{7 minutes in heaven - emo boys}

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Created by livestocks on Monday, December 31, 2007


We are the best of friends and I invited you over for a party one Friday night. As ironic as it seems, I have a lot of emo friends. I'm an emo magnet! :D *ahem* Someone at the party insisted we play 7 minutes in heaven, and you were forced against your will to play. I put a red bucket on your lap and told you to pick something out, no peeking! You reach into the bucket..
a pack of gum
a toy dinosaur
a peppermint
half of a paper heart
Atticus; tough personality, stubborn, can be rough(only if you want him to be *wink*)

You shoved your hand into the bucket and quickly pulled out a pack of gum with only one piece missing. You held up your chosen item and ask, "Who's gum is this?" Without missing a beat, a boy stood up saying, "That'd be me." His voice was so strong, yet so welcoming. You could've swore your heart skipped a beat at the way he looked at you when he led you to the closet.

"My name's Atticus." You were dazed by his voice you almost forgot to answer, "Oh. It's _____." "Well then, _____, shall we?" He curtsied and waited for your response, "Of course." At that, his hands found your waist quickly and pushed you *as gently as he could* into the wall making a loud THUD noise. And crashed his lips onto yours, you were shocked by the sudden movement, but so far so good. His hips grinded into yours as he pulled you closer, deepening the kiss, you had no choice but to put your arms around his neck. You could feel his sexy piercings on your lips as he slithered his tongue over your lips, asking for entrance. You let him in and your tongues fought fiercly, you weren't about to give yourself away to him. Atticus waited for you to get tired and give up, making him win by default. He roamed your mouth exploring every nook and cranny that could be found. He found your spot and you slightly moaned, feeling his smirk you decided it was your turn. You shoved him off of you and forced him to the other side of the closet, making another loud THUD noise. You kissed his lips and moved down to his neck and collarbone. You quickly moved down to his belt buckle just as you heard a knock on the door.(I knocked, how nice of me.) You two pouted and walked out and went back to your spot.

After the party Atticus thanked you for the great time and offered to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but you declined, saying that you just got out of a terrible relationship and were still recovering.(Okay, you weren't, you just didn't like how rough he was with you, but sshhh. He doesn't have to know.)

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Aristotle; sweet, protective, romantic
(Yes, Aristotle was used for Oh.shesVicious' quiz: 7 minutes in {Emo|4} Heaven)

You shifted around inside the bucket even though there were only four things in it, and pulled out a wee toy dinosaur.(you decide what kind of dinosaur it is.) And hold it up for everyone to see. An EXTREMELY MELTY DELICIOUS *ahem* a very handsome boy stands up and glares at Atticus. He smiles at you and softly felt for your hand, you both intwined fingers and walked to the closet. This boy wanted to make you melt into a puddle.

You closed the door and he formally introduced himself, "My name's Aristotle, and whom do I have the delight of being with?" Talk about a great first impression, "My name's _____." He calmly put his hands on your waist and pulled you closer to him, you snaked your arms around his neck, and went for the kiss any girl would melt for. You got into it and started to kiss him back, at first the kiss was soft and sweet. Then it got rough and passionate. You pinched yourself to make sure you were dreaming, but you weren't. You two pulled away for a breath of air and went back into it. Aristotle started to rub his hands on your back as you played with his hair. You two were just about to get to the next level until Atticus(Aristotles totally opposite brother) barged in and pulled you two apart and dragged his brother away. You were somewhat confused and upset. I helped you up and said, "Sorry, Atticus is just.. jealous." "Why would he be jealous?" You said. "Well, Aristotle gets all the ladies." You nodded.

After the party Aristotle came up to you and apologized for his brother, who at this point was sitting in his "time-out" corner. The next day you two went out to get some ice cream and became the best of friends.

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"Mint"; understanding, humorous, playful

You pulled out a very sticky peppermint, "Gross," you murmered to yourself, "Who had a peppermint before the party?" You said putting it back and frantically wiping your hands on your pants. A very handsome boy stood up shrugging at something Atticus said to him. He walked over to you, "May I have this dance?" He said putting out his hand. "You may." You put your hand on his and walked to the closet like models. You had a feeling that you'd enjoy this.

You closed the door behind you and were jerked into his arms. "What does a princess like you go by?" "uh.. My name's _____." He instantly started nipping at your neck, but you weren't really complaining. Sucking on spots, short little kisses, and some hickeys here and there. He moved up your neck to your chin, then to your lips. You two shared a long, passionate kiss. Kiss after kiss, he was basically raping your mouth. But it was consentual, because you were enjoying it. Inbetween kisses he said, "By the way, you can just call me Mint." "I wonder why." you thought to yourself rolling your eyes.(referring to the peppermint experience earlier in the party.) I knocked on the door to let you know your time was up, and spent my time pondering at the scene.

After the party you and Mint went out to a late-night movie followed by a sweet kiss on the doorstep. As you kissed, Mint slipped something into your pocket and waved you a goodbye. Later the next day you called the number and had a nice conversation with your new boyfriend. Awwwww.

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William; loving, can be a wee bit childish, somewhat heart-broken(can you change that?)

You closed your eyes and pulled out half of a paper heart, you thought maybe you accidently ripped it when you pulled it out. Other than that, you called out, "Half of a paper heart? Maybe a full one??" You spot a boy just standing up, he looked very nervous. You knew he didn't want to be here. You got up and followed him into the closet.

"Hey, my name is _____." You tried to sound enthusiastic, but his nervousness was very contagious. You heard a wimper from somewhere inside the closet, it was him. "Hey now, what's wrong?" You tried to get closer, but you couldn't see a thing, you finally found him and embraced him to hear his story: "I'm sorry," he murmered, "but I've been used so many times, I just don't know who I can trust... Why does everyone keep using me?" He started to cry. You couldn't think of anything to say.. "I have to tell you something.." You tried to smile for him, "..Yes?" "It's always sunny after the storm." Apparently that was enough for him to trust you, he hugged to back and wiped away his tears. You two shared a sweet, sweet kiss, and snuggled for the rest of your time. I knocked on the door and let you two know time was up.

After the party William came up to you asked you out, and told you his name. OF COURSE YOU SAID YESSSS. You two hugged and he thanked you with one of his now famous kisses.

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To the boys: I'd like to give thanks to all of the boys who take this pictures with their cameras. Whether they're at VampireFreaks.com, MySpace.com, etc. etc. We love you very much. Without you guys, we would be nothing. If see your picture here and you want something changed or your picture taken off of my quiz. Or maybe you want a different picture or different story? Don't be afraid to ask, I don't bite. But I need a reason, and please be specific. Thanks again.

I'd also like to give thanks to my good friend, Oh.shesVicious, without her, I probaly wouldn't have gotten into to these kind of quizzes/stories.

AND THANK YOU!! For being so cool!

Should I make more? ~livestocks

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