Seven Minutes in Heaven. Emo stylee.. (Girls only. Pictures.)

Ok, here we go.

Created by Jenniferxox on Sunday, January 06, 2008


So your at school and this totally hot guy comes up to you. For the sake of this quiz, your name is Rebecca.
"Hey, whats up Rebecca? thats your name right?" He said.
"um, yeah. whats your name?" You asked him back, feeling akward.
"Well, my names Josh. Um, i'm having a party later tonight, and i was wondering..." He paused glancing over my shoulder. "Look, do you want to come?
"Yes, of course" You answred.
He told you when and where it was and he walked away.
You showed up at his place at seven oclock. dressed in your dark blue skinny jeans, black t-shirt, with your white hoodie over top and converse's on your feet.
When josh opened the door you were escorted inside to a circle of people sitting around. they told you they were playing spin the bottle and it was your turn. Instead of a bottle they had a hat full of papers with symbols on them. You reached inside and pulled out a piece of paper. on it was...
A black heart.
A red star.
A white bunny rabbit.
A pink flower.
A blue smiley face.
A Black Heart.
You hand your paper to Josh. He calls out to the room, 'A black heart?'. At the back of the room you glanced a shy looking emo kid stand up and head towards the closet. You slowly stood up, trying to conseal the smile spreading across your lips. 'this looks fun' you thought.
as you entered the closet, you felt the door close. "Hi, i'm Rebecca" you said, not sure how to start.
"I'm Colin." He replied. "Do you want to make out?"
"Wow. Aren't you a shy one" You moved towards him slowly, not sure if you actually should kiss him or not. He did seem kind of cocky to you.
"Eh. I'm never shy around hot girls. I always say the first thing on my mind. i really hate akward silences. Don't y-"
You cut off his speaking by gently presing your lips against his own. Soon enough the kiss was being deepened on both ends.
A while after you two starting making out Colin pushed you down to the floor where his hands started there way up your shirt. While he explored inside your bra, you decided to do your own exploring, inside his mouth. You gently nibbled on his bottom lip, trying to ask for access. When he let you inside, you explored every part of his mouth you could find.
After getting bored with his mouth, you decided to let your hands do some exploring of there own. slowly you made your way inside his pants, only to be stoped by the gentle rapping on the door.
"Times up!" Josh shouted at you guys, while opening the door. Letting the whole room get a view of you guys caressing each others privates. josh closed the door, letting you guys fix yourselves and then you exited. You wen and sat next to Colin for the rest of the evening. After the party was over, you went back to his place and spent the night. ;)
A Red Star.
You hand over your neatly folded paper to Josh. As Josh unfolds the paer you glance around nervously at all the hot guys.
"A Red Star." Josh says.
You glance around watching for any sign of movement. None. "A Red S-star.?" you ask nervous for who it might be.
"Oh, sorry, it's me." Said a guy, pulling himself away from some friends. "I wasn't paying attention. you ready?"
"Yeah." You answered as he grabbed your wrist and pulled you towards the closet anxiously.
"My names Jared. Whats yours?" he asked in a rush.
"Rebecca." You spoke back.
"Wow, whats with the one word answers? Nervous.? Well this is the best time your going to have in closets." He said,winking at you.
"I'm not nervous, no."
As soon as you guys entered the closet he grabbed you by the waist and kissed you passionately. You wrapped your arms aroud his neck and jumped up, wrapping your legs around his waist. He backed you up into the wall and kissed you down your neck towards your chest. He quickly slipped his hands under your shirt and swiped it off over your head, not mising a kiss. He kissed down your neck to your bra line, and back up again.
You moaned quietly and rubbed your hands up and down his back. you slipped your hands down his pants, onto his boxers and und the button on his jeans. His pants slipped down onto the floor and you reached for the front of his boxers. As soon as your hands grasped their target you heard an anxious knock on the door.
"Times up!" Josh yelled at you guys. "Get dressed and come out!"
You guys threw your clothes back on and exited the closet. You stopped only to say goodbye to Josh, then sipped out the front door, into the back of Jared's car, where you continued where you left off.
A White Bunny Rabbit.
you reached into the hat and pulled out a paper with a white bunny rabbit on it. Instead of handing the paper to Josh, you held it up and waited for a response.
