Daddy's Little Princess(Nikki Sixx's Daughter) ~A teacher? How old is he? OVER MY DEAD TATTOOED BODY!~

Your Nikki Sixx's daughter, Your daddys spoiled little princess, but you dont act spoiled, Ur the only thing he has, besides Motley Crue, The Scence 1991, Your mom was a groupie, your dad didn't love her but god he loves you! He had a paternity test done and your his, he was so HAPPY! And your 15 in this story, right in the middle of puberty! HAHA! Your 5'3, real skinny, but lets just say your... voluptous, ya know you must of inherited it from your mom cause she had to look good to date Nikki Sixx. Your ha

Created by Nikkihead on Thursday, January 26, 2006

Walks in door from school, You: "DAD I'M HOME! DAD?" You look around and you decide to go look in the studio, You knock on the door, U:"Daddy?" Nikki: "Yeah princess I'm in here," You walk in,and Tommy's in there! Tommy: "Hey, Trina Bina!" U:"Hey Tommy.....Banana?" Dad gives you a face along the lines of, RETARD! Tommy laughs, You walk up and hug your dads shoulders, U: "I love you daddy!" Nikki: "I Love you 2 pudd...What do you want?" U:Theres this guy at-" He cuts you off, Nikki: "NO!" U: "But I've not told nething yet!!" Nikki: "Its something about a guy you like or a guy that likes you, I don't wanan hear it" U: "Please hear me out dude" Nikki:"Fine" U:"This guy at school, his name is Kyle, he asked me if I would go to the movies with him, I said yeah." Nikki: Ahah. Sure. U:"Really?" Nikki: "Well tell me about him, what how old is he?" U:"Ummm, 15. Yeah hes 15." Nikki smiles he tells your lieing. Nikki:Well can I meet him?" U:No...You can call him" Nikki: "Well hes not taking my daughter anywere not as long as my names Nikki Sixx! I don't like him" U: "Dad you haven't even meet him!" You gave him your puppy dog eyes, Nikki: "Shooo, alright, alright, what time is it that ur going?" U: "Kyle said 5:00" Nikki: "Be back by 5:01" U:"DADDY!" Nikki: "Alright, I'll make it 8:00" Tommy was just setting there, god hes hot, mmmmm maybe those pants will fall off, You walk over and hug your dad, "Well Daddy, I'm gonna go get dressed" Nikki: "I love you" He didn't let go, U: "Daddy! Ill be back," You realease from the hug with your dad. You go over to hug tommy, You try to push your boobs against his chest hoping he will take you out there and pop your cherry like a wine bottle, U: "Luv u tom tom" Tommy: "Love you trina bina" I run out Nikki yells at you, Nikki:"I Better see what you look like before you leave this house younglady!!" I think to my self, god o mighty Tommy just hugged me! AH! Well ne way back to my date, my daddy dosen't know that Kyle is 21, he dosent know that hes a teacher at your school and he dosent know that Kyle despises Mtley Crue And all heavy metal at that. Time to pick out an outfit, hmmmm, You pick out a tight black and red shirt that says, "I love rockstars and Fast Cars", your dad hasn't seen this one yet. And it had a guitar on the back. It was low cut cleavage was showing, your pants were really tight. And all you could think about was how good your ass looked. It was 4:30, you ran down the steps and you met tommy half way down, you stopped and smiled, U:"Hey Tommy" Tommy:"Hey Trina, you look good but ur old man ain't gonna go for it" U:"Why?" Tommy: "Because you look like some one I would date" You smile to yourself, U: "Really?" Tommy: "Yeah ya look awesome" He winks at you. You smile back, U:"Thanks, you leaving?" Tommy: "Naw I'm just gonna go laydown till ya get back, I may have to hold your dad off of Karl." U:"Kyle" tommy makes a jealous face, Tommy:"What the fuck ever" You walk down the steps and your dad smiles then his he focuses in on your breasts and realizes what you have on! Nikki: "Katrina, Where the fuck are your clothes?" U:"On me, duh" Nikki: "Your not leaving this house in an outfit like that, it is perverse! Thats pretty much saying, here I am come rape me!" U:"Dad, come on, if he tries anything you know I throw a mean left hook!" Nikki holds out his