+I'm At War With Myself+ [5] + And I Think I'm Losing+ [Naruto (zee show)] CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!!!

Created by SugarWITCHGirl47 on Sunday, January 20, 2008


Time for our very own NARUTO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL ^__^
Just in time for the Holidays, Sugar (That's me) is here to infest you with that wonderful feeling: CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!!!
Now, what will happen to our two heroine kunoichis and their friends/roommate as Hotaru tries to get everyone into the holiday spirit?!
Well, one things for sure, it's not gonna be a 'Silent Night'!!
(Bad joke, I know)

~~~~~ QUIZ START ~~~~

"OH MY GAWD THERE'S ONLY A WEEK LEFT TILL CHRIMAS EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" Hotaru ran around the living room as Keara ignored her as she read her book, and Sasuke threw the closest thing he could find at Hotaru, hoping she would shut up.
It didn't work.
"Oh come on!!! Don't you guys want to do anything for Christmas!! Keara?! PLEASE?!?! Cooooome oooooon!!!" she begged.
"It's not our house," Keara replied simply, never taking her eyes off her book.
Hotaru's attention instantly turned to Sasuke.
"FINE, just SHUT UP," Sasuke yelled, finally giving in.
"KYAAAAAAAAAA!!! ARIGATOU!!!" Hotaru jumped up and down, then grabbed Sasuke by the wrist and dragged him behind her, grabbing Keara as well on her way to the door.
"What do you think you're doing?" Sasuke asked.
"Well, we have to go get a tree don't we?? And decorations!! AND PRESENTS!!! And then, I'm gonna bake gingerbread men!!!" Hotaru ranted on as she pulled the two behind her along the streets.
Once they were far enough away from the house, she let go, and twirled.
"I love Christmas!! It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside <3" she sighed dramatically.
"Hn, you don't actually believe in that whole 'Spirit of Christmas' crap, do you?" Sasuke mocked.
Hotaru glared at him.
"I'm gonna get you in the Christmas Spirit if it's the last thing I do!!" she vowed, and Sasuke rolled his eyes. Keara sighed quietly in the background.
This will be a disaster... she shook her silently.


"Rockin around the Christmas tree at the Christmas party hop!!" Hotaru and Naruto were running around, singing random lines from any Christmas carol they could think of.
As annoying as it might of been, it was definitely putting Keara in the Christmas Spirit.
"Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jingle all the waaay!! Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh, HEY!!" Hotaru sang happily as she ran down the street with bags of decorations in her arms. Suddenly, she spotted some more people she knew.
"HINATA-CHAN!! KIBA-KUN!! SHINO-KUN!!! HEEEEEEEY!!!! COME SING WITH NARUTO-KUN AND I!!! WE'RE CAROLLING!!!" she waved her arm frantically, and the three ninja walked over.
"You guys are carolling??" Kiba laughed.
"Yup ^^ Right Naruto-kun??" Hotaru turned to Naruto.
"YUP!! We just don't remember all the words to the songs!!" Naruto grinned.
"You two are annoying," Sasuke rolled his eyes.
"You're just jealous of our mad carolling skills, Mr. Emo Fairy!!!" Hotaru stuck her tongue out at Sasuke, "Come on, it's Christmas!!"
"I WILL GET YOU IN THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!!! I WIIIIILL!!" Hotaru declared, as everyone looked at her like she was crazy.
"Ugh!! Fine then!! We'll go carolling without you!!" Hotaru pouted, and Keara shook her head, laughing to herself.
"C'mon Hinata-chan!! Come with us!! IT'S FUN!!!" Hotaru grinned.
Hinata smiled a little.
"O-okay, why n-not?"
"YAAAAAY!!!" Hotaru and Naruto cheered.
"Hey, anyone else gonna come??" Hotaru looked at everyone.
"Sure, what the heck, it's Christmas!" Kiba shrugged.
Together, all four of them starting singing Christmas carols at the top of their lungs, Naruto and Hotaru singing horribly off key on purpose, while Kiba and Hinata tried not to laugh.
"OOH OOH!! I have a funny one!!" Hotaru jumped up and down, then took a deep breath and started singing, once again at the top of her lungs and hilariously off key.
Everyone burst out laughing as Hotaru grinned, proud of herself.
Keara smiled.
Christmas is nice...

==Christmas Eve Day==

"OMG TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS!!!!" Hotaru squealed, and Keara laughed.
