My secret life at boarding school (Gay boys with pics) Part 2

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Created by InnocentDoll on Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Okay, some people want pictures of the roomate, so here's Tristan

And heres a picture of the "mysterious hot guy"

There you go! Hope that helps give a better visual. Okay onto the story... was such a long day. I layed down on my bed and popped in my iPod earbuds and tried to relax. But about five minutes later, I felt someone jump on top of me. I opened my eyes, and it was the same guy from the locker room. He smiled at me and took off one of my earbuds and put it up to his ear.

"Ahh....The Stones, good stuff."

Tristan stood there laughing and the handsome guy got off of me.

"So, whats your name?"


"Cool, I'm Sven."

I blushed, the guy was just so adorable!

"So Andrew, what school did you come from?"

"I was homeschooled up until this year."

"Ahh..same here, this is my first year in a real school."

But just then, Tristan said"Hey Andrew, it's almost dinner time, do you wanna come with me and Sven to the Cafeteria?"

"Yeah, that sounds cool."

I put my shoes back on and went down to the cafeteria with Sven & Tristan. When we got in line, we saw these weird looking foods. I felt stupid for not knowing what the foods were, so I just grabbed a plate of something. The other guys cringed at it, so I'm guessing I picked something gross, but it was too late to put it back. Then we sat down at a table and I tried to eat the stuff, but it tasted like a sweaty jockstrap. But after dinner was over we had to go to one of those stupid "First day" assembelies. So basically we sat there for 2 hours listening to some guy blabber on. But I didn't even try to understand the guy, I was too busy staring at Sven. I couldn't tell what it was that drew me to him. I always thought I liked girls and stuff but wow...this is so confusing! After the assembely was over, I took a shower. After my shower was over, I walked back to my room. I waited till Tristan fell asleep, then I got out my diary and wrote about everything that happened and tucked it under my matress and went to sleep.
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