oo1; cutting through the airwaves - ft. ryan sheckler

ryan + main character + friends are all sixteen.

Created by latedawns.earlysunsets on Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I watched as Greenly's hands gripped her water bottle, tiny beads of sweat rolling down her forehead. Shielding her eyes with one hand, I saw her sweep her eyes over the ramps. It was obvious that nothing could have distracted her at that moment. As she would have put it, Greenly was in the zone.
I looked over to my right and saw Shane and Kane Sheckler watching the ramps, also. Their brother was skating at the moment, and the entire crowd was watching with nervous eyes. Shane's hands were gripping the edge of his seat, and Kane's sucker was frozen in mid-air, halfway to his mouth. I wiped the smile on my lips off my face and looked back to Ryan's number one competition, Greenly Elspeth.
She was tying her Etnies and straightening her bright green Zoo York t-shirt. She clapped softly as Ryan ended his run. Knowing Greenly, she wouldn't be afraid to admit that his run was amazing - she wouldn't be happy, but she would do it.
Greenly hopped on her skateboard and wheeled onto the concrete, ready for the clock to start so she begin. She gave me and her brother, Joey (who was sitting next to me), a wink and started to "work her magic".
You see, this really isn't my story. The true star is Greenly Elspeth, the pro skateboarder, the best friend, the girl who gets so annoyed by all the attention being put on her.
I looked off sides at Ryan, who had taken off his shirt and was wiping his sweaty forehead with it. People walked by him and patted him on the back as he poured Gatorade into his mouth.
Remembering Greenly, I looked back at her small frame, as she pulled trick after flawless trick. She soared over a pyramid and back down again, and I heard Shane mutter next to me, "20 seconds left." Joey stood up and put his hands on his cheeks, tapping his foot nervously on the ground.
Greenly rode straight, putting her feet down to gain speed, as the hand rail got closer. I stood up too, and so did Shane.
"She's gonna do a pop shove it," I said. Shane waved me away.
"No, it's going to be a backside 180," he replied.
"Miranda, Shane, she's going for the big spin, look at the way her feet are," Joey said over us, not taking his eyes off his sister. "Come on, Greens, you can do this."
"Don't fall, don't fall, don't fall," I whispered over and over to myself as Greenly placed her feet in a 360 flip position.
"Ten seconds, nine seconds, eight," Shane began counting down, leaning over the railing. Greenly jumped up, scooped her tail, and the skateboard did a full 360 from the momentum. She skated down the handrail and back down onto solid ground again, just as the clock hit zero. I threw my hands up in the air and Joey jumped up and down, yelling random things. Greenly skated off back to her manager and everyone else, pouring a Rockstar into her mouth. She looked up at the both of us and gave us the thumbs up. Kane smiled brightly and waved at her, which she happily returned.
It took a few minutes before the scores flashed up on the large board standing leanly over the ramps. The stands erupted in cheers.
Greenly Elspeth - 450
Ryan Sheckler - 450
Greg Lutzka - 356
My jaw dropped, along with Joey's and Shane's. We could vaguely hear Kane saying, "Why are they the same?"
"Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever on Dew Tour, we have a tie!"
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