hand Nikki: "Alright, lets see," You rare back and punch your dads hand he hold on to your hand it flips you on your back, U: " Dammit dad that fucking hurt!" Nikki:"Well alot a guys that are nasty sex molestors and perverts aren't just gonna stand there and let u punch them!" You give him the come-on-dad look, U: "Dad I don't have time for this." Nikki: "alright you know the house number you have a cell phone, whos driving" U: "Ummm...Dad I can't drive. Kyles driving, hes coming to get me in his truck," Nikki:"Kyle... I don't like that name." You hear a door slam. And the door bell rings, you and ur dad look at each other, you start to race for the door, he beats you there, U:"dad go in the living room please, so I can bring him in to you ok" Nikki:"Fine" Ur dad goes into the living room and u open the door and see kyle standing there, he looked good, Kyle: " Hey" U:"Hey, come on in" He walks in. He kisses you softly on the lips and then he puts his hand on your waist and tries to deepen the kiss. You put your hand on his chest, U: "You have to meet my dad" He raises his eyebrows, You grab his hand and your dad turns around and looks at the two of you,U: "Dad this is Kyle, Kyle this is my dad Nikki Sixx." Kyle waves. My dad is in complete shock. My dad gets a mean look on his face, Nikki: "How old are you Kevin?" Kyle: "Its Kyle, and I'm 21." Nikki: "Twenty fucking one! Over my dead tattooed body your taking her anyplace!Trina said you were fifteen!!! Your not taking my daughter anywhere Kenan!" Kyle: "ITS KYYLEE! And I really think its up to her to make that decsion sir." Nikki:"Listen Keith, I don't give a damn if your name is John Claude Keelee! YOUR NOT TAKING MY DAUGHTER ANYWHERE, YOU LOOK LIKE A COMMON RAPIST! SHE'S MY LITTLE GIRL MAN, SHE'S ALL I GOT, AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO GO BACK TO PRISION!" Kyle: "My name is Kyle Mr.Sixx, and secong of all your little princess is my little whore!" Nikki starts beating the hell out of Kyle you yell for Tommy, Tommy:"Whats wrong?" U:"Dads beating the shit out of Kyle!" Tommy pulls Nikki off of Kyle and Tommy look Nikki in the eyes, Tommy:"Look, Nikki, there has to be a more rational way to talk to this prick!" Nikki: "Fine! I'm gonna call the police!" U:"Daddy! NO! We've not done anything!" Kyle: "Yeah the weirdo with the tattoos is right Mr.Sixx, you dont beat up people for getting your daughter pregnant." Kyle smiles and Nikki tries to lunge at Kyle but tommy stops him and shakes his head no and Kyle laughs, Tommy turns around and punches him in the nose. Kyle starts bleeding more, U look at him, U: "Kyle, I guess you should leave now" Kyle: "Call me?" I get ready to talk and my dad interupts me, Nikki, "Uhhh No, Hell fucking no!" Kyle gets up and leaves, Your dad looks around a sec, then he goes to the gun room and pulls out a pistol, U: "Daddy, NO!, What are you DOING?" Nikki:" I'm going to make sure little Kyle makes it home safely!" Tommy:"Yeah some tattooed guy with big spikey black hair is gonna shoot him with a gun! No Cowboy Tate get in here!" Nikki drops the gun to the floor then falls to his knees crying, Nikki:"Shes my little girl dude, I love her more than anything! She lied to me!" U:"Daddy, I just wanted you to approve of him! Its none of your business anyway who I date or who I screw!" Nikki gets up and walks over and smacks you across the face, Tommy: "oh man." I fall to the ground crying, Nikki: "I'm so so sorry baby, I didn't mean it I would NEVER hurt you!" He puts his hand on your shoulder you jerk away, U:"GET AWAY FROM ME I HATE YOU!!!" More tears start running from his face, he starts shaking his head, Nikki:"Oh god no! What did I just do?
Git ya ass up for the doctor! Dr.Feelgood! Git ya ass up 4 th doctor! Dr.Feelgood! Here we go cliff hanger its another club banger got ya hanging off the edge of ya seat!! BUM BUM BUM!
Message for ideas or comments or if you want me to continue.
Your Daddy.

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