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Created by xoxoskittlez on Monday, December 03, 2007


Team: Black Wings

Name: Misuzu Ichimura

Age: 13

Personality: You're nice to your friends and you could really care less about people you don't know. You're whole life you've trained with Air Treks, You love them. You and your brother train a lot. You like to sleep a lot too. You're good with strategy and can be cocky(you get it from your brother).

Past: You're Ikki's best friend. You've known each other ever since elementary school. You can rely on him. You and your brother, Mannen, live alone in an apartment. You're always close to losing the apartment because you use your money for your Air Treks. Your AT's are top of the line. You're the flame queen. You and Mannen are known throughout the whole city by other teams as the Ichimura Siblings. You race, Mannen does the technical stuff. You and Mannen are the leaders of the Black Wings. You are also very close to Ringo.


Name: Mannen Ichimura

Age: 16

Personality: cocky, can be mean. He's smart and hard working. He tries to support both you and him.

Past: He lost your parents in a fire(you were training). He works as a waiter to try to make some money, but you use it mostly on your AT's. His best friend is Sanosuke.


(don't mind the name...)

Name: Akita Misashi

Age: 14

Personality: bubbly, nice, innocent. Acts like a little kid. Favorite thing to eat is candy.

Past: Joined the Black Wings after being rejected by Sleeping Forest. Lives with her mom.


Name: Sanosuke Hisu


Personality: likes to joke around. Nice to Akita and you. Good cook.

Past: Nothing really is known. He used to be in a gang.


(don't mind the name...)

Name: Tetsu Okita

Age: 14

Personality: is mean. Can be crazy at times.

Past: not known. He just randomly came along and joined your team.


Equipment Provider:

Name: Namiko Okita

Age: 20

Personality: generous, nice. Like a big sister to most people.

Past: not known. She's the sister of Tetsu. She works at an AT shop and hooks you up with equipment for your AT's.


Black Wings Uniform:

(you wear the one with the skirt.)


(they wear black jackets over them.)

dun dun

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