"I can't wait either Taru-chan!!" Keara smiled warmly.
The smell of gingerbread was in the air, the tree decorated to the point of nearly falling over under the weight, lights blinking away, and presents were sitting underneath the tree, 6 in total, 2 for each person.
It was a miracle that Hotaru had managed to convince Sasuke to buy presents, although she couldn't convince him to buy everyone a present, so she just signed his name to the presents that she and Keara had given away earlier that day to all their friends, who had given them gifts in return.
Although, Sasuke had thrown out all the gifts from his fangirls.
Ungrateful git.
"I don't see what you're so excited about. Christmas isn't that great. You give presents, you get presents, that's about it," Sasuke grumbled.
"That isn't it!! It's the feeling that you're making someone happy, even though you have to give something up to do it, and it's the feeling of knowing that someone cares enough about you to give up something of theirs to make you happy!! It's the feeling of being around people you care about, and who care about you, and the feeling of not being totally alone in the world, even if just for a moment!!" Hotaru exclaimed, "Don't you understand that?!"
Sasuke stared at Hotaru, as did Keara, as they were both stunned by her sudden outburst.
"Christmas is about all of that, and more, and that's why Christmas is so important to me, because for the longest time, I was alone too, so don't think you're the only one!" Hotaru stomped out of the room, and Keara's eyes softened in silent compassion for her friend.
"... She's right you know. I remember what she was like when I first met her. She was a lot like you Sasuke-kun. So was I. But by being there for each other, we got better, and I'm sure that you could too, if you'd let us help. So, that's why Christmas is so important to the both of us, and that's why you should enjoy it as much as you can. After all, Christmas only comes once a year," Keara too stood up, and walked out of the room, leaving Sasuke to think about what they said.


"EEEEE IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!" Hotaru jumped out of bed, and onto Keara's bed, waking her friend up.
"Nnnggg, Taaaaaruuuu-chaaaan, what time is it??" Keara groaned, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Hotaru didn't answer, just jumped up again, and ran out the room to go wake up Sasuke.
Keara grabbed the alarm clock and stared sleepily at it.
4:00 am... ah well, no sense going back to sleep she yawned and climbed out of bed, her long blue hair in a messy braid, and she walked out to the main living room, still in her long nightgown.
Hotaru, on the other hand, had run down the hall to wake up Sasuke, her flaming red hair flying behind her, free of any tie, still in her warm flannel pyjamas with little froggies on them.
"WAKE UP SASUKE-KUUUN!! IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!" Hotaru jumped onto his bed, successfully waking up the sleeping shinobi.
"Unngh... I'm up," Sasuke groaned, swatting at the bouncing Hotaru.
"Come on sleepy head!! We gotta go open presents!!" she grinned, grabbing Sasuke's arm and pulling him out of bed.
"Without breakfast?" he asked, groggily.
"Silly!! It's Christmas!! GINGERBREAD MEN ARE BREAKFAST!!!"
Sasuke looked at her like she was crazy, but sighed and went along with it anyways, not even bothering to get out of his pyjamas either (don't worry, he's wearing a shirt -_-)
They walked out into the living room, Hotaru grabbing a couple gingerbread men from the kitchen on the way. Keara was already sitting in front of the tree with 3 cups of hot chocolate and some toast.
Hotaru totally ignored the toast, grabbing a cup of hot chocolate.
"Time for presents!!!" she cheered as both Keara and Sasuke munched on the toast as they settled themselves in front of the tree. Hotaru grabbed the nearest present and read the tag.
"This one's for Kea-chan!!" she grinned, handing it to Keara, who opened the gift, careful not to rip the paper.
Inside the box was a long blue scarf with fluffy blue swirly clouds on it.
"Thanks Taru-chan!!" Keara grinned.
"Thought you'd like it <3" Hotaru grinned, then swiftly grabbed the next present.
"This one's Sasuke-kun's!" she passed it over to Sasuke.
He opened it quickly, but miraculously he didn't rip any of the paper.
Inside was a pair of kunai, one with a red stone embedded in it, the other with a dark blue stone.
"Thanks," he said quietly, giving Keara a glance from the corner of his eye.
"No problem, after all, it is Christmas, right?" she smiled. A small smile crept onto Sasuke's face.
"Yeah... Christmas..." he muttered.
"Ah HA!!! I WIN!! We finally got you into the Christmas spirit!!!" Hotaru exclaimed, oblivious to the fact that she was totally ruining the moment. Sasuke and Keara both just sighed.
