PEIN LEMON!!!!!!!! you know you want it.....

same as others... names amanda... she gats screwd... heres a song or two. (just song... not pics in song)

Created by mudbloodkiller on Saturday, February 02, 2008


title: as you order, leader-sama

amanda was walking to the leaders office. he had just called her there for a mission. " i wonder if he forgot that i have the week off?" she thought out loud quietly.

she entered the warm room. "A! amanda... your here...,"said pein.

'i know that toan... hes being pervy... AGAIN!!!'she thought. "yes, sir, i'm here as you called.," she said emotionlessly. she stood perfectly still in his presents, back strait and eyes looking strait forward.

"come to my desk.," he ordered. she walked stiffly, but added a small strut to it, just for fun.

"sir.,"she said again.

"come around... to me.,"he said again. she did as she was told. she walked around the desk and stood still in front of the leader. he looked her down from top to bottem, stopping at her two womanly-places.

he stood and stepped close to her. she managed to stay still. her eyes still staring face forward as she had been trained in konaha. he lifted her chin so he could look in to her eyes. "why don't you look at me?"he asked. she said nothing. "I asked you a question!"

"i was trained to never look my superiors in the eye.,"she said calmly.

"you can look at me.," he said. "when i'm not giving orders, i want to be your equall."

"yes, sir."


"yes, pein."

he aws quiet for a while. "pein, was there something you awnted me for?"

"yes, there was.," he sterted to unbutton her cloak. it fell to the ground. showing a thy lenth, loose, sleeping dress. she had pulled her cloak over it when pein had called her, she had been planning to sleep most of the day to escape bordom.


"what, don't you...," amanda lifted the thin straps of the night dress and let them fall down her arms, pulling the rest of the dress with it, exposing a naked body. peins eyes widened. and started to undo his own cloak. amanda walked around him and sat in his swivle chair, waiting for him. he threw off his cloths and sat on her. his manhood resting between her legs. amanda could feel the tencion ratation off it to her thys and felt it rise. he scooted closer to her and pushed his mouth on to hers, directly in to a opened mouth kiss. amandas hands fell and began to stroke him solfly, from end to end. he scooted forward more caused the swivle chair holding them up to fall from beneeth them. it roaled away and hit the far wall. they hit the ground. they stopped to catch there breath quickly. pein chuckled, inturn a causing amanda to giggle. then he forced his tounge back into her mouth, going over her teeth lightly, dominating her own touge and sticking his tounge as far into her mouth as it could possibly go. her ran his hand roughly down her side and and to her womanhood. he pressed one figer into her. she gasped, his tounge still in her mouth. it was a odd felling of air being sucked in past his tounge. he figgered that had never happened to her. and it was true. no one had never 'finger banged' her. she liked it. she closed her mouth again and they becan to kiss again. pein stuck another finger in her, and another, till he had 4 fingers going in and out of her at once. she moaned loudly. he pulled his figers of out af her and stuck it into her for real. and it felt so good! he pumped hard, so hard it hurt. his hands squeezed her breasts tightly, his nails digging around them. they had sropped kissing. now looked into eachothers eyes feircly, breathing hard. pein cummed into her. a low deep groan came from deep in is chest. amanda could feel it vibrate against her. but pein seemed to be slowing down. "sorry" he said "i'm not as young as i used to be."

"how old are you."


"thats not old.,"amanda said. "hidan is old. hes in his 100s."

"yeah well," pein pulled out of her, his erection slowly went down,"i'm not immortal.,"he kissed her more softly now, slowing things to a stop.

"i love you," he said. amanda stayed quiet. pein chuckled and stood. he just pulled his cloak over his body. amanda did the same. "come sleep with me?,"he asked. amanda nodded. they went to peins room were they slept naked, and close together.

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