REAL 7 minutes in heaven, no norato or any thing like that. LONG explanations. MALE LIKERS ONLY!

Well, you are at my house. (I being your bff) and Someone says lets play seven minutes in heaven. All they guys draw something on a piece of paper and the girls pick. Choose one, or don't, or hit the back button and pick a new after you read the result to play again. I really dont care.

Created by 7inheaven on Sunday, December 02, 2007


what do u pick?
A cat

News paper
soccer ball
A razor
You got Tod! He is the animal activist you kinda know. He is sorta cute and seem kinda into you. He hold out his hand for you to take(awww) and walks you over. As soon as the door is shut, he says "well__, do you wanna actually kiss or something? "sure I..." you are interrupted by his warm lips on yours. His wraps his arms around his lower back and begins licking your lower lip, asking for entrance. You open slightly and he slips his toung in. REALLY REALLY far in, causing you to yelp a little. You feel him smile and then you smile. You hear "One more minute" outside the door. You hug him tightly and then the door opens.
After the party:
He never specks to you again and tells people you suck at kissing. Jerk.
You got jimmy, the news paper wirtter for your school paper. You to have been friends since you can remember and when you 5, he said he liked you. You brought it up the other day(because you are totally and completely in love with him, but are to afried to tell him) annd he justed smiled and changed the subject.
When you to where in the closet(he he, that sounds wierd lol) he says, "__, I still like you, more than just friends, I can't belive I've lived all this time with out you as my own". You say, "I feel the same way. I love.." you get cut off by him kissing you sweetyly on the cheek. You smile, and he takes the oppertounity to kissing you.. and get some toung in there to. (0.o, me, when you tell me this) Witch takes you by surpirise, in a good way. So, you kiss him back. You can't belive it's been less than seven minutes. You are happy though. In the misted of all this lip lock action(LOL) you realize that you bff(cough cough ME cough) has given you a lot more time. Well actully, We forgot to set the timer, and we forgot about you in there (0.o). When you brake the kiss, you tell him you have been in the coset for a least 15 minutes. "And?" he says. I hear this, run over, and "omigosh I'm sorry" at let you out.
After the party:
He walks you home (awww) and asks you out. you say yes (duh) It's been 3 years and you are still togeather.
You got Adam! The hunky soccer player! eww.. you think. He is so self absorbed . You go in the closet anyway.
He shoves you down. "gentle!" you yell. He says "Gentle doesn't make you moan." ewww! you perve! you say to him. You run out of the closet crying. Your guy friend, Jake, runs up to you. "whats wrong?" he says. You tell him the whole story. He asks you if you want him to bet up Adam for you and you refuse. You just want to go home. He walks you home.
After the party-
Jake walks you home, but about a block away from home, he stops to talk to you. He tells you he really likes you. You tell him the same and ask him to be your boyfriend. He accepts with a lonng, sweet kiss. Maybe the party was better than you thought.
You got Skyler, the emo kid. You always thought he was cute and in 6th
Grade, he said you should be his one in only( In 6th grade? 0.o). You kinda liked him, but said you where to young for that. Thus the day he began being emo. He worshiped you (and still does) and then broke his fragile young heart. Oh well, if he asks you agein, You will say yes. Once you two are in the closet(creepy) he asks you once more to be his one and only. When you say yes, he kisses you, and tries to get you to open you mouth. You break the kiss to tell him you aren't ready for that.He says he doesn't want to lose you again for moveing to fast, so his sweetly kisses you on the cheek.
After the party-
You and Skyler become a couple. 3 years of dateing and you are still togeather.

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