Harry Potter: The Next Generation Part 1 {Why Boys Love Wedgies}

Ok, a new series I have started... please let me know what ya think. Ratings and messages would be nice =] Thx! This is based on Harry and Ginny Potter's daughter, Lily Potter, who is the youngest of their children. She is in her fourth year at Hogwarts, and this is her story:

Created by givemelyf on Monday, November 26, 2007

A Potter was never to love a Malfoy. That's what I have always been told. By my brothers, my large number of cousins, and even Professors knew it. There was just too many differences in our backgrounds, beliefs, and too much quarreling between the families.

Although our parents made some-what of an alliance some-time-ago, there would always be an uncreated bond, never to mend. A Potter was a Potter, and a Malfoy was a Malfoy. There was no buts, ifs, or whats about it.

I am now in my fourth year at Hogwarts, with the same best friend that I have had since I was in diapers. Her name is Marlee Weasley, who is also my cousin. Marlee is the sister of Freddy Weasley, a 6th year, and Victoire Weasley, who is graduated and engaged to Teddy Lupin. These are the children of George and Charisma Weasley. My parents are Harry and Ginny Potter, and I am the sister of James and Albus Potter, who are now in their 5th and 6th year here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Being that we have such a large family and are all Gryffindors, we basically run the Gryffindor house. Not trying to sound cocky, but my cousins and I were the people that everyone (that wasn't a Slytherin) wanted to be friends with. Our parents were famous for defeating the Dark Lord, especially mine. Because our parents were famous legends, we were known as the next generation of the most famous wizards of all time.

You would think that anyone would love having that title, but I was frankly annoyed with it. Anywhere I went people knew who I was. I couldn't walk into a public place without faces gawking at me and/or my siblings/cousins. Being who we were made us targets for continuing supporters of the Dark Lord, especially Slytherins. A Gryffindor was dirt to a Slytherin. But a Potter or Weasley was a slug in the dirt. Being a combination of both a Potter and a Weasley made it even more interesting. I'll admit, I have more friends than I do enemies.

But focusing in on my more dominant point, there was no such thing as a Potter befriending a Malfoy, or other way around.

This was never a concern to me; I never had a problem treating Scorpius Malfoy like the skrewt he truly was, nor did anyone else in my family.

I pretty much avoided him as much as I could, and being a girl, he didn't often try to pick fights with me.

My brothers, however, have had it out with him numerous times. There have been duals between them in almost every part of the castle, inside and out. The most he gave me was a snarl or a dirty look in Potions class.

This now brings us to the present, a warm September day on the Hogwarts grounds where I lie out with Marlee. We are exchanging looks as we watch our brothers make complete gits of themselves as they pick on poor, innocent first years.

"Get his legs! Get his legs!" Freddy called at my brother, James. They were doing what they liked to call, a "Gryffindor Intitiation" by tying the crying little first year two a tree with underwear over his head.

Albus chuckled but shook his head as he continued to study his Herbology homework.

"Honestly, must you always be such a royal pain in the arse?" Rosie called out to the boys.

"Yes!" The two of them answered happily.

Rosie shrugged and approached Marlee and I.

"Did you lot get yesterday's homework for potions? I completely dazed off in Professor Parkinson's nasily drone!"

"Rosie Weasley not paying attention in class?" Marlee exclaimed, acting like it was a huge deal. Well, it almost was. Rosie, like her mother, was thse top of our house when it came to grades, always on top of the game.

Rosie rolled her eyes and plopped down next to us as Marlee read off the assignment to her.

"Lily, wanna give a whack at it?" James asked me, who was now giving another first year a wedgie by using wingardium leviosa. The poor kid was hanging on a high branch by his underwear. Honestly.

I shook my head, "No thanks, I believe in maturity." I levitated the first-year softly to the ground, and patted him on the head. "There ya go ya little one." He gave me a frightened-almost-smile, and ran off screaming wildly.

Freddy scoffed and gave me a disappointed look, "You sure are a wet blanket for a fourth year. Don't you want to excercise a little seniority?"

"Stop acting like a Malfoy," Rosie sneered at Feddy, causing his jaw to drop.

"Smart-girl-say-what?" He said quickly, obviously insulted.

"If you put as much energy into your studies as you did your bullying, you would be top of the class and in line to be headmaster." Rosie lectured, opening a book.

