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happy b-day fuji!

Created by darkgirl5708 on Friday, February 29, 2008

"_____-chan...I'm moving to Tokyo" a little boy said sadly to a small girl.
"*sniffle* T-that means we won't ever see each o-other again..." replied the small girl while whipping away her tears.
"I...I know..." replied the boy while holding back his own tears.
"W...Will I *sniffle* ever see you a-again?" asked the small girl while looking at the boy's eyes.
"...I don't know.....____-chan" he replied
The little girl looked down sadly as her tears hit the ground.
"Demo (but) I-I want you to have this..." said the small boy while reaching into his pocket.
Soon he took out a small bracelet with a charm on was a chibi apple with its hands forming a 'V'.
Gently, the little boy placed it onto the girl's slender wrist.
"I have a matching one" said the little boy while holding up his own wrist, dangling there was the same charm of the chibi apple.
The little girl smiled as tears were rolling down her cheeks.
"Let's make a promise!" said the little girl as happily as she could.
She held out her pinky as the boy looked on confused.
He smiled gently as he intertwined his own pinky with hers.
"We will see each other again, no matter what!" she said with glazed eyes.
"It's a promise!" he said proudly.
The little girl looked at him with admiration. She felt a tug as her head was on his shoulder. The girl blushed as the boy's words tickled her ear.
"I want you to promise me...that I'll be your first kiss" he said innocently
The blush on the little girl's face grew.
"It's a p-promise" she replied back shyly.
The girl wrapped her arms around the boy. He did the same.
"...Sayonara..._____-chan" he said softly while pulling apart and walking to his mother.
-End Flashback-
I gawked at our new house.
"Owaaaaaaaahh!!! Sugoi!!!!" I exclaimed happily while running inside the house.
"Ah, Ah, Ahhh~, go get a box now" ordered Okaa-san while jabbing her finger towards the door.
">___< FINE!" I said while sticking out my tongue and walking outside towards the moving van.
I picked up a box and looked around to see if Okaa-san was watching me. She was too busy helping Oto-san get out the sofa. With a sly smirk I quickly ran up the stairs and looked at my room with the bed already set up.
I laid down and opened the box and began to lethargically unpack the contentions, until a certain one caught my eye.
^Ne?....What's this?^
I thought curiously to myself. Blowing the dust that has collected onto this item I gingerly opened it. Photographs where slowly being scanned by my curious eyes, flashbacks of me when I was younger played through my head as I processed the pictures. I kept scanning through them until a certain one defiantly caught by curiosity, it was a picture of me and a boy with light brown hair, his eyes were closed and he had a gentle smile on his face, his arm was wrapped around my shoulder and mine was wrapped around his.
My eyebrow arched as I stared at this picture in confusion.
^...Who's this kid?^
I remember him being part of my childhood but...what was his name...?
^I'll ask Okaa-san later today^
I lifted my wrist and played with a charm on my bracelet.
^Where DID I get this bracelet...?^
My eyes bored into the charm of the chibi apple boredly.
Shaking my head I closed the album and continued to unpack.
"_______!!!! HELP UNLOAD MORE BOXES!!!" shouted Okaa-san from downstairs
I groaned while walking down the stairs.
"Hai, Hai, I'm coming" I said angrily
I looked at my mom and dad as we're eating dinner in our new home.
"Ano sa...I saw an album...and there was a picture of me and a boy..." I started off
Okaa-san looked at me confused
"Show me the picture" she said
I nodded my head as I got up and began to run up stairs.
I quickly grabbed it from my bed and ran back down stairs and flipped to the page.
"This guy" I said pointing to the picture
Okaa-san looked at it confused
"Sorry honey but I forgot his name too" she replied as she kept staring at the picture.
I nodded my head and sat back down.
"So what school am I going to?" I asked while chewing my rice
"Seishun Gakuen" replied Oto-san
I nodded my head 'interested' and continued to eat.
"As soon as you go through the gates, head towards the tennis courts and ask for an 'Eiji Kikumaru'" said Oto-san
"Why?" I asked
"His father is one of my co-workers" he said while nodding
I stood up and put my plate in the sink
"Thanks for the food Okaa-san!" I said while bowing and running to my room.
On my bed was a bag with an ugly mint green uniform with a hideous pink bow.
^O...GAWD!!! For the love of cookies!^
I picked it up and chucked it across the room while changing into my PJ's. My finger switched on the radio and I crawled into my warm sheets.
The sound of the song playing was like a lullaby to my ears.
My eyes slowly closed as the image of that boy flashed through my mind.
-Bi-beep- -Bi-beep Bi-be-SLAM!-
I opened my eyes slowly, and sat up the best I could.
I stumbled out of bed and made my merry way to the bathroom.
After I finished doing my morning routines, I went back into my room to change into the atrocious uniform.
