romero.
Run The bright blue-eyed man called out to me. I wasnt about to let him die. As I ran towards him I saw about 10 to 20 lesser demons coming from behind him. I lifted my dress to my thigh and reached for my handheld revolver.
I saw the man smirk. What, going to distract them by flashing some leg? Well, it might work on a human male, but it wont work on them.
I smiled at him politely. Well Dante, Son of Sparda, who says I am just going to flash some leg? I pulled out the revolver a pointed it behind him, hitting a demon square in the face. Killing it.

Nice. He said to me. I saw his body fall to the ground. Unconscious most likely.
I quickly shot the demons and dragged the half-demons body to the Church cellar. If they found out I was helping a half-demon. They would kill him for sure.
I placed him among some old towels and rags and went to fetch some water, bread, and clean cloth.
When I returned I saw him, eyes open, standing up, cloak gone, and pants gone as well. I blushed and looked away.
Sir, if you dont mind, I am a future nun, please put your pants on! I screeched quite loudly at him my face a beet red.

What? He said to me, Cant see a man naked? Beside I have boxers on. I tuned around my eyes dated from his face to his pelvis. He wore black silk boxers. Trust a man to want to impress.
Well? He asked me I darted my eyes up to his bright blue ones. Like what you see?
I blushed. No, now lay down- I was cut off as he said, Well, eager to get some action arent we? I walked up to him and slapped his face.
I want to help you heal, now, lay down so I can bandage your wounds! I glared at him.
His face changed from hurt and shock to some sick twisted smile.
As my lady wishes. I could hear him mumble, Didnt have to hit so hard.
As he laid down and I bandaged his wounds he asked me, Who are you and why do you carry a gun? I gave him a soft smile.
I amLyn, I carry the gun for my own safety. He smiled, not a devilish smirk but a true smile.
Well, in that case Ill tell you this. I am Dante, the Son of Sparda, as you assumed. And I got here chasing a rumor about a half-angel named Aura.
I stiffened. There is no one named Aura here. I said it to quickly.
Oh? It seemed from how you answered you do. He shot up and rolled me onto the floor. Or are you the half-angel Aura?
I didnt answer I only spat in his face and said, This is what I get for helping you? I get interrogated?
He smiled and kissed my cheek. I felt his tongue dart across my skin making me shudder.
Mmmyou taste like an angel on the outside. He pinned my arms above my head. He licked my neck and sniffed my hair. You smell like one as well.
He began to kiss and bite gently on my neck. I moaned. Lets see if you taste like one on the inside as well. I felt his fangs grazed my skin.
I began to stutter from fear that he would actually bite me. II am.Aura I trembled. What was he going to do to me?
He got up off of me and smiled. Well Aura, I have heard a rumor that some demons have been hunting you. May I help you get rid of this problem?
I blinked. UmmI suppose so. He smiled.
Then let us fetch your fathers blade and we will leave. How did he know that my father was an Angel? Better yet how did he know about his blade Emil?
As if he read my mind he said, Dont be surprised. Many know of those fact just not you. He gave me a warm smile. Well shall we go? I noticed he was wearing his old cloak again. How did he do it so fast? I have no idea.
Well? He asked by the cellar door.
Let me get it. Wait for me at the top of the church at the bell tower. He seemed to understand. As you wish. He darted out the door when I looked outside he was no longer there. How typical of a demonwell, half-demon anyway.

I got the sword from my room and made my way up the bell tower. Thats when I heard a scream. My first thought was that someone had seen Dante. I ran to the Main Chamber and saw the massacre. All the priest, nuns, and all of my friends were on the ground dead. I screamed. Just then I saw Dante crash through the ceiling. Dont worry. He said to me. Ill protect you. My vision became blurred. I heard his voice. Time to kick some demon ass! He yelled out. I smiled. He really was Dante, the demon slayer.

When I awoke, I was lying on a red silky king sized bed. My first thought was What happened to Dante? Normally it would have been something like Dear lord what the heck is going on? I looked around the room it wasnt richly furnished. I saw a dresser made of oak filled with clothes, (I could see half of them sticking out), I also saw an open door that lead to the bathroom. I could also make out a few weapons on a rack of some sort.

Well, feeling better? I heard a voice ask. In the doorway that led to the hallway stood Dante.
I nodded my head. Yes.
He smiled at me and put down what looked like a blue dress. Why dont you bathe and change into this? Ill figured you would want too after what happened His voice trailed off. The vision of my friends and the people who I called my family dead plagued my mind.
I nodded my head once more and said. Okay. My voice was tiny. Afraid.
Dante gave me a smirk. Okay. Just to let you know dont tell anyone that Ive been this nice to you. Itll ruin my rep. I giggled and he smiled. Ill leave now.
I shot up and grabbed his hand. Dont leave me alone. I muttered.
He must have heard me. I have to leave so you can bathe, or do you want me to bathe with you? He was joking. I wasnt.
I held back tears. Just dont go. I wanted him next to me. I was scared. I didnt want to be alone.
He sighed. Your choice. He helped me off the bed and stand up.
Let me. He said as I reached for the back of my dress. I felt his cold hands rub against my skin. It felt nice. I shuddered under his touch.
He pulled my dress down and led me to the bathroom. Ill, leave you here for now okay? He sounded genuinely concerned.
I grabbed his hand again. Dont leave. I wanted him next to me, because I was scarred to be alone.
He sighed. Okay. He unhooked my bra. I gasped as his cold hand ran down my side to my panties. He smirked for the hundredth time. Ill stop if you tell me to. I stood silent. He pulled my panties down as I shed my bra. My breasts spilled from it and bounced on their own weight. I saw Dante come back up, trailing his face close to my skin. His nose barely touching, his breathing sending shivers down my spine and made heat pool in between my legs. When his face was close to mine, I blushed and kicked off the panties than had tangled around my feet. I slowly stepped in the tub and he just stood there. Silent. He had filled the tub while I was asleep I assumed, because I had never heard the water running. The water itself was warm. Dante was about to leave the room when I grabbed his coat.
Stay. Please? I begged him. He groaned.
Fine. He sat on the sink counter. I saw a bulge in his pants. I had an idea what was going on in his dirty little mind. I got up from the tub and began to make my way over to him. He sat there. Motionless, but eyes still staring at me. I sat down on knees and began to untie his pants. He didnt move. I got up and pulled off his coat. He sat before me, naked waist up. I smiled.
Dont leave me alone... I whispered to him. I need you. He stood up and pulled down his pants, leaving only his silky black boxers protecting me from his manhood. I slowly sat back on my knees.

