Akatsuki 7 minutes in heaven. Girls only!

This includes every male Akatsuki member ^^ Enjoy! This is my first time making something like this, so be nice!

Created by LuvCartoons on Saturday, November 17, 2007


You have been in the Akatsuki for at least a month now. One night Pein (Akatsuki leader) asked you to walk into the main room at 9:00 pm that night. You did so, and saw every single Akatsuki member sitting around in a circle. There was a bag full of small pieces of paper. Pein tells you to sit down in the only empty space next to Kakuzu and Deidara.
Pein: You ready, ____?
You: For what?
Tobi: 7 minutes in heaven! *hold bag with the small pieces of paper in front of you*
You: 7 minutes in heaven?! Why are we playing that?!
Hidan: Its an Akatsuki tradition. Every girl who joins has to play this! *smirks*
You: Oh... 0.o
You reached into the bag, and grabbed a piece of paper with something written on it. It said...
You: Half?
Zetsu gets up.
Zetsu: Ok, lets get it.
You two walked into the closet and locked the door behind you. He tries to eat you, but you scream loud enough for Itachi to burn the door down and save you.
You: Bird?
Deidara smirks and stands up.
Deidara: Ready ___, un?
You: *smirk* yes
You two walk into the closet and lock the door. Deidara pecks you on the cheek.
You: D-deidara? Why did you...
Deidara: Thats what this game is about, isn't it, un?
You smile at him and kiss him on the lips gently. Deidara seemed surprised at first but then responded. He hold up his hand on your neck and the start to kiss you. You giggled a little bit, his hands tickled you.
You: That tickles DeiDei!
Deidara simply smiles and moved his hands away. You kiss him on the lips again, and you two slide down to the floor. You two fall asleep together. When your 7 minutes were up, Itachi banged his fist at the door, knocking really loud.
Itachi: Get out of that closet already!
It came to the point when he had to burn the door down. A few of the Akatsuki peek into the closet and see you two sleeping.
Pein: ... Lets leave them there for the night.
You: Water?
Kisame: *gets up* *smirks* this should be fun!
You two walk into the closet, and you lock the door behind you. Without warning, Kisame starts kissing your neck. You stand there disturbed for 7 minutes until you finally walk out of the closet.
You: Greed... this cant be good...
Kakuzu stand up and walks into the closet with you. You two sit in there doing nothing. You were afraid that Kakuzu might do something to you any minute, but he doesn't. You walk out of the closet after 7 minutes.
You: Hiss
Orochimaru stands up, sighs, and walks into the closet.
I cant think of something to type so you make it up.
You: Steel?
Pein gets up and walks into the closet with you. You just sit there for a few minutes.
You: Pein.
Pein: What, ___?
You: Don't you want to do anything?
Pein: Umm... if you want...
(If your a Pein fangirl, continue on. If your not, stop here)
You: Ok...
You lean over and kiss him gently on the lips. You do this until your 7 minutes are up.
You: S-sacrifice?!
Hidan: *stands up* thats me!
You: Your not going to sacrifice me to Jashin-Sama are you?
Hidan: No, unless if you piss me off.
You: O-ok
You two walk into the closet and lock the door behind you. You sit there and stare at each other for a minute.
Hidan: So, ___... Do you want to do anything while we're in here?
(if your not a Hidan fangirl, stop here)
You: S-sure.
You kiss him on the cheek.
Hidan: Thats not enough!
He pulls your head toward his and kisses you hard on the lips. You are surprised that he was going this far, but you kissed back. You make out until 7 minutes are up.
You: Weasel?
Itachi: *stands up* *sigh* thats me.
You two walk into the closet and lock the door behind you.
You: Itachi?
Itachi: What, ___?
You: Would you get mad if we actually did something in-
Itachi kisses you before you could finish.
Itachi: Of course I wouldn't. Just don't mention this to anyone.
You nod and continue kissing him. You wrapped your arms around his neck, when 7 minutes was up. You walked out of the closet, really angry, you didn't want 7 minutes to be up already!
Itachi: *smirk* We'll try to do more later. *kisses you on the cheek*
You: Strings?
Sasori smirks and stands up.
Sasori: Shall we go then?
You nod and walk into the closet with Sasori following. You lock the door behind you. Before you can say anything, Sasori pinned you to the wall.
Sasori: You'd make a good puppet you know *smirk*
Sasori starts french kissing you!
You: S-sasori?
Sasori: 7 minutes is almost up. Let's use our time wisely, ok?
Sasori starts kissing you again. When 7 minutes was up, Sasori grabbed you and walked out with you in his arms.
Sasori: Meet my new girlfriend.
You: *blushes* I'm his girlfriend...
You: Lollipop? Who would write lollipop on her?
You look up and see Tobi standing up with his lollipop like mask.
You: oh *blushes* its Tobi
Tobi: Yay! Tobi got ___!
You: *giggle* Come on Tobi!
You two go inside the closet and lock the door.
Tobi: ___ is a good girl! Is Tobi a good boy?
You: Yes, Tobi is a good boy!
Tobi: Can Tobi kiss ___?
You: If Tobi wants to...
Tobi lifts up his mask a little bit only so you can see his mouth. He walks over and kisses you gently on the cheek.
Tobi: Was that good?
You: Yes... but Tobi can do more then that if he wants to.
Tobi: Ok
He kisses you on the lips, not to hard, not to gentle. Your lips part, and you find that Tobi seems terrified.
Tobi: Tobi's sorry! Tobi was being a bad boy!
You: No you weren't, Tobi. Trust me, you would have to do a lot more to be a bad boy ^^;
You two smile at eachother for a while.
Tobi: D-does ___ want to see what Tobi looks like before we have to stop?
You: Ok...
Tobi slips his mask off. You see that (SPOILERS) he has Sharingan eyes, like Itachi, and Sasuke.
You: I didn't know you were an Uchiha! I never would have guessed you guys could be so cute!
Tobi grins at you, and kisses you one last time before 7 minutes are up.

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