I love my mate - Inuyasha and kagome love story- ( lemons) ch. 1

I wrote this story for me and my boyfriend hehe.. lol.. ok well um lets see inuyasha and kagome go back to her time to get more supplies.. but why do they stop??

Created by kagomexinuyashaforever on Saturday, January 05, 2008

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“Inuyasha?” Kagome asked him as they slowly made their way toward the genkousu (cant spell sorry).

“Hm?” He asked still pondering wheather or not he should tell kagome just exactly how he feels about her.

“Do you think I might be able to go back to my time to see my family and study for my upcoming tests?” She asked hesitantly hoping that he would let her go just this once by herself.

“Keh, why do you even need to go to those stupid, good for nothing lessons that you always go to? You know the rules I have to go with you though.” He replied just getting the courage to bend down and lightly brushing his hand against her’s to see if she would respond in the way he hoped she would.

“Well….. Because my mother wants me to graduate so that I will be able to stay here and help with Sango since she is pregnant!” As she yelled she noticed that inuyasha was inching closer and closer to her to try to grab her hand she pulled his hand up to her side and continued walking while their fingers were intertwined.

Inuyasha was glad with her response and he pulled her into him for a tight embrace and a chaste kiss. And as he did so his ever so growing erection was growing with need and she could visibly see and feel it poking her thigh.

“I love you, you do know that right” he said as her kissed her softly again on her forehead. He was waiting to hear her response, when all of a sudden she let him go and ran as fast as she could so that he would not see her tears, but as she has forgotten many times he can smell her tears quite occasionally.

She ran as fast as she could until she reached her final destination the nearest hot spring. As she cried she started to think, did I hear what I think I just heard? Was that really what he said? She heard twigs break behind her and looked behind her to see a lustful but worried looking hanyou.

His eyes were amber, he had purple streaks on his cheeks and had longer claws than before, she was not afraid of him but she knew that he was no longer in his hanyou form, he was in his youkai form now and she had a thought about why he had turned youkai.

As he walked toward her he knelt down and nuzzled her neck in a comforting manner. As soon as he started nuzzling her he stopped though because he felt her stiffen. He tilted her chin up and kissed along her neck and jaw line. But unfortunately that was as far as he went because he turned back into a hanyou at her next words.

“Why did you say that you love me when I know you love Kikyou?” She asked as she continued to let her tears fall while she was waiting for him to say something quite harsh but she cried joyous tears at his next comment.

“Kagome, Kikyou was my first love, I did love her but I don’t anymore because she betrayed us and has tried killing you multiple times. But with Naraku gone I was hoping I would go to hell with her only to find that I did not lover her anymore, but I feel that I needed to give something in return because she and I both blame myself because of the way she died. Kagome I want you to listen to me. I Love you and only you, I know you know it’s going to be mating season soon and was hoping that I would be able to tell you that I love you before you thought differently. I would like it if you would become my mate, so Kagome will you become my mate?

Inuyasha flinched and closed his eyes as he expected the worse.

“Inuyasha, open your eyes please, I love you too and no matter in what form, hanyou, youkai, or human I love all of you and want to live and be with you forever and ever! So yes I would love to become your mate!” She cried as she embraced him quite tightly. To her amusement he grew quite as she held him to herself.

“What’s wrong inuyasha?” Kagome asked trying to hold back more tears of happiness.

“It’s just that I never thought that you would feel the same way I do” “I’m so happy!” Inuyasha said as he looked down at his soon-to-be-mate smiling reassuringly.

As he looked at her petite form he grew quite anxious as he could smell her arousal more and more from her as he kissed her passionately but gently.

As he stood up to brush off the invisible dirt from his fire rat he helped her stand up with a fairly new expression that was very rarely seen, he smiled.

