Pein-sama's Slave {A Sasori Love Story} part 1

Created by CrazyKitten007 on Monday, February 04, 2008

I hurried towards my master's office as fast as I could. I was tired beyond imagening, but I knew that it would be worse if I was late.
I stumbled into the office and hastily righted myself. I bowed deeply. "Yes Pein-sama?"
He watched me with his cold eyes. Even though my head was still bowed I could feel them. I felt his hand go on top of my head, where he kept it. "fetch Sasori and Itachi. Then come back here."
"Hai, Pein-sama." I bowed deeply again, and left the office. *Whew. He didn't punish me.* I was still bruised from the last beating I had received. I heaved an unhappy sigh and slowed down my pace.
"if you're so unhappy, then why don't you run away?"
I jerked around and met the chocolate colored eyes of Sasori. "Sasori-san! Um, Pein-sama wants you in his office right now. Do you know where Itachi is?" His eyes remained on me. I figeted, nervous under his stare. "Sasori-san?"
"If you're unhappy here, then why don't you run away?" He asked again.
I sighed. "I grew up in a bad village. Everyday you were in danger of losing your life. Pein came though and changed that. He killed everyone, and freed me from death. I have followed him since. He did save my life after all." I said finishing quickly.
He just looked at me. "Itachi should be in his room." was all he said before walking away in the direction of Pein's office.
I blinked, then hurried towards Itachi's room. I arrived there out of breath, and knocked softly on the door. "Itachi-san?" The door was yanked open, and i nearly fell through it, but caught myself in time. I bowed again. "Itachi-san! Pein-sama wants you in his office. At once." I stood there shivering, hoping that he wouldn't do anything to me. Luckily he just glared at me, then stalked off. *whew* I never knew what he might do to me. He had once tried to rape me, and if it hadn't been for Sasori he would have susceeded.
I shook those thoughts from my mind, and went back to my room. I knew that I wouldn't be called until dinner had to be made, which was several hours off. Colapsing onto my bed, i remembered that night where Sasori had first shown any emotion towards me.

"Itachi-san! I'm sorry!" I hastily bent to pick up the piles of paper that he had asked to be dropped off. I was in his bedroom, and was a little scared that he would get angry. So of course I was surprised when I felt his hand on my check. "Hush," he said softly, bringing me to a standing position, "You're too beautiful to be worried." Before I could say anything, i felt his lips pressed against mine.
On instinc i wrapped my arms around his neck and felt him smirk as he pressed me into the wall. With out breaking the kiss he used a knife to rip my shirt off. Now I was worried. I started to squirm around, trying to break free. However he had me in his strong grip. I could feel tears pouring down my cheeks as his hand went under my bra. With one hand he had pinned mine above my head. The other stopped playing with my chest and moved south, unwrapping the rest of my kimono. His hand moved to take off his own pants when he was wretched off of me.
I hurried to cover myself, and looked up at Sasori, who had Itachi with his chakra strings. "Ren are you ok?" His eyes showed concern and anger. I looked up into those eyes for a second longer, then colapsed into his arms sobbing. "Sasori!"
I shivered at the memory, and curled up under the blackets and sheets. "Never again..." I whispered to the night.
I didn't realise that I forget to meet back with Pein.
oh wow
ok so there's no time now, but I promise that I can get another chapter out tomorrow.
message about ideas

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