Neji and tenten.....HAVE SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (real sex story must be 18 or older to view)


Created by kibasluver4eva123456 on Wednesday, December 19, 2007



I was sitting at home reading a scroll when i heard a knock at my door
i wondered who it was i opened it to find Neji
Neji- hey tenten whats up
Me- not much whats up with u
Me- yeah neji
outta surprisement he put his lips on mine and kissed me
Neji-i know you love me
Me-wha what how would you know
Neji- it's obvious
he kissed me again a lot deeper he put his arms on my thigh and slowly moved them up till they got to my stomach he moved closer to me pinning me against my wall(note tenten's parents are dead)his body was crashed into mine all of a sudden i felt a bump in between my legs i looked down and blushed really deepley he smirked
Neji-see you make me happy
Me- your also making me happy ;)
Neji- hmph
before i had knew it he had pinned me to the ground and was sucking on my neck giving me a hickie i moaned softly
Neji- *smirked* we should go somewhere private
i blushed really deeply
Me- we could go to my room
Neji- that would be good
When we were in my room he immediatly knocked me on to my bed i was flat on my back he was on top of me and he put his hand on my breast
Me- Neji-Ku.....
Neji- just don't speak lemme do this
he gently started to take my shirt off revealing my bra he smiled and took that off he gently leaned in and sucked my nipple what was happenig i thought but for some reason i liked it......a lot he started to take his shirt off i blushed turns out he was more muscular than i thought he had smmothly started to take my pants off
Me- Wait neji don't
Neji-you know your enjoying this
eventually we were both naked.....things got more intimate basicly we were fucking hard he was inside me very soon i felt my own virginity loosening. i gave him a hand job first slow than fast he had cummed right in my face i swear it was awkward at most well all moments but i loved it still i slowly put my mouth on his cock and deepthroated it he cummed in the back of my throat it tasted weird but......good i continued this for 5-10 minutes he groaned he had bent me over and had gently put his cock inside of me it was really big
Neji- you are very expirienced
just then he hit my G-spot i moaned really loadly i felt his hard cock against my pussy i was thrilled that this was actually happening he started to take it out slowly then he slowly made his way down to my pussy and started to lick it i was moaning and cumming so much i was very wet then the doorbell rang
i went down in a good shirt and a towel on around my bottom part when i answered Lee was there
Lee-Is neji here
Me-yea why
Lee-all of us have a mission we have to go get dressed and c'mon
five minutes later me and neji walked out hand and hand

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