As he carried her to the well to get her stuff where she dropped it, he asked “Are you sure you want to go back?” “Yeah I need study and to tell my mom that we are mates now, oh don’t worry she won’t get mad.” She said excitedly, reassuring him that her mom would not get mad at him and would only want to celebrate.

Inuyasha jumped in the well carrying her bridal style. He jumped back out of the well and walked into her house to find that no one was there to greet them. Inuyasha put Kagome down and let her go into the kitchen to see if they left a note.

She came out of the kitchen blushing. She held a note for him to read, and as he read it he started laughing hysterically.

Dear Kagome (maybe inuyasha too)

If by any chance you come back here and find us gone it is because we went to Hawaii for the week (it was Monday). If inuyasha is there make him stay with you. I want a grandson and granddaughter with ears just like yours inuyasha so please try to make it right.



Souta and Mom

Kagome was as red as inuyuasha’s fire rat. Inuyasha on the other hand looked quite amused.

He was about to ask her why she was blushing but was not able to because he could not control his youkai anymore from Kagome’s arousal. He picked her up bridal style.

“Inuyasha?” Kagome asked hesitantly as she had a little bit of fear in her scent.

“Mate should not be scared” he growled loudly as he forced her on her bed and started to take her clothes off.

“Don’t worry why would I be scared, I love you Inuyasha, you just surprised me that’s all.” She said with more confidence and started to grow even more aroused when he started to take off her clothes.

Inuyasha was having trouble getting her clothes off and started to get impatient, so he just sliced her clothing off.

Gently Kagome stood up and started to unclasp her bra when she heard his youkai voice say…

“My b****” Inuyasha gruffly voiced out and got more aroused if that was even more possible as she started to unclasp her bra, he started shreading through his haori when he saw her lay down on the bed completely visible to his liking.

“Yes I’m yours and only yours” she said confidently as she stood up only to be pushed down forcefully by his strong arms.

Inuyuasha’s youkai side did not wait to see if she was ready, or wait to pleasure her, she was already wet and ready for him.

Kagome lay on her back under him before he flipped her so she was on her hands and knees in a doggy position.

“Inuyasha?” Kagome asked confused as to what he was going to do next but understood as soon as he started massaging her breasts.

“Mate ready” Inuyasha stated as he thrusted himself inside of her as he massaged her breast.

Kagome was in agony as her maiden was broken and cried out in pain as he burst through her. But it soon settled into pleasure as she could feel him inside her as he waited for her to adjust. She was really surprised that he waited and was this caring of her while they were mating she just thought he was going to keep on going.

Inuyasha humped her from behind but did not come out of her for he could feel he was pleasuring her this way.

Kagome groaned out her pleasure as she could feel him inside her still, having him not move his manhood but still moving his hips as he was humping her. She could not stifle a giggle that came out as he started whimpering as he started to feel his release.

As Inuyasha started feeling his release he could not hold back his whimpers that erupted from him and to his surprise Kagome started to giggle at him. So to give his mate more pleasure he started pumping faster into her. When he felt her muscles clench down on him he could not help himself as he howled out her name gruffly still in his youkai stage he bit down on her neck.

Kagome could not feel the little prick in her neck as he bit into her as she had started on her first orgasm. As he released into her he kept on pumping into her until he was all spent. He could not hold himself up anymore so he fell onto kagome back grumbling content growls in his body.

Kagome could feel the vibration throughout her body and started drifting to sleep when she heard a recognizable voice.

“Kagome, did I hurt you?” Inuyasha asked as he got off her to move to the side and have her cuddle into his chest.

“No.” Kagome said noting the wornness in his voice she cuddled into him and gripped his still growing erection.

“Okay good but I fairly remember……….ash…..gods…….kagome……no….not again……. Are you sure you are all right?”

“Hmm I’m positive, Inuyasha I know neither sides would ever hurt me so don’t worry about it.” Kagome said while still massaging his erect pencil.

“Kagome are you up for another round?” Inuyasha asked as he flipped her over onto her back hesitantly evident in his eyes.

