Teen Titans ( Raven/Robin/Starfire/Beastboy Love Triangle Chapter 2 and 3)

I Dont Own Teen Titans.... This is just fan fiction. The story is continueing from where Chapter one ended. This time, Terra and Blackfire come visit the Teen Titans.

Created by MorningMusume808 on Friday, February 15, 2008

We last ended,
Starfire ran to Robin, tears streaming.

Chapter 2
Starfire's Rage

Night passed, and Raven woke up the next morning feeling depressed and lonely. Starfire had fallen asleep on the couch from crying too much. Raven yawned and stretched her arms up in the air. She opened the door, and walked out into the hallway. She looked both ways, then walked to the living room. She spotted Starfire. Memories from the night before flooded her mind. She fell to the ground from stress. Robin ran to Raven's side. He carried her to the other couch and placed her down. Starfire woke up minutes after. " Oh...Good morning, Robin." she said rubbing her eyes. Robin smiled meekly, then walked over to Starfire. " Good morning, sleeping beauty." he said with a bright smile. Raven heard this and became angry, but quickly let it go. Robin walked out of the room to wake up the others. 15 Minutes later, Cyborg and Beast Boy came out of their rooms, and into the living room. Robin went to the kitchen and made 4 cups of coffee. He handed each one of them one cuo. He took a small sip, and silence overcame the room. Starfire was the first to speak up. " So...Erm....Did you all sleep well?" she asked looking around. " I did." Cyborg said. Beastboy nodded. " I did too!" he said happily. Raven and Robin were both silent the whole time. Suddenly, Raven started cying and threw a fit. She screamed and shook her fists in rage. Her eyes turned black and glowed. Starfire became frightened. " Raven!" Robin cried as Raven fell to the ground, her blue cape covering her body. Starfire watched Robin care for Raven. Raven woke up, her eyes opening slowly. She looked up at Robin. She hugged him tightly and didnt let go. Starfire became angry. She screamed, her eyes glowed green. She raised her fists and pointed them at Raven. Green light came from Starfire's hands and hit Raven in the face. Raven too came angry and the two girls faught. Robin broke it up. " STOP IT YOU TWO!" he cried. " This is getting ridiculous." he said calmly. Raven sighed and walked out of the room and into the open air. She decided to walk through the streets of town. Starfire, Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg sat in the living room, stunned and amazed at Starfire's rage.

Chapter 3
Blackfire's and Terra's Visit

Robin got up from his red chair, and walked to his room. He banged the door in anger and sorrow. He couldn't believe he dumped Raven and broke her heart. " Am I having second thoughts?" he thought to himself. Suddenly, the front door burst open, and there, Starfire's sister, Blackfire stood with open arms. " Hey!" she yelled with a smirk. Starfire sighed and said, " Hello, Blackfire." she said. Starfire and Blackfire werent exactly fond of eachother. Blackfire walked in and behind her, was Terra carrying Blackfire's and her own bags. Starfire immediately helped Terra. " I'm terribly sorry for my sister's cruel actions." she explained to Terra. Terra grinned. " It's totally okay." she said hugging Starfire warmly. Starfire smiled. Raven finally came home and spotted Terra. Raven slumped in anger. " Joy..." she said. She greeted Terra and Beast Boy immediately knew why Raven was EVEN MORE pissed off. He sighed and shook Terra's hand, frowning. " Hey Terra." Terra blushed incredibly hard. She kissed his cheek. " Still sweet, I see." she said grinning. Raven turned red, and sat down on the couch carrying her white spell book. She opened it to a random page, and pretended to be reading when she was actually gazing up and down at Robin. She still had feelings for him but knew he felt otherwise. Starfire carried Blackfire's and Terra's suitecases to the guest room that had two beds. Terra and Blackfire would share, of course. Terra plopped herself on the blue bed amd sighed. " Home..." she muttered smirking. Blackfire, meanwhile, mingled and flirted with Robin, not knowing he was with Starfire. " So, Robin, how have you been lately?" she asked serenely. He stared at her. " Fine." he said glancing at Raven then back to her.

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