do i trust him?(sasuke love story) chap2-i dont remember you

2nd chap i forgot to tell u that on Kirama's mask it has an opening to eat and stuff

Created by waterstone8 on Sunday, December 09, 2007

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I Dont Remember You

????-"Ok you cought me.I dont want to fight so i'm just going back to were I was headed.Its nice to see you again Kakashi".

~Kakashi POV~

you-'Who is she and why does she say its nice to see me again? How does she know me.I dont remember her from anywere. Yes her vioce sounds a little familiar but thats it'

he doesnt know who she is [me:nope]

" I dont recall seing you anywere but you do sound familiar.....and by the way how do you know my name?"

Naruto-"Ohhh Kakashi c-mon even I know that one. She knows you because your famouse remember,or by any chance you forgot that too"

Sakura-"Naruto shut up you dont really know if she's telling the truth. She might just be lying so we can get distratcted or something"

Naruto-"You mean like right now"

Sakura-"OHHHH JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!

you-'Sakura might be right that ninja might just be pulling my leg' "State your name,destination and purpose"

????-"You dont really have an idea of who might I be huh Kakashi?"

is she gonna tell him or what? [me:just wait]

~Sasuke POV~

you-'I can sence it she is really strong, if we get to fight her I'll see that its me. She might just be a challenge'and you smirked but just a little so only you would know.

????-"What was that about huh. I see your eager to fight me,huh Sasuke" you-'She knows my name too?'

~Your POV~

you-'Shit it slipped out ' Now they were all staring at you. You were now a suspect and you didnt like that. You had to say something fast before you all had to fight. What do I say what do I say. you-'I need to let Kakashi now somehow who I am,but Yes I know how could I forget about that,I hope he didnt forget or then i'm gonna have to make a run for it.Ok then Kakashi i'll give you a clue of who I might be, lets see if you still remember this'

what will she do[me:youll see]

"Kakashi I still see you look the same but your way older now while I look young and still am young through all of those years"

~Kakashi POV~

you-'wait, that sounds familiar.Wait it cant be her I thought she died 4 years ago'

[me:cliffy cliffy cliffy cliffhanger]
wierd clue but its working[me:yup]
well see ya later

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