Kyoko x Kisame [Requested by Krystal] --WARNING! LEMON!--

Okay, so I originally posted this on DA for my friend, Krystal who requested Kyoko x Kisame, er, hent.

Created by yoyodojo on Sunday, March 02, 2008


Okay, so I originally posted this on DA for my friend, Krystal who requested Kyoko x Kisame, er, hent.
Well, I was originally goign to leave it off Quizilla but then I decided what the hey, may as well put it on.

My first fucking lemon and
1) it sucks
2) it has a lot of my comments [i ran away a lot and was frozen for some time]
3) I won't write another lemon AGAIN.
GOd, that was ENUFF to last me a lifetime *cries*
I wrote it only because Krystal is a friend and becasue on my "List of things To Do Before I Die", I put "write a lemon."
I may write a yaoi for my list, too, but i dont rly like yaoi (esp. sasunaru)...
Okay, on to the story [oh, gawd, seriously, dont sue me *covers eyes* I think I'm goign to die...]
btw, kyoko is my friend's OC.
I copied and pasted from DA, so excuse my mistakes because I REFUSE to reread such a bad piece of writing (i made a lot of stupid mistakes and for some reason, i detest my lemon).
I self-criticise a lot, and i find this piece full of gramatical errors/watever.
Kyoko x Kisame (Request)
for: Krystal
Rated M for: sexual references, some brief, strong language, some brief nudity/"showing", rape/attempted rape, and some heavy drinking (sensuality, too, i guess, whatever the heck that means)
(me: lol that sounds like a MOVIE!haha!)
WARNING BEFOREHAND: this story contains a LEMON,
Proceed with CATUION!!!

