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Created by animemadness101 on Tuesday, January 08, 2008

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Northern Alberta, Canada

On a snowy day, in the middle of winter, two girls were traveling in a truck. Both were asleep, with a man at the wheel. When the tuck finally stopped, the man got out, and opened the door for the two girls.
“This is it,” he said. The two girls grabbed their bags, and hoped out of the car they looked around, and then the girl in the green cloak asked,
“Where are we? I thought you said you were going to take us as far as Laughlin City.”

“This is Laughlin City,” said the driver, and he walked towards the bar. Both girls looked at each other, and walked into the bar as well. They both wore cloaks. One wore a dark green one, while the other one wore a dark grey. They had their own duffle bags will with clothes and money. They both walked to the back of the bar, where there was a cage set up. A bell rang, and the two girls watched two men drag another man out of the ring.
“Gentlemen,” said the announcer, “in all my years, I’ve never seen anything like that. Are you going to let this man walk away with all of your money? Ladies and gentlemen, out savior!” The announcer then covered the microphone with his hand, and said something to the man going against Wolverine. “Whatever you do, don’t hit him in the balls.”
“You said anything goes.”
“Anything goes, but he’ll take it personal.”

It looked like man, fighting Wolverine had the upper hand. Wolverine stood, and faced the other one in front of him. He hits the man’s fist, and breaks his fingers. It sounds like Wolverine is hitting the other with iron knuckles. Wolverine attacks the man again, and again. The man falls to the ground, to weak to get up again. The bell rings, saying the match is over.
“Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s winner and still the king of the cage, the Wolverine!”
Many boos came from the audience. It was over, and people began to leave the bar, one-by-one. The two girls walked over to the bar, and sat down. The girl in green began to read the label on the tip jar, and then she became lost in thought, and just stared at it.
“You want something new, honey? Or are you sticking with water?” the Bartender asked.
He moved the money jar away from the two girls. The one in grey shook her head, no.

“I’ll have a beer,” said Wolverine, taking a seat at the bar.
“Ellis Island,” started the man speaker, on the television, “once the arrival point for thousands of American immigrants, is opening its doors again. Preparations are nearly completed for the upcoming United Nations world summit. Nearly every invitation confirmed, the event promises to be the largest single gathering if world leaders in history. The leaders of over 200 nations will discuss issues ranging from the world’s economic climate, and weapon treaties to the mutant phenomenon and its impact on our world stage. Many American legislators have contended, that debate over mutant issues should be the primary focus of what is, on the surface, a strictly diplomatic affair.” A man came up from behind Wolverine and said,
“You own me some money.”

“Come on, Stu. Let’s not do this,” his friend said, trying to make him leave Wolverine alone. Stu brushed off his friend’s hand on his shoulder.
“No man takes a beating like that without a mark to show for it.”
“Come on, bubby. This isn’t going to be worth it.”
“I know what you are,” Stu whispered to Wolverine. The two girls looked up at the two men with questioning looks. However, the one in the grey cloak had her face drawn into the darkness of the hood, that no one could see her expression.
“You lost your money.” Said Wolverine. “Keep this up, you’ll lose something else.”

“Come on buddy,” said Stu’s friend. Stu began to back up, and everyone throught he was going to leave, but then he pulled a knife out of his pocket.
“Watch out!” the two girls yelled.
Wolverine whirled around, and claws come out of his knuckles. One left, and a right, trapping the man’s face. Then one slowly inches its way to the man throat, and stops as a warning. The Bartender, grabbed his gun, and pointed it at Wolverine’s head.

“Get out of my bar, freak,” he said in a frightened voice.
Wolverine then sliced the gun in half with the claws on his other hand. He eyed everyone in the bar, but soon dropped his claws. He retracted his claws, and left the bar. The two girls looked at each other, and grabbed their bags. The left after the Wolverine.

The man got into his small RV and drove off. After a few hours of driving he heard a small thud in the trailer, hooked onto the back of the RV. He pulled over, got out of the car, and walked to the back. Inside the trailer were a motorcycle, and some other junk. He poked at the trap that was draped over the back. It moved. He threw off the trap and saw the two girls from the bar.
“What are you doing?” he asked.
“We’re sorry,” said the girl in green.
“We needed a ride,” said the girl in grey.
“Get out,” said the man. As they got out he grabbed their bags and dropped them on the ground.
“Where are we supposed to go?”
“I don’t know.”
“You don’t know or you don’t care?”
“Pick one.”
“We saved your life,” said the girl in green.
“Yeah right,” said the man as he got back into his RV. He began to drive away
leaving them in the snow. The girls then looked at each other.
“Now what?” asked the girl in green.

