OMG!!! these are poems my friend riki wrote me! they are so sweet!!!!!!!!! i lurvs him so much!!! hes such a sweet heart!!!!!

Created by GOTHxEMOxVAMP on Sunday, February 17, 2008


1.I like holding her hand,

Holding her in my arms

Never wanting to let go

Never saying goodbye,

Wishing the kiss lasted forever.

Her smile brightens my day

And her presence is even greater

For then I know I will always Love her

And with every Hug and Kiss

Our relationship grows stronger.

I feel sad when she cries,

Wanting to make things better,

But all I can do is tell her

That I will always be there.

And I just want her to know

that I will always Love her. ya :3

2.Putting my feelings into words -


For my feelings for you are


If I could let you see the effect you have on me,

You would be blinded.

For if you did the darkness would fade,

Shadows were no longer.

For I am in love,

More in love then I have been for a long time.

I love you is all I can say,

But my heart says more,

There is much more to my love,

Dreams, Hopes, Fantasies,

That all can become realities.

For with you I am a new me,

A me that shouldn't leave.

In these few words I hope you see,

How much you mean to me.

In Life, Love and Spirit,

I want you to hear it,

I Love You!

another one i made :3

3. heres a poem i made..hope u like it..

i promice you my innocence

i promise you my innocence,
when fire fills the sky,
when the sun erupts in ecstasy
and fading furies die.

i want to fill your life with love,
so full you want to cry
and make your love mine
and make myself your land of sea
your mirror and your eye

i lay my happieness upon
the pillow of your sigh
your joy,your love,your need of me
is where my angels lie.

heh.. love ya

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