She'll never change... Keara smiled.
"Hey, Taru-chan, why don't you open a gift?" Keara grinned, handing Hotaru a gift with shiny silver wrapping.
"OoOoOo shiny <3" Hotaru muttered as she poked the box.
"Just open it," Sasuke said.
"Okie dokie!!" Hotaru grinned, and in one fell swoop, she ripped the shiny wrapping paper off her gift, totally ruining the paper. Keara sweatdropped.
"Hey, who is this one from anyways?" Hotaru asked, and Sasuke and Keara fell over.
"You didn't even both to read the card?!?!" Sasuke yelled.
"Uh, no?" Hotaru laughed nervously at Sasuke's anime vein.
"Whatever, here's the card," Keara sighed. Hotaru grabbed the card, read it, and tossed it over her shoulder.
"Now, back to the present <3" she opened the small box and stared wide-eyed.
"What is it?" Keara asked, leaning over to look in the box. Hotaru pulled out the long thin chain of a necklace, and Keara smiled.
"That's awesome ^_^"
{The Necklace}:
Hotaru looked over at Sasuke, and glomped him.
"THANK YOU!!! YOU ROCK!!" she grinned, and Keara laughed. Sasuke just kinda shrugged, looking to the side.
"Uh, yeah... you're welcome..." he muttered awkwardly.
So I guess Sasuke-kun does have a soft spot after all <3 even if it is for Taru-chan. How cute!! She's just so damned oblivious -_- Keara smirked slightly as Hotaru finally let go of Sasuke, putting the necklace around her neck and grabbing the next present. She read the tag and handed it to Keara.
"Present numbah two for Kea-chan!!" Hotaru grinned childishly. Keara smiled and took the present, opening it as carefully as the first one.
Inside the box was a book.
And not just any book, the sequel to her favourite series.
"SWEET!!! I have been looking for this one for sooooo long!! Thanks!!" she hugged the book, grinning widely. Sasuke merely shrugged.
"Next present is for.... ME!! Yay me!!" Hotaru laughed, shredding the wrapping paper in seconds and opening the box.
"Awesomeness!!" Hotaru cheered, hugging the stuffed animal tightly. Sasuke sweatdropped.
"You still like stuffed animals??" he asked in disbelief.
"Damn straight!! A girl is never too old for stuffed animals, especially when it's a bunny SKELANIMAL!!! Heh heh, w00t <3" Hotaru grinned.
Keara shook her head with a sigh.
How did I know that was going to happen... Oh yeah, experience <3 she smiled to herself.
"Last present is for Sasuke-kun!! Merry Christmas!!" Hotaru smiled, handing Sasuke the gift that she had got him. He took it and opened it slowly, dragging it out just to annoy Hotaru.
"Hurry up already!!!" she whined. Sasuke smirked, but finished unwrapping the present quickly anyways.
Inside the box was a set of daggers, each with a different symbol that looked to be in an ancient language carved onto the blade, and a jewel near the top.
"You wanna know what's totally awesome about those things??" Hotaru grinned, and Sasuke and Keara looked to her in interest.
"You can store as much as 40% of your chakra in the jewels for emergencies, and it will last for up to a month at a time without use, and when you throw them, they'll return to you by locking onto the same chakra signature as the chakra stored inside it!! Cool, huh?"
Sasuke nodded, looking back at the blades.
"Thank you..." Sasuke mumbled so quietly that both girls had to strain to hear it.
"You're welcome!!" Hotaru smiled.
Wait a second!! I recognize those daggers!!! Keara stared at the daggers.


"Nee, Hotaru-chan, what are those?" Keara asked, watching as a much younger Hotaru polished the same daggers.
"They're daggers... my mother and father made them. Why do you care so much?" Hotaru replied quietly, her voice had a coldness that most people wouldn't think possible of a 7-year-old. Keara's smile faded.
Why is Hotaru-chan always so mean to me?? We're supposed to be partners!! Keara walked sadly over to the other side of the small room that the two shared.
Day after day Hotaru polished the daggers, yet no one ever saw her use them. Keara had asked her why, but Hotaru had just glared coldly at her and walked away.

{Younger Hotaru}:
{Younger Keara [Except with red eyes]}:

^^^End Flashback^^^

That seems like such a long time ago... Hotaru-chan is so different now... Keara smiled as Hotaru laughed as she annoyed the living daylights out of Sasuke.