^Ready or not Seigaku, here I come^
Quickly, I made my way downstairs and wolfed down my breakfast.
"Okaa-san, I'm leaving now!" I said to Okaa-san while giving her a hug good-bye.
"Remember to ask for Eiji Kikumaru!" she told me
"Hai!" I replied
Taking a deep breath, I began to make my way towards my new school and starting a new life.
I fixed my hat a few times until I got it right and walked into the gates of the school.
The school was pretty big, but now the toughest part...
^Finding the tennis courts DX^
A girl with two long braids passed by me.
"Uh..excuse me! Do you happen to know where the tennis courts are?" I asked
"H-Hai!" she replied and pointed me to the right way
"Arigatou!" I said while bowing quickly
I ran in the direction she gave me and the sounds of shuffling feet, and a ball making contact with a racket.
My bracelet kept hitting against my wrist as I was running and I went up to a boy with spiky black hair.
"Excuse me but do you know an 'Eiji Kikumaru'?" I asked him
"Eiji-senpai? He's over there" he said while pointing my to a guy with spiked out red hair.
"Arigatou" I replied
"Man..Eiji gets all the cute girls..." mumbled Momo softly
I arrived at the boy named 'Eiji' but he was talking to some other guy with long, light brown hair and a kind smile on his face.
"...Ano...are you Eiji Kikumaru?" I asked quietly
"Hoi hoi! You must be ____-chan, nya~?" he asked
I nodded my head a little excited.
"Gomenasai, Watashi wa _______, __________" I said to the boy Eiji was talking to before
He stayed a little but quite and opened his eyes.
They were BEAUTIFUL!
"Fuji Syuusuke" he replied with a bow.
My bracelet dangled off of my wrist.
^GAWD it's so annoying DX^
*Fuji's POV*
Something about this girl seems VERY familiar...
I looked down at the ground and saw attached to the girl's wrist...was a bracelet with a chibi apple dangling off of it.
"-wa _______,_______" she introduced
My eyes opened in shock.
C-could it be that she doesn't recognize me...or did she forget
"Fuji Syuusuke" I replied back as I bowed with my usual smile on my face.
-Back to me-
The 3 months seemed to have fly by! I'm great friends with Eiji-kun, he introduced me to everyone of his friends, that boy in the picture keeps haunting my dreams...I wanna know who he is! and there was something about Fuji...he's always staring at me with a shocked face and looks away sadly...did I do something? Right now though I'm here sitting on a bench waiting for Eiji-kun to finish practice.
"Eiji won't be coming" said a voice
I jumped and looked up to see Fuji.
"Nani?" I asked confused
"He got a fever earlier today at school" answered Fuji.
I nodded my head in understandment.
"Can I...walk you home and talk to you?" asked Fuji
"Sure" I replied back with a smile
Fuji extended his hand, I took it and got up.
We began walking in the direction to my house.
I heard a small sigh coming from Fuji's lips.
^I wonder what he wants to talk to me about...^
"______-chan, do you think we've ever met before?" asked Fuji
I shook my head 'no'
He looked down sadly.
"You don't remember do you...?" he mumbled quietly
"...Remember what?" I asked confused
"You and me! We used to live in Chiba!" he reasoned
"That was a long time ago and I have a really bad memory" I answered
"Do you remember this?!" he asked while taking out a bracelet with a chibi apple on it.
"...It looks like mine..." I said while taking out my own.
"_____-chan! It's me Fuji! Remember we made a promise that we'll see each other again no matter what..." he said trying to make me remember.
My eyes slightly widened as I remembered those words from somewhere.
"I...heard those words before somewhere..." I said slowly
"Remember, ______-chan! I was your best friend back in Chiba! You're dad took a picture of us two at the park!" he said
I froze in my spot.
Memories started to flood my mind as I finally recognized what Fuji was talking about.
"...F-Fuji..." I whispered quietly
He smiled and nodded his head.
"I-It's you! You're the boy from the picture that I've always wanted to know!" I said excitedly
I hastily latched myself onto Fuji, hugging him.
"It's you's you....again...I can't believe it!" My words muffled by his chest.
His hands gently stroked the top of my head.
" also made another promise..." he said with an innocent smile
My face showed confusion.
"...That I was suppose to be your first kiss..." he muttered into my ear which made my spine shudder.
I gazed up at him, his eyes, his beautiful azure eyes open and staring into my own.
His face inched closer to I leaned closer to him.
Soon a pair of soft lips connected with my own.
I pressed back and hugged his neck bringing him closer to me.
After a few seconds, we parted and stared at each other.
He smiled and I smiled back.
We continued on our walk home and snow was gently falling towards the ground.
Fuji opened an umbrella and held it up to cover us both while holding my cold hand warming it up.
We walked down the road...his head leaning on mine...hand in hand

srry if it sux it's midnight over here x.x anyway thnx for reading!
sorry sorry DDDDX hope ya like it
Up next: INUI or YUKIMURA!

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