"Yay, Kyoko! Since you're new, Tobi says let's play a game," Tobi smiled devilishly, "of Spin the Bottle!"
What the hell? I thought, kind of staring at Tobi. (me: why do the authors always have new akatsuki people play pervy games? XP I'll never know!)
"Aww, dont be shy," Hidan poked my side, "Just find a bottle for us to play with, Tobi!" now Hidan was yelling at Tobi.
"But, but Tobi doesnt know where a bottle is..." Tobi stared at the floor.
"Then how do you guys drink, geez?!?!" I asked.
Everyone ignored my question, of course. Apparently, I decided, theyd hidden one bottle and
How about you find it, Kyoko, un? Deidara suggested casually.
I knew it. Make me find it. Me a sad, poor, weak, widdle fox-ninja. JK! I smirked. I was so going to find that bottle and FAST. That would teach them, the jerks. Then, of course, I would bail out and watch the guys kiss or, of course, watch the guys be hypocrites and stop the game.
I ran off, going off to find the bottle of sake that they (obviously) hid. Well, I found it a while later in the kitchen cabinet - or, too be more precise, them. If they'd wanted to hid them from me, they could've been a little less obvious? Lord on high, these guys were CRAZY!
I yelled, "FOUND THEM!" especially putting emphasis on them. Then I scampered away before everyone could come and investigate.
I turned the water on when I was back in my room, deciding to take a shower. I stripped, set my clothes on a chair nearby, and got in. It was really warm, and my fox demon finally calmed down. My tail was wet, but I didn't really care...I found myself suddenly jerking awake, dark outside.
I cursed at myself for sleeping, grabbed a towel and reached for my clothes-
"The hell!" I shouted angrily, "screw this!" then dropped the Stuff and ran to my closet, kind of getting a bad feeling...I cursed again ("Goddammit!" I kicked at the chair) then went to find the Stuff I'd dropped. Anything was better than going out there with just a towel wrapped around me!
I picked up the clothes reluctantly and put them on. I surveyed myself distatefully in the mirror. I wore a weird, black bikini top, school skirt and, the only one of my clothes that I could find, a black studded belt. Now wasn't this just grand?
When I walked down for dinner, I was surprised to find Tobi and Zetsu lugging the huge cartons of sake outside.
Zetsu was continuesly, hungrily, eyeing the drnk while Tobi continued muttering, "Tobi is a good boy, Tobi doesn't drink."
I brushed past the two "laborers" and continued my way to the kitchen, then the dining table. Several pairs of eyes stared hungrily at me, which I ignored. Well, needless to say, we started up a "small" party for me instead of Spin the Bottle after my little escapade. I smirked, all the while thinking, hypocrites.
Some weird blue dude kept refilling my drink (me: heh. U'll c y l8er), but I wasn't complaining. All night long, we guzzled down the sake like madmen/woman (haha, there was a lot, remember?).
We also playing drinking games for a while. I won most of them; I ended up losing to Pein, who seemed unaffected by the "Devil's Drink" and Tobi, who was an expert (that was a shock, I'll give you that).
WARNING! WARNING! Stop reading NOW if you do not want to read a LEMON. scroll downt until its says END then continue reading from there O.o
"Come on, it's too noisy. Let's go somewhere quieter." I was too drunk to care, so I just nodded stupidly and swallowed the last drops of sake in my cup. The guy, who I just realized was Kisame (me:just??!?), picked me up bridal style (not good; I think some guys got a peak up there) and set me down on a bed. I sighed, getting tired.
Kisame sat down near me. Suddenly I felt his hand on my back. I don't know why I left it there-too drunk? I later only wished I hadn't, though.
His hands slowly began going up and down my back, massaging? I was half asleep, and hardly felt the chill crawl up and down my spine. He paused after a while, I could tell, and I heard some rustling. When he came back, I peered at him through half-shut eyes. When I saw him, I shut them. He was only in his boxers and I could see a slight bulge...
My brain churned to figure out where this was headed, but it was too slow. I felt him pull off that fugly bikini top that I was wearing and start rubbing my (me: *sweats*I hate saying it out loud how should I word it? Well, alright requested here I go >.< ) lumps. (me: is that a nice way to word it? Alright, enuff of me. I'm just gonna shield my eyes and get this over with) he squished, making me gasp slightly. Then he brought his mouth down and started suckling (me: I got some help from lemons on the net bcuz this is my first time *sweats* jtlyk O.-), making me groan a little.
He began placing kisses down my body while I shook my head "no," numbly. He ignored the fact that I didn't want to do this and ripped everything down there off, including his clothes, too.
He grunted, then inserted his fingers down there, only now I didn't have my panties to "protect" me. I gasped out on pain and mumbled no.
He went faster until it suddenly stopped. Then he suddenly grabbed me up, pushed against a wall (as in my butt was facing him), and I felt something warm, stiff, and long enter me. It hurt soo bad, I hoped Kisame would stop soon.
But he cotinued pounding me while i cried, occasionally moaning, "no.", sometimes going faster, making slapping sound where the skin over his abs hit my butt.
He kept moaning, occasionally saying, "mm, that's right..."
and once he slapped my butt, groaning, "Nice fat ass, tight pussy." (me: I got that from some weird 9th grader who was talking about, well, IT w/ his buddies at some extra class I go to O.o
I'm screening his name because he'll KILL me if he finds this...)
i felt something warm and frothy eject inside of me, and I fell to the floor as kisame finally took out that-that hideous THING that'd caused me so much pain (me: is that how you write it? I'm sry but I'm not educated in er these fields of um expertise..and I didntvread it either except as reference for this rape scene....). He tried to help me up, but I slapped him away, angry tears forming now that the hurt was gone.
END (mostly) of the lemony part
"I know you like me, Kyoko-San," he said, gazing at me steadily, "you know, one day you'll be coming to me like I am to you."
I ignored him, finished gathering my clothes and ran into my room. "magically" my normal clothes reappeared, and I pulled them on quickly.
I sat in bed, reflecting on what had happened and decided/concluded two things.
1) I was NEVER going in a room alone with a guy even if the guy isn't drunk (me: kisame wasn't drinking for the express purpose of raping her)
2) Drunk+skimpy suit=BAD
As I thought some more, I realized something disturbing. I'd just lost my virginity to a shark. Honestly, how in the mother fucking pissy hell did that happen???
btw, my friend who requested this wanted to write a sequel, so when she posts it on DA, i'll add it, with full credit to her of course and linky to her URl ^^
btw, she was wearing this (i took the piccy off my DA so be happy cuz i dont generally post my DA pics on here -______-
btw, this pic is from when my scanner BROKE -fixed now- so it's kind of....weird):

AREN'T YOU GLAD IT'S OVER!!!!!!! [i am]
AREN'T YOU GLAD IT'S OVER!!!!!!! [i am]

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