"You sound more and more like your mother every day," James said, amused.

"I still can't beleive you called me a Malfoy!" Freddy said, crossing his arms and pouting.

"Oh, quit being such a little whiner!" Marlee whacked her brother in the head.

"Keep it up and you'll be the one hanging by your underwear!" Freddy warned.

"Yeah do that and you'll be recieving a howler from Dad, and a week of detention." She said smugly, showing off her prefect badge.

Freddy made faces imitating her statement, and walked off with James.

"Boys..." I mutttered, looking back at Marlee and Rosie.

"Hey now!" Albus said, sounding hurt. "I'm still sitting here!"

"You don't count," Rosie said sweetly, "you're a sensitive little peach!" She pinched his cheeks causing him to turn pull away rubbing his cheek in pain.

Later that day I took a seat next to Rosie in potions class who was quickly trying to finish her assignment.

"I believe that was assigned yesterday, Miss Weasley," the cold nasily voice caused the both of us to jump. Professor Parkinson was towering over our shoulders giving Rosie a dull, glazed, glare.

"Yes, Professor," Rosie quickly closed her book blushing a deep shade of red similar to her hair.

"Ten points from Gryffindor." Parkinson said striding to the front of the class.

She began droning on with her nasily voice about something I didn't comprehend. I was too focused on Albus who was staring agrily into his book. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him until I saw that Scorpius was shooting yellow streaks of light at Albus from his wand, causing Albus's underweart to climb highter and higher up his bottom. What was with boys and wedgies?

I tossed a piece of crumpled parchment at Scorpius, signaling for him to stop, but he just glared and continued. As much as I hated to take part in conflict, I hated seeing Albus get picked on. He was older than I was, but I still felt protective of him. He wasn't going to defend himself, and Scorpius knew that. I sent a tickeling charm over to Scorpius, which distracted him from Albus. He howled with laughter, fidgeting, and then jumping out of his chair.

Parkinson turned to Scorpius, obviously annoyed, and removed the charm. "Fifty points from Gryffindor. You are on a roll today." She gave an annoyed glare at Rosie and I.

Albus gave me an apologetic, but thankful smile. It was worth it, I thought, smiling to myself.

Parkinson started writing on the board, "Final Grade Project." "Your final grade will be based on a project I am assigning you. You will be paired up, and expected to share the work for this project. I am giving you the rest of the semester to work on this project. It will be long, and difficult, which is why I am giving you such a long time to work on it. On the day it is due, you will be giving an oral presentation in front of the class and myself, and there I will determine your final grade."

Rosie gave me a reassuring nod, we would select eachother for partners. I was so happy Rosie was smart. I don't know what I would do without her, I took after my father in potions. I sucked at it hardcore!

Parkinson saw my and Rosie's alliance being formed, and a cruel smile curled up on her face. "I will be assigning partners, and there will be no arguments. If I hear any complaining, one hundred points will immediately be taken away from that house."

We all quickly straightened out.

Parkinson looked down at her class list, and started to pair us off.

"Rose Weasley, and Albus Potter, you are a pair." She read off more random names: "Dona Hernendez and Clayton Finnegan. A pair." Dona blushed and looked down into her lap. They have been crushing on eachother since second year, but have yet to become a couple. "Xavier Goyle and Raven Powell. A pair." Raven gave an accidental sigh of disappointment and one hundred points were taken from Hufflepuff "immediately." Bad move. I waited anxiously to know who I was to be paired with, hoping it was someone in Ravenclaw. Ravenclaws were smart! Smart partners meant good grades for the dumb partner, which was me!

"Lily Potter," I froze as Parkinson read my name aloud, "will be paired with Scorpius Malfoy."

My jaw dropped as well as the rest of the class's did. "A Potter and a Malfoy," someone whispered. There were many whispers going among the class. Albus and Rosie looked at me in utter shock and sympathy, as did others who weren't Slytherins. Scorpius almost looked sympathetic for me, but then I realized the selfish git was probably sympathetic for himself.

I could hardly bare to imagine what James and Freddy would say. This would simply not do.

A Potter and a Malfoy could not and would not work together.
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Ok, so this is the first part of this series, and I NEED to know what you think of it so that I could keep it going or cut it off.

If you don't like it, be sure to make it clear to me! Also, I'm accepting ideas and opinions if you are willing to give them =] Thx!

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