For Rosie {Cedric Diggory Love Story} PART ONE

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Created by FaeMae on Friday, February 08, 2008

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You are walking with Luna Lovegood, your best friend. A few hours earlier, you had heard of th Triwizard Tournement, and had seen the glint in Cedric Diggory's eyes. You noticed everything that went on with Cedric Diggory, nothing escaped you. Now his eyes were shining with excitment (oh you so love his eyes). You had also heard of the Yule Ball (But surely much too much to ask for him to ask you...much too much). You knew you wouldn't be hurting Cho Chang (not that you'd care, you hate her) because she had found a gorgeous Durmstang boy to drool over. Luna is in a heated rant about Nargles, when you hear a panting voice behind you.

"Rosie! Rosie wait up!" It's Cedric. You freeze. Luna freezes with you.

"He's coming closer." Luna reports.

"Oh Luna....what does he look like?"

"Excited." she mutters. "But don't talk about it anymore, he's quite close by now." she advises, and skips away.

"I'll wait for you by the cup!" she shouts behind her back.

"that Luna is a nice girl." Cedric says. You turn to face him, smiling. You couldn't help but smile around Cedric. No one could.

'Yeah, she's my best mate." you say, looking fondly at the girl everyone thought was looney. She wasn't though. She was the smartest person in the whole entire school.

"So...what...are you do about...the...Yule Ball." he panted.

"How far did you run Cedric?" you ask concerned. He smiles, and it almost stops your heart.

"Very. But...what are you....planning?" he gasps. You look at him conerned, but he waves it off. "I'm fine. Just answer...please?" You smile.

"Nothing actually."

"Anyone in mind?" he asks.

"Not exactly."

"Not exactly?"

"I do, but he's way out of my league."

"It isn't Malfoy is it?" he asks.

"Dear God no!" you gasp. "He's three years younger than me!"

"then who is it?"

"I can't tell you!"


"You'll tell him!"

"No I won't!" (How could he not, it's him).

"Trust me, if you know, he knows." Cedric shrugs.

"Would you go with me?" he asks. This question catches you totally by surprise.


"I understand if you don't want to..."

"Are you kidding me? I'd love to!"


"Yeah!"you smile. He smiles back (oh my gawd, his smile is inhuman), and hugs you.

"Thank you." he whispers.

"Will you answer me one question?" you ask slyly.


"Who said no?" he laughs. You must be hissecond choice. At the very best second.

"No one. I really wanted to go with you." he whispers. You smile, and mutter, "I gotta go meet Luna"

"I'll go with." he says. "'m gonna go put my name in."

"Are you kidding!?" he skaes his head. "That's great!" You and Cedric had been friends for so long, you knew he was destined for greatness. You and him link arms, and start to walk. Then, his friends come up.

"So, Ced, didja ask her out?"

"Yeah." said Cedric turning red.

"did she say yes?"

"Yeah. Guys, she's RIGHT here!"

"We know. Hello. Cedric talks about you non stop. So we dared him to ask you out. He wasn't gonna, the nerves will get the best of him, he was too scared. But we convinced him." They say to you.

"Thank you." you say to them. Cedric smiles.

"Where you two off to?" they ask.

"Gonna meet up with Luna-"

"And put my name in the cup." The friends gasp, and link arms with the two. Cedric turns to smile apologectically at you, but you like his friends. You all run to the great hall where the cup is, and you separate.

"gotta go find Luna." you tell him. He smiles, and says goodbye. You do the same and skip all the way to Luna.

"So what happened?" she asked.

"Guess who's got a date for the Yule Ball?" you gasp. You're trying not to scream. You both watch as Cedric throws his name in, winks at you, then leaves. You and Luna run to the Ravenclaw girls Dorm, and do the jumpy girly thing. Luna was your best friend, and she was happy for you. You loved her for it, but couldnt help but let your thoughts wander to Cedric and his amazing smile....

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