*Knock Knock* whos at the door?.. The Jonas Brothers?! [chapter 1]

so its a saturday afternoon, and your still in your pajamas, when you get a knock on the door.. who could it be?

Created by NickJlova94 on Saturday, January 12, 2008

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It was a Saturday afternoon and my friends and I were just waking up from the night before. *yawn* "What time is it?" Anjel asked rubbing her eyes "12:00 in the afternoon" I said "Come on lets get up, and have some lunch" Ashleigh said. We all went downstairs to get something to eat. Anjel put the TV on and the Jonas Brothers' S.O.S video was on. "Oooh! Ange! look!" she yelled. I came running back in the room and we all started dancing. "That video never gets old" Anjel said. "I know! That song rocks!" I said. Then we all sat down and watched some TV when the phone rang. "Hello?" I said "Hey, Ange, its Rehana, wanna go to the mall today?" "Um, sure, but can Anj and Ash come too?" I asked "Sure! Meet you guys there at.. 2?" she said. "cool, see ya there!" I said and hung up "who was that?" Anjel asked "Rehana, you guys wanna go to the mall today at 2, shes meetin us there" I said. "Sure!" both Anjel and Ashleigh yelled. "Hey lets invite Lucy and Sam too!" I said. So I called up Lucy and Sam and they both could go, and there were meeting us there. "we better get dressed" I said looking at the clock. Just as we were going upstairs the door bell rang. "I'll get it" I said wondering who it could be. Since I was in my pajamas, I looked out the window to see if I could see who it was, but I couldn't. I opened the door and screamed. "You- you!" I couldn't get the words out of my mouth "Ange who is it?" Anjel yelled running to the door. "OH..MY..GOD!!!" she yelled as she got to the door. "What? What?" Ashleigh asked and came to the door. "OH MY GOD!!!" she yelled. It was the Jonas Brothers!! We all were speechless. "Hi, I'm Joe Jonas,I know this is weird and all, but we were driving to the mall, when Kevin's car ran out of gas, he is an idiot, but anyways.. can we use your phone?" Joe asked looking at me. "Sure, come, come in" I said barely getting the words out of my mouth. Joe, Nick and Kevin all came into my house. OMG, the Jonas Brothers are in my house! I screamed in my head. Joe was on the phone and we were talking to Nick and Kevin. "So whats your names?" Kevin asked. "Hi! I'm Angela" I said "I'm Anjel!" Anjel said all happy. "Wow, Angela and Anjel? You guys must be best friends!" Kevin said and laughed. I smiled shyly "Yeah, we are" "And I'm Ashleigh!" Ashleigh said randomly. "Well, hi, I'm Kevin, this is Nick, and thats Joe" Kevin said. Nick smiled at me "Wow, I can't beleive this, we aren't dreaming are we?" I said. Nick smiled again "No,don't worry" he said. "We are SUCH big fans!" Anjel said.  "Yeah, we like love your music so much!" Ashleigh said. "You guys are seriously amazing! Nick I love how you jump really high and play the guitar! its so cool, and you to, Kevin!" I said. Nick blushed alittle bit and smiled shyly "Thanks" he said .Joe came over. "Okay, everything is all set. Hey, do you guys wanna come to the mall with us? We really owe you, and we love spending time with fans" Joe said "We were actually going there, but sure!" I said. "We kinda gotta get dressed, we sorta woke up late" Anjel said embarrased that she was in her pajamas still. Joe laughed "No problem, take your time" We all rushed upstairs to get changed. "wow is this really happening?!" Ashleigh said. "Yes! OMG this is so cool!" I said. "I cant believe it!" Anjel said. we all got changed and ran back downstairs. Joe smiled "Wow, that was fast!"  I laughed. "I know, I can't beleive it either!" "Hey we are meeting our 3 other friends at the mall to, is that okay?" I said "Of course! The more the better!" Kevin said. Their limo came, and we all got in. Ashleigh sat next to Kevin, Anjel next to Joe, and I sat next to Nick. Nick looked at me. "So, how long have you guys known each other?" he asked. "Oh, we've been friends since kindergarten" I said. "Wow, thats a really good friendship" he said smiling. "Yeah" I smiled. Anjel looked at Nick. "Angela was the one that first said hi to us, she asked us to play blocks, I still remember it!" she said laughing. Nick laughed "thats a good way to start off being friends". "Yeah, and ever since that day, I guess we just clicked!" Ashleigh said.

We reached the mall and got out of the limo. "Hey, won't people recognize you?" I asked. "Well, maybe, but when there is such a big crowd people don't usually notice us" Nick said. When we got into the mall Rehana called me "Hey Ange, where are you?" she asked "Rehana! We're here, and you are never going to beleive who is with us!" I said to her. "Meet me in front of the food court, and you'll see" "okay, see you there" she said. When I hung up with Rehana, Nick looked at me. "I like your ringtone" he said smiling. "Oh, thanks" I said embarrased, since it was "S.O.S" We all reached the food court, and Rehana came rushing over. "Hey guys! Hey- OMG!" she said when she saw the Jonas Brothers "You! Your!" she couldnt speak. Joe laughed. "Hi, I'm Joe, this is Nick, and thats Kevin" Joe said "I- I'm Rehana!" she said. "Pretty name" Kevin said smiling. "Hey Rehana, wheres Sam and Lucy?" I asked. "They're on their way, but OMG, the Jonas Brothers how- what!?" she said. We told her the whole story. "Isn't it unbeleivable?" Ashleigh asked. "We almost fainted!" Anjel said. Nick, Joe and Kevin laughed. "We're glad you guys are such big fans" Joe said. "Big?" Rehana said. "All we talk about is you! Everywhere we go, we always mention you guys!" she said. "Aw, thanks" Joe said. We looked over and saw Lucy and Sam "Lucy! Sam! over here!" Ashleigh yelled. Lucy and Sam came running over. "Hey Ange! Hey Ash, hey Anjel!" Sam said "Hey- whoa! OMG!" Sam said "Angela! t-the!" Sam tried to say. "THE JONAS BROTHERS!" Lucy yelled jumping up and down. We all laughed and I told them the story too. "Joe! Are you okay, hows your head and hand! OMG, I'm talking to JOE JONAS!" Lucy said spazzing out. Joe laughed "I'm fine, thanks for asking, whats your name?" "Lucy" "Lucy? What a pretty name" Joe said smiling at Lucy. "Angela, pinch me!" Lucy said. So, I did. "Ow! I'm awake! This is the best day EVER!" Lucy yelled acting more hyper. Nick laughed. "You have very hyper friends" he said to me. I laughed "No, just Lucy" "Well, Lucy, and Sam, its good to meet you both" Kevin said. "No, its good to meet you!" Sam said "My parents will never beleive me!" she said. "Sure they will! Hey, lets take a picture!" Nick suggested. We all took a picture. "Okay, now we came here to shop, so lets go!" I said. We all left the food court and hit the stores. Lucy shopped mostly with Joe, Rehana spent her time with Kevin, Sam, Anjel, and Ashleigh stayed together, and I stayed mostly with Nick, he is my favorite and I have a huge crush on him, but then again who doesn't he is Nick Jonas! Nick is so sweet and amazing, I think spending time with him at the mall made me like him more!


After spending 2 hours shopping, we all had lunch, then headed home. "Bye Joe!" Lucy said. "Hey, whats your number?" Joe said before he left. Lucy almost fainted and gave Joe her number "I'll call you" Joe said smiling. Nick asked for mine, and I literally fainted too. This day was to unreal! Ash, Anjel, Sam and Rehana all said bye to me and then I headed home, still thinking about today.

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