Pein-sama's Slave {A Sasori Love Story} part 5

Created by CrazyKitten007 on Sunday, February 10, 2008

It had been one week since I had first come to Konoha. So far I was doing pretty well. I had befriended Naruto. Hell I had befriended the three of them. It still amazed me how alike Sasuke was to his older brother. Sakura had potential to be a good ninja, and Naruto...well one of his greatest skills was to be an idiot. In a way though he reminded me of Deidara, at least his funner side.
I knew that I would have to soon say goodbye to my new friends. Itachi had sent me a note telling me how pissed he was and if I didn't hurry up soon then he'd "talk" to me about it. More like beat me up some more. I sighed and walked out of the aparment that I was renting. Well more like barrowing. *Today I'll do my mission.* I just needed to find Naruto first. I headed towards Ichiraku Ramen, knowing that he would most likely be there.
*Well there you go Ren* He was there, slurping up ramen. I took a seat beside him. "Hey Naruto."
"Hi Ren! DO you have any missions yet?" He said through a mouth full of ramen.
Laughing slightly I replyed, "nope. What are you doing after this? Training?"
He nodded. "Of course! I have to become Hokage someday."
I smiled, that had given me an idea. "Hey Naruto? Um yesterday I found a good place to train, just outside the village gates. If you want i can teach you a new justu there..."
"Really? Yays! Thanks Ren!" I was suddenly enveloped in a giant Naruto hug. I smiled. I didn't exactly want to hand him over to Itachi, but i didn't want to lose my life either. Naruto finished his ramen, and we both headed towards the village gates. Laughing we both ran through them, and through the forest on the side. I headed to where Itachi said that he would be waiting with Naruto following me. We came into the clreaing and I slowed and stopped.
"Ah there you are." I turned at Itachi's voice. "Hai."
"Ren, thats Uchiha Itachi! Whats going on- mmph!" Kisame had come up behind Naruto and put his hand over his mouth. "Ren we're leaving now."
I nodded and started to turn around when I crashed right into someone.
I fell to the forest floor and looked up into the eye of Hatake Kakashi, the copy ninja. He was also Naruto's sensi. I scrambled backwards across the floor until I stood beside Itachi. I glanced back up at Kakashi, and saw that two other ninja had joined him. I was expecting an attack at any minute. i did NOT except Itachi to punch in the head so hard that I landed at Kakashi's feet.
My head throbbed. I only bearly heard Kakashi say, "why would you hit your own teammate?"
I heard Itachi snort. "Teammates? She serves our leader directly. She only agrees with him and two others. And she is deffinatly NOT my teammate."
"Release Naruto."
The next thing I heard was someone being thrown across the clearing. I squinted open my eyes to see Kakashi with Naruto, and Kisame in a tree. I was surprised. *Kisame must have let his guard down.*
Itachi looked really pissed now. "We'll be back, but not for her." And then they both dissapeared.
The last thing that I remembered was being lifted before I fainted.
next chapter will be much longer
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