The only response you got was an outstreched hand from Josh. You handed him your paper, thinking he wanted to read it out loud. But instead Josh just dropped the paper, grabbed your hand, and pulled you towards the closet.
"I'm the bunny rabbit." He said.
"Oh." was your only response.
As you entered the closet Josh closed the door behind you. When shut firmly Josh moved towards you and pulled you close to him. you were so close together that you could feel his hot breath on your face. Feeling in the moment, you reached your face up towards his and gently touched your lips together.
Josh reached a hand up and ran his fingers through your hair, stopping to wrap it around his hand and gabbing your head. You wrapped both arms around his neck and kissed him deeper, more passionately. You wrapped your legs around his waist and let him support you. His hands moved from your head to your but, as he moved away from the wall. All that was supporting you were his hands on your ass.
Losing balance as he moved backwards Josh fell to the ground bringing you with him. you landed on top of him and pulled hs shirt off. you kissed down his chest to the hem of his pants. Not having anyone to tell you time was up this time, you got your wish. As you slid his jeans off he ripped away your shirt and slowy undid your bra.
As things got 'better' in the closet you began to get 'excited' you grabbed his boxers and started to slide them down his legs. And well, i think you can imagine what happened next. ;) Imagine it as you wish, it was the best time of your life.
After half an hour had passed you exited the closet hand in hand only to sit together making out for the rest of the night. When it was time for everyone to leave you stuck behind and headed upstairs to Josh's bedroom.
"Oh Rebecca, i think i love you."
"Josh, i know i love you." you said between kisses.
you shared the loss of your virginity together before falling asleep in the arms of your love.
A Pink Flower.
"A pink flower..?" You called out as you opened the paper.
A really shy looking emo guy stood up from right beside you. "That would be me."
You stood up and walked into the closet, waiting for him to come after you. When he entered the closet and shut the door you started speaking.
"My names Rebecca. whats yours?" You said.
"Oh, thats a nice name." You replied. "Are you a little bit nervous?"
"Yeah. I've never done this before. What exactly are we suppossed to do...?"
"Well, we can do whatever you want. we can kiss, cuddle, have sex, just kidding!" you added, after seeing his shocked face.
"Oh, okay, well do you want to kiss..?" He said. "Youare kind of cute.."
"Awwe, thanks. Um, sure why not."
"Okay but it doesnt mean anything okay? just for the sake of the game, okay?" He said, making sure.
"Of course, for the game.." You said slightly dissapointed.
With that you leaned into him and gently kised his lips. He deepened the kiss and you wrapped your arms around his neck. You both started to enjoy the kiss and were about to take it further when..
"Times up!" Yelled Josh from outside the closet..
You both exited the closet and went back to your originalseats. off and on throughout the rest of the night you looked over at him. He was never looking at you.
After the party was over, Michael came up and found you. As soon as you two were alone he blurted out.
"Okay, maybe that was just for the sake of the game, but i felt something more than that. I was wondering if you felt the same thing. If you did, do you want to go out with me?"
He was in such a rush to say it, you didnt even catch all of it. When he was finished, instead of answering, you kissed him.
"So thats a yes..?" He asked, in between kisses.
"Of course" you said, smiling, you beganto makeout under the stars until josh cmae out of the house and told you, you both had to leave.
A Blue Smiley Face.
You picked out a piece of paper and handed it to Josh. "A Blue Smiley Face?" he called out.
A tall man in the back stood up. "That would be me. Lucky you." He said, winking at you.
"Oh great." you whispered under your breathe.
"What was that.?" he asked, not hearing you, or pretending he hadn't.
"I said, I'm Rebecca." You said, changing your answer. "Whats your name."
"I'm Aiden." He said. Aiden picked you up bridal style and carried you into the closet.
As he put you down and closed the doorhe started kissing you, deeply and with a rough, eager feeling. You pulled away just as he went to kiss you again..
"Um, who said you could kiss me..?" you asked, feeling abused with his forwardness.
"I said so." he answered as he lunged at you again, hunting for another kiss.
"Well, i said you can't you disgusting fuck." With that you shot him the finger and marched out of the closet, out of the house, and into the night.

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