“Sure anything for my mate” Kagome smiled as inuyasha Kissed her passionately while thrusting his erection into her womanhood.

She groaned out in pure pleasure as he kept a rhythm while looking deep into her eyes to see the pure pleasure emitting from them. He started suckling and nipping on her breasts as she started withering underneath him. He stuttered her name as he let go of her breast. As he let go to control his actions on her womanhood she lightly started flicking the tips of his ears as he still pounded into her, which caused him to purr or in his words contently growling.

As inuyasha could feel that she was in her heat cycle which means that she would be pregnant after them being through.

“You know you’re going to be pregnant after this right?” He said not sure if she wanted pups or not so early into their relationship.

“As long as they are yours and have you adorable ears I would love to be pregnant with your pups.” She said as she looked into his eyes and started crying out tears of happiness.

Inuyasha was truly confused as to why she was crying when they were making love.

“Are you okay Kags?” inuyasha asked worriely as he pulled somewhat out of her afraid he hurt her or did something wrong.

“Yeah I just never thought we would ever be together like this, or ever have pups together or start a family, or us becoming mates. Inuyasha I love you so much” She replied as she forcefully flipped them over so that she was straddling his hips.

Inuyasha whined and whimpered as she tortured him with her tounge as she started at his ears and then worked her way down to his mouth and thrust her woman hood onto his erection and her mouth onto his mouth. He growled contentively as they kissed passionately while having his hands grip her hips and help her move up and down onto his erection. She thrust her head back as she did her version of a howl while whispering sweet nothings such as “I love you so much” and “you feel so good inside me”, “you are my mate”, “inuyasha” and “god inuyasha you don’t know how long I have wanted this”

But as she said those things it was his turn to say sweet nothings into her hair such as “I love you soo much”, “god Kagome you feel so good”, “I don’t think I can ever live without you”, and “I can’t wait for you to have our pups”

As Inuyasha got frantically desperate to show her pleasure he flipped them over so he was now straddling her waist and he told her to say sit.

“But….why….inuyash…a……I can...T…hurt….you……..” kagome stuttered as she continued to be pleasured by his ministrations.

“Kag…ome…. I ….. need … you…to …..trust….me……both….you and……I….will…… find….it…….some….use …of…pleasure…” Inuyasha stated as he stared into her beautiful eyes trying to convince her that she should listen to him.

“Fine….. Sit….” Kagome cried out as she felt him drop forcefully into her as deep as he could into her womanhood she convulsed underneath him.

“See…..o…..man…what did…. I...tell….you….oh….god…..you…feel….so…good….Kags… I….don’t…. think I……can……hold….long….anymore……” Inuyasha stuttered as Kagome kept on yelling sit he started to laugh seeing as at first she was hesitant and now she was enjoying every second of it.

As they both came together Inuyasha tried to pull out but found out the hard way that they were stuck together.

“Um….kagome….I can tell you that I know you will become pregnant because we are tied together. He laughed as she started blushing at his little perverted smirk.

“Inuyasha I think you have been around Miroku for way too long.” She said as he laughed nervously. “Inuyasha what’s wrong” She asked hoping that he was not regretting mating with her.

Inuyasha sensed her worry and pulled her lips to his and kissed her passionately. “I was afraid that you would want to wait to have have pups after you graduated from school” he said matter of factly.

“Well I was hoping to but it seems to not of worked, I can probably ask my mom if I can just go do the tests on the computer so that I won’t have to go to school.” She said noting his worried frown that turned right into a hopeful smile once she said that.

“We will talk to your mom once she comes back here okay, but for now I’m exhausted why don’t we get some rest” He said smiling at her as she yawned and said “Okay I’m also really tired, I love you Inuyasha” As she started to drowse off to sleep.

“I love you too, Kags.” And as inuyasha protectively wrapped one arm around her waist while he also started to fall asleep.

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