xx A Sasuke Love Story (info) xx

this is my first naruto love story =)

Created by oXxSasukexXo on Thursday, December 06, 2007


this is my first quiz so sorry if its not that good =)
your name : Amari Yakushi (Kabutos cousin)
you have : Black/puple hair ,Brown eyes, And have a baby white tiger
your personality : outgoing, fun, but sometimes shy around guys
your rank : Chuunin so you and everyone else are 15
you like : All types of ramen, Training, Missions, Alone time, Snow, Your pet baby tiger
you hate : Kabuto working for Orochimaru, Fangirls aka (sakura, ino)
your Best friends : Hinata and tenten
your fanboys : Kiba and Naruto
your life : when you were young your family were killed and all was left were you and Kabuto but then he left you to go work for Orochimaru and you went with him until Orochimaru put the curse mark on you so you left because you didnt want to become evil. You also have a bloodtrait which is demonic ice mirrors which is from the mist village which is where your from. You can control ice, snow,and water but you also have the curse mark. You came to the village hidden in the leaves when you were 12 and have been there ever since. You also live alone in your own apartment with Tenten.

click here to see what you look like =)
this is what you look like =)

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