For Your Soul, My Love .:. A Ville Valo Romance .:. No. 21: I Can Fix That

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Created by tatersalad101 on Saturday, January 28, 2006


.:. Your POV .:.
You woke up the next morning facing the clock. It said ten. You noticed a note on the dresser. It was from Bam. It said that they had already left and were giving you and Ville the day alone. You put the note down and stretched. Ville woke up.
"Where are we going today?" he asked.
"Bam and the boys have given us the day together. They have already left."
You heard your neck pop when you got up.
"What the hell was that?" Ville asked.
"My neck. I can do that with almost every joint in my body."
Ville's eyes widened.
"You're joking."
"Nope, watch this."
You rotated your wrists, popping them two times each, you jerked your foot, causing your ankles to pop, you stretched your spine, cracking each vertabrae, (is that how you spell it?) and last came your knuckles. It sounded like a machine gun going off.
"Holy shit," Ville said sitting up.
"I would pop my knees, but then they'd be popping all day."
Ville laid back down on the pillow.
"Can't we just sleep a little longer?" he asked, his face in the pillow.
"Come on! Let's go do something!" you said getting back on the bed.
Seeing that he wouldn't get up, you sat on his back.
"Five more minutes," he muttered.
"Nope. We're gonna go somewhere today."
Ville pulled the covers over his head. You laid down and stretched out on his back.
"Fine then, lazybones. We'll just sit here all day doing nothing."
Ville flipped you over to where he was on top of you. You were pinned down.
"Well, come on. Don't you wanna go somewhere?" he asked keeping you down. You giggled girlishly.
"Do you find me funny, darling?" he asked smirking.
"Depends on what you mean. Funny looking or comical?" you asked.
Ville flipped his hair.
"I'm the sexiest thing in this room and you know it."
"I don't know, that candle over there looks pretty hot."
Ville pouted his lip.
"I feel rejected."
You kissed his cheek.
"Oh, I'm sorry. But you have to admit, that candle is sexy."
Ville laughed.
"I know what to do about that."
He started to tickle you. He knew one thing that you couldn't stand being tickled. That was your weakness. You were exremely ticklish.
"Come one. Say it. You know you want to," he said.
"Never," you said in between giggles.
"Say it. You know it's true. I'll stop if you say it."
Finally, you couldn't take it anymore.
"All right! All right!"
"Say it."
"You're a dead sexy beast. Even sexier than that candle."
"Okay, now tell it to the candle."
You looked over at the candle.
"Ville Valo is sexier than you."
Ville stopped tickling you. He kissed your forehead.
"Come on. Can't we just lay around for one day? This could be the only day Bam gives us to be alone."
You rolled your eyes.
"Fine. We'll be lazy today."
Ville smiled.
"I'm glad we could compromise."
You got up to brush your teeth, wash your face, and fix your hair. Ville went in the bathroom after you to do his morning stuff. You heard the water in the shower running. He came out a bit later, hair wet and in a new pair of pajamas. You were in your pajams too.
"Darling, I found this in the shower. You must've left it there last night," Ville said handing you something. It was a little gold locket. It had the initials AMS engraved on it. Those were your initials, but it wasn't your locket.
"Ville, this isn't mine," you said.
"Happy birthday, sweetheart," he said kissing your lips softly.
"Oh, Ville, it's beautiful," you said looking at it. It had a leafy engravement around your initials.
"Open it," Ville told you.
Inside was a picture of you, Ville, and Linde. You were nineteen. You could tell because your hair was still red in the picture. You dyed your hair black and red on your twentieth birthday.
"Ville, I absolutely love it."
Ville smiled. He kissed the end of your nose.
"I'm glad you like it."
You smiled too. Ville got up and went to put his bathroom stuff in his bag. You sat up.
"Do you want anything from room service?" you asked him.
"Pancakes. And orange juice."
You called and ordered, getting yourself some porridge.
Ville came and sat down with you.
"You know something?" you asked.
"You're still not the sexiest thing in this room. I am."
You got up and did some kind of hooker walk into the bathroom. There, you tried to clean up a little bit. You straightened up all the bottles of shampoo and everything else, you cleaned the countertops, and you put all the dirty towels in the hamper.
"You know, darling, they have a maid that comes in everyday to clean," Ville said.
"I know, but I hate seeing a messy room. You should've seen me when I first came to Castle Bam."
Ville shook his head. You finished cleaning and came and sat back down on the bed.
"Where do you think Bam and the boys are?" Ville asked.
"I don't know, but I just hope they're not getting themselves arrested."
"Watch the phone ring and it'll be the police station."
The phone never did ring, though. Room service came and went. You and Ville enjoyed breakfast in the comfort of your hotel room. You hadn't had Irish porridge in over ten years.
You and Ville did literally nothing that afternoon. Around four, you both got bored. You both threw on some real clothes and went to the hotel lounge for a bit. That bellhop that Ville had run off was there again.
"Don't even ," you warned him.
Ville glared at the bellhop.
"What does his nametag say? Alexander."
He started to walk towards him, but you grabbed his arm.
"I'm not going to let you go up and offend someone who works where we sleep!"
You dug your long fingernails into his leather jacket slightly, to make sure you had a good grip. You realized Ville was stronger, but you didn't care.
"Stop it!" you snapped.
Ville stopped trying to get away. He turned back and looked at you. He obediently went to your side and slid his hand over yours.
"I'm sorry, darling. It's just, like, I think everyone's going to hurt you."
Your glare softened at that.
"Ville, I can take care of myself. I took care of you, didn't I?"
Ville smiled and put an arm around your waist.
"That you did, sweetheart."