"Hey, guys don't forget, we have a Christmas party to go to tonight," Keara said, reminding the two of the invitation to Sakura and Ino's party.
"Yes Keara-chan... I remember," Hotaru mumbled.

=== The Party ===

Wow... Sakura-chan and Ino-chan weren't kidding when they said that everyone would be here O.o Hotaru glanced around the crowded room nervously, not used to being around this many people at once, and not trusting Sakura and Ino's true intentions for having this party.
This is probably just some twisted plan to get with Sasuke -.-' she sighed.
"Okay!! Time to play CLOUD 9!!!" Ino yelled enthusiastically (I totally found this game on a quiz <3 don't remember who made it, but all credit goes to them for this game!!!!)
Hotaru cocked her head to the side in confusion.
"...Nee??" she stared blankly.
"Let me explain the rules! It's sort of like 7 minutes in heaven, but with a little twist," Ino winked, "You pick a coloured piece of paper out of the hat, and the person with the same colour is who you go in the closet with. Then, you pick another piece of paper from this hat," she held up another hat, "And whatever article of clothing is on there, you have to switch with the person you're in the closet with!!"
Hotaru hung her head, chibi tears flowing down her face.
"Why did I come here...?" she muttered under her breath. Keara heard her, as she was standing right beside her, and snickered.
"It's your own fault that you've never kissed a guy before," she taunted.
"Shaddup..." Hotaru mock glared. Keara just laughed and pulled Hotaru down into the circle that had formed. Keara handed Hotaru a coloured slip of paper, whilst grabbing her own.
"So, how do we decide who goes first??" Keara asked.
"Uhm... how 'bout Janken??" Sakura suggested, "Whoever wins goes first!"
Everyone agreed, and put their fists in the middle.
Tenten, Naruto and Shino were out.
Shikamaru, Hinata, Kiba and Keara.
Ino, Chouji, and Neji.
Sasuke, Sakura and Rock Lee.
"Dammit!!" Hotaru cursed, "I lost!!"
"What do you mean you lost?! You won the whole damn thing!!" Ino exclaimed.
"Yeah, but that means I gotta go first, and to me, that IS losing!!" Hotaru said, glaring at the four hats filled with paper: one for girls, one for guys, one for article of clothing, and one for time!!
"Well, go already!!" Sakura urged.
Hotaru gulped nervously, and slowly reached for the first hat, the time hat. Pulling one out, chibi tears started to flow again.
"A WHOLE HOUR?!" she exclaimed. Keara snickered at her friend's dismay.
"Yeah yeah, get a move on!!" Ino yelled.
"Okay!! Geez, don't have a cow," Hotaru mumbled, reaching for the clothing hat, even slower than before. Finally she pulled out a slip of paper with a drawing on it.
"Uhhh, what the hell is this supposed to be??" Hotaru asked. Keara peered over her shoulder and sweatdropped.
"You're holding it upside down," she said, and Hotaru laughed nervously.
"I knew that < .< I was just... testing you!!" she flipped the paper right-side-up, and twitched.
"Life sucks..." Hotaru grumbled.
"Well, what is it?!" Tenten asked.
"It's a shirt," Keara laughed.
"Really??" Naruto asked, peering over Hotaru's other shoulder.
"Hahahaha!!" he laughed, and Hotaru kicked him as he rolled on the floor.
"Not funny!!!" she exclaimed.
"PICK THE COLOUR ALREADY!!!!" Ino and Sakura screamed. Everyone stared at them like O.o
"Oookay then..." Hotaru sighed, grabbing the colour paper.
It was...
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA FOOLED YA!!! (Or maybe not <3 I just had to do that!!!)

~~~~ QUIZ END ~~~~
I am SOOOOOOO SORRY!!!! I totally forgot this part was just waiting to be posted!!! I was supposed to post it the day before Christmas!!! I AM SO STUPID *beats self with a chair* @.@ I realize it's been nearly a month, and I feel so bad about this!!!! FORGIVE ME!!!!!!! T_____T I hate myself so much for this!!!!
Join in next time, when we find out who Hotaru ends up locked in a closet with for an hour <3
Send in your votes for who you want the pairing to be!! Because, until I get 3 more votes, I won't write the next part!!!

I hope you enjoyed the Christmas edition of +I'm At War With Myself, and I Think I'm Losing+!!!! TILL NEXT TIME!!!

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