“He’s stopping,” said the one in grey. “Come on!” They picked up their bags and ran to where the man stopped. They got in through the passengers seat, and out their bags in the back of the RV. The girl in grey sat on the floor between the seats. The girl in green sat in the passengers seat.
“You don’t have anything to eat, do you?” the girl in green asked. Wolverine reached across the girl, and pulled some food out of the glove compartment. The girl in green removed her gloves, and pulled back her hood to reveal brown hair. She had green eyes as well. The girl handed half to the girl in the back, and they began to eat it, thankful for food in their stomachs’.
“I’m Rouge,” said the girl in green. “The girl in the back is IA. Were you in the army?” She was looking at the chain around his throat. “Doesn’t that mean you were in the army?” He placed the necklace in his shirt. Rouge looked into the back of the RV, and examined it, along with IA. “Wow.”
“What?” Wolverine asked.
“Suddenly our life doesn’t look that bad.”
“If you’d prefer the road-”

“No. No. It looks great. Looks cozy.” Wolverine noticed Rouge trying to warm her fingers. He looked in the back, and saw IA huddled in her cloak, her head still drawn in the hood. He reached over to the heater, and turned it on.
“Put your hands on the heater,” he said. Wolverine went to reach for Rouge’s bare hands, but she drew back. “I’m not gonna hurt you kid.”
“It’s nothing personal. It’s just that, when people touch my skin, something happens.”
“I don’t know. They just get hurt.”
“Fair enough.”
“Everyone gets hurt… except for I.A.”
“And why is that?” IA stuck her hand between them, and revealed her arm. It was normal skin. Wolverine didn’t see anything different from his. But why was hers’ so different? So different that Rouge could touch her. He then watched her arm become covered in metal. A very tough, alloy metal.
“My skin is protected,” IA finally spoke. “I can control the metal so it can cover Rouge, but she can’t hurt me.”

The girl removed her hood. She had dark brown hair, and grey eyes. She looked to be over eighteen, but Wolverine wasn’t sure. Logan placed a hand on the steering wheel, after taking a puff with his cigar.
“When they come out, does it hurt?” Rouge asked, staring at his hand.
“Every time.” They drove for a while in silence. IA had draw back, and was seated on the floor once again. “So, what kind of a name is Rouge? Or IA?”
“I don’t know. What kind of a name is Wolverine?” Rouge asked.
“My name’s Logan.”
“Marie,” said Rouge.
“IA means Iron Angel. My real name is Amanda.”
“You know, you should wear your seat belt,” said Rouge.
“Look, kid. I don’t need advice on auto safety from-”
He was cut short when a tree fell in front of the RV, and Logan slammed into it. IA and him went flying through the window. Rouge looked up in shock as she stared at their lifeless forms in the snow. Logan’s injuries healed right there, and he got up.
“You all right?” he yelled to Rouge.
“My seatbelt is jammed!” IA slowly got up, and pulled the shards of glass from her arms and face. Logan looked at her funny – amazed she was alive. However, he decided to ask questions later. He started to Rouge, but stopped and smelled the air. Something was close – really close. The thing that cut down the tree.

Logan was attacked from the side. The thing threw him into a tree. Rouge could smell something like gasoline, and something in the back caught on fire. She looked back and saw the fire burning dangerously close to a container full of gasoline. IA was about to run over and help her friend, when the thing that attacked Logan blocked her.
“You wanna play?” she asked. She clenched her fists and they turned into iron. She punched him in the face, and he went flying into a tree. “I’m game!”
Her whole body turned into iron. Rouge then notices the fire in the back, and it’s getting close to a gas tank. Logan tries to get up, but is then hit in the face with a tree, and is knocked backwards. He lands on the hood of the car, knocked out. The man then attacked IA and she was thrown to the ground, and he threw her through three trees.

The man begins to walk closer to the RV, and Rouge begins to panic. The fire encircles the gas tank, and it is getting harder to breath. Rouge tugs on her jammed seat belt, but it doesn’t budge.
Just then the wind picks up. The man turns around, and is faced with another man, and a woman. The man then shoots a red laser beam out of his eyes, and at the man who attacked Logan. The Man jumped into the air, and ran away. The man ran over to the car door, and opened it. He cut the seat belt, and then grabbed Logan off the top of the car. The woman helped up IA, and they ran from the RV. It exploded after they got safely away.

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