I felt and pain in my back. My wings had come out. They where like and angels, white and pure. He gasped as he saw my wings. I ignored them and pulled down his boxers. Leaving my face with his groin. His shaft stood erect and full. I had never seen a naked man before, but I never knew that they were that long or wide. Pulled my face to his and kissed his lips gently. He held me in his arms for only moments till he picked me up and took me back to his bed. The water on my skin was beginning to dry; my wings had begun to fold back in.

Do you really want to do this? He asked me. I simply rubbed my groin into his. He smiled. I hope you know what your doing. I cocked my head to the side. Iam a virgin I muttered. He kissed my forehead. I know. Was all he said before he laid me down underneath him. I didnt want it this fast. I wanted to feel him first. I rolled his over on his back and slid my face down. I reached his groin and saw his manhood again; this time, I kissed the tip of it. Dante let out an airy moan. I began to lick his shaft and as I did I heard moans and grunts come from Dante. I took his entire length in my mouth before I felt it swell. Suddenly I felt his hot seed enter my mouth. I began to suck him down like he was some piece of candy, his seed being sucked up in my hungry mouth along the way.
Damn. You sure youve never done that before? he asked my I nodded my head and crawled back on top of him, only to be rolled over and place underneath him.

My turn. He said as he made his way down my body. I pushed him off, much to his surprise.
I began to stutter. Let me giveyoua uhshow. I said. I really didnt know what I was doing, I had only heard on of the women at the church talk about it. I put my right hand on my pussy and my left hand on my left breast. I put a single finger in my hole and began to rub both my inner folds and my breast. I let out a moan every so often. Before long Dante couldnt take it anymore, he pulled my hands away and them began to suck on my left breast and shove two fingers in me. I began to moan even louder. His touch was so much more fulfilling. I soon felt a heat pool inside of me. I cummed all over his hand. I let out airy gasps. He stopped sucking on my breasts and replaced them with his hands and them began to suck on my pussy. I began to moan my loudest and I let out many gasps of pleasure. I soon came all over his face only for him to eagerly lick it up.

Soon, he was above me once more. We kissed. It was so passionate I wanted to stay like that forever. His tongue pushed against my lips asking for permission. I gave him permission to explore. His tongue entered my mouth. I moaned again.
Are you ready? He asked me. I nodded. He positioned himself above my entrance and got ready. I braced myself. Slowly he filled my pussy. I felt something hit a barrier. I knew it was mine.

I screamed as he broke through. As he took my virginity. As he took me and made me a woman. I saw him above me. Still. Waiting for me to adjust. He seemed so calm. I moved my hips as the pain faded away. He slowly began to thrust into me, making my toes curl. As he began to speed up, I moaned out his name. He moaned out mine. It seemed like the world around us was gone, and we were all that was left. I felt the pool of heat get bigger with each thrust, as if it was a cup almost about to spill. I couldnt take it any longer. I cried out underneath him. The world around me became like a thousand stars.
And all I could see was Dante. There was no room, no light, no silky bed sheets, just Dante. I felt Dante swell inside of me. He cried out my name. I felt his seed come into me; I felt my inner walls try to milk the last of his seed from his manhood. Dante collapsed on top of me, wet, sweaty, and hot, but I didnt care. In his arms I felt safe, loved, and happy. He rolled off of me and on to my right. Rolling me on my side, he wrapped his arms around me. I felt his breath on my neck; I could hear and feel his heart beat, it matched my own. He began to talk to me, his words breathy and quick. Oh God, Aura. II dont know why butWhen I am with you I feel
I cut him off. Whole? Happy? Complete? Safe?
He smiled, a real genuine smile of happiness. YeahThat andone more thing
I looked at him. What? I asked, he gave off a deep laugh. I love you
I smiled and tears began to fall on my face. He continued, I dont know why, butI really think I love you.
I kissed him. I love you to Dante.
He smiled. For now at least. Youll probably get sick of my bad bachelor habits.
Like what? I asked.
I hunt demons daily, I drink milk right from the carton, I-
I kissed his lips. I think Ill love now no matter what.
He gave me a goofy grin. SoDoes that mean youll stay and put up with me?
I giggled. Yes. For now at least. I mocked his words.
He held me close. For nowAnd forever more.


Nice. (Me: Really?) You: Naw, i'll give you my opinion in the rating.)
Blurg. This was written a year ago. Don't sue me k?

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