He kissed you forehead, making you blush.
You both went back to the room, noticing it was getting a bit late. Bam and the boys should've been back by now.
Aww, how sweet! Ville's worried about me! (me: A guy's gotta have heart.)
Ville's too overprotective! I demand a break up now! (me: You need to shut up. I write the stories, not you! If you don't like it, leave, motherfucker!)
.:. Bam's POV .:.
You and the boys were only gone a few hours that morning. You saw a children's museum that had some kind of concrete cave that you run around like a playground. You guys had tremendous fun running around the place with a video camera.
You got back later that afternoon and waited for Ellie and Ville to leave their room. Once they did, you took a spare key out of your pocket and unlocked their door.
"We're in," you mouthed to Dico, Raab, and Dunn. They all gave you the thumbs up and you opened the door.
"Okay, let's put some of Ellie's undergarments in Walo's bag. And a condom for laughs."
Raab got Ellie's bag and handed it to you.
"Get me some tongs, Dico," you said.
"Will a pair of tweezers from Ellie's cosmetic bag work?"
"Sure as hell. Just hand them here."
You unzipped the bag and dug around with the tweezers a bit. Soon enough, you found what you came for.
"A black lace bra and a lacy red thong," you said placing them in Valo's bureau. You were all laughing.
"Why are we doing this?" Dunn asked doubling over with laughter.
"To get Ellie and Valo to fuck each other, that's why, dumbass."
You shut the bureau door.
"Okay, now for Ellie. Does anyone have any idea what gets her in the mood?"
"I heard her say that she finds certain scents attracting. But I can't remember which," Raab said.
Dunn's face lit up.
"She loves that ginger and green tea shit that Anthony wore all the time," he said.
"Does anyone have any?"
"I have some in the room," Raab said.
"Go get it."
He ran out and ran back in. He had a bottle of cologne in his hands.
"Okay, we'll switch this with Ville's aftershave or whatever. We'll loosen the lid so that it'll spill all over him. I don't guaruntee this will work, though."
"They'll be humping like rabbits in no time!" Dico said. You punched him in the shoulder.
"Don't talk about Ellie like that, ass hat."
Dico shrugged. You went and switched a bottle from Ville's side of the sink.
"Okay, all systems go."
You slipped the spare key back into the spot you'd got it from last night. Everyone else filed out after you into the hall and into your room.
Is something wrong in Bam's head? (me: You do love Ville, don't you?)
I refuse to do it with him! (me: I'm too tired to argue right now.)
.:. Ville's POV .:.
You and Ellie came back to the hotel room at about seven.
"I'm gonna take a shower," she said going into the bathroom with some pajamas draped on her arm.
"All right, sweetheart."
After she'd left, you opened your bureau. A small yell escaped your mouth at what you saw. You shut the drawer quickly.
"Is something wrong?" you heard Ellie's voice say from the bathroom.
"Uh, no, nothing at all, sweetheart," you said. You reopened the drawer. Nope, it still there.
There, resting on your boxers, were a black, lace bra and a red see through thong. They had to be Ellie's. You had to bite your lip when you picked the bra up. What the hell was it doing in your drawer?
You had to admit, they did look appealing. You mentally scolded yourself at these thoughts. Then, you rethought that. You were together, after all. There was nothing keeping you from thinking that.
You quickly threw the things into Ellie's bag. But still, it haunted you that you didn't know how those had gotten there.
Ellie came out of the bathroom a bit later with her hair up in a clip. You went into the bathroom to do your stuff. When you reached for your toothpaste, you accidentally knocked a bottle over.
"Oh, hell!" you muttered picking it up. The liquid had spilled all over your shirt. You quickly took the shirt off and went out of the bathroom for a new one.
Oh, I sure do wonder what happens next... (me: Wait and see. Dun dun dun!)
Oh, god! (me: I'm about to yawn. *yawns* Okay, we're clear.)
.:. Your POV .:.
Ville came running out of the bathroom with no shirt on. He had one in his hand, but it was wet with something. He quickly grabbed a different shirt and threw it on.
"I spilled something all over myself," he explained. You nodded and returned to reading your magazine.
Moments later, just after Ville had gone back into the bathroom, your nose picked up something. It was your favorite mens' cologne. Your eyes widened and your heart started to race. That always happened when you could smell that certain cologne.
Ville came out a few minutes later. You could smell the cologne all over him. Your senses perked up.
"Ville?" you asked.
"What exactly did you spill in there?"
"Some perfume or clogne. I think it was called Tiger or whatever." (I made it up.)
The room started to get a little warm for you. You started to grow restless. For an hour, you and Ville sat on the bed, talking about things. At around ten, you both decided to call it a night. Ville turned the lamp off and crawled underneath the blankets with you.
"Goodnight, darling," he said wrapping his arms around your waist. By now, the cologne had clouded your senses.
"Goodnight, Ville."
You felt Ville's breath on your neck.
"What if I told you I thought we didn't know each other as much as we thought we did?"
"Why do you ask?"
Ville traced your cheekbone with his index finger.
"I feel I need to know you more. Like I've barely scratched your surface."
You felt sweat on your brow. There was something about the way he said those words that made your heart skip a beat.
"I love you," Ville whispered into your ear. He gently bit your neck. You shuddered and felt Ville smile.
"Are you all right, darling?" he asked.
Your mind raced as fast as your heart. You suddenly didn't know how to answer him. Jumbled thoughts flew by in your head. There was only one answer.
"No, I'm not."
Ville smiled again and kissed your neck.
"I can fix that."
And you let him.
OMFG! (me: This is the good answer.)
OMFG! (me: This is the bad answer.)
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