Disease and Species - Pyrokinesis and Cyrokinesis

Created by randomspasticmonkeyfish on Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pyro means Fire and so Pyrokinesis is the Ability to create and manipulate fire either by using an already existing fire or by generating heat in one area of the body until it catches fire this however happens so fast in experienced kinetics that it cannot be seen, all that is seen is the hands suddenly catching fire or whichever part of the body the heat is being focused on (all over if necessary). The natural temperature of a Human is 96.7 Fahrenheit on average however for a Pyrokinetic this is very cold as their average is about 100.4, when angered or just very happy this can rise to the height of 126.8 and when ill or very sad can drop to 98.1.
There isnt much information known about how Pyrokinetics are able to exist except that it is some sort of genetic anomaly. Most Kinetics are scared of water as it brings their temperature down dangerously low and makes them unable to use fire for some time. Apart from the fire they are the same as humans although there is some concern as there have been cases where when sleeping they have erupted into flames because of their dreams so many have automatic sprinkler systems just incase this happens and the begin to work if the body temperature rises to more then 110 as anything above that when the body is not fully conscious can result in an eruption without being realized by the Pyrokinetic themselves.

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This (as you may have gathered) is the opposite of Pyrokinesis as Cyro means Ice or water. This is the ability to create and manipulate ice and water by using already existing sources or by generating it in their own body the reason for the water is that the normal human is about 80% water but a Cyrokinetic is about 85 -90% water and so can manipulate that to come out of the body but then has to quickly rehydrate otherwise they will die. They also have to be very careful in the sun as they run the risk of having their excess water evaporated killing them almost immediately. So because of their needs for water they tend to stay with Ice manipulation which they can also use from their body. These kinetics can also breathe underwater because they have what is called drowned lungs which means that they have water in their lungs which enables them to use the oxygen from the water from water or even water vapor so can hide from danger or enemies in water or ice.
A Cyrokinetics average temperature is about 91.3 Fahrenheit as 96.7 is far too hot and is getting close to being dangerous for them (which means they cannot have much contact with humans, similar species or especially Pyrokinetics. When they are very angry or happy their temperature can drop to 74.9 which would instantly freeze any part of a human it came into contact with but when ill or very sad it can rise to as high as 94.7 which is fairly dangerous for them.
When a Cyrokinetic sleeps they usually freeze until they wake up and then it takes them about one minute for the watery blood to pump around the body again (no one knows how Cyrokinetics can survive being frozen as most would think that the cells would be ripped but the species themselves like the Pyrokinetics are just anomalies) and this is to stop the water leaking out as sweat when they sleep.

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