Does he love me? Code Lyoko (Odd Love Story)Part 4

Here is Part 4 enjoy!!

Created by goaliepro1116 on Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Recap: Well william just tryed to kill u so....on with the story
K on with the story!(me: I just said that!!)
Episode: 4
I woke up the next day in Aelitas room. Aelita was there talking to her friends about me. I heard this voice apparently; his name was Jeremy, the Einstein of the group said "Aelita you know now that we cant let her go back into Lyoko it is way too dangerous for her!" I jumped out of the bed and said, "No you cant keep me out of Lyoko, that is where I belong you have to let me go with you!" "Me and the group will talk about and decide and we will give you are answer by the end of the day." "Fine!" After that little discussion, I was introduced to everybody. The gang was made up of Yumi, Uric, Odd, Jeremy, Aelita, and maybe now me. I told Aelita I was going to head back to our dads House to tidy it up a bit and that is where the gang could meet at. I also had a crush on Odd and I hope soon that he will feel the same about me! So, when I went back to the house our father had sent me a message. It said, Jordan Please meet me in the digital sea you know the code see you soon bye! I headed straight for my scanners. Well at least a tower isnt activated I thought to myself. I sent the code into my computer and I found myself in the digital sea, staring at my father. I asked him what he needed. He asked back for the locket. I knew immediately that wasnt my dad it was Xana. I sent a message to Aelita I knew she was in lunch. All of a sudden, Aelita passed out in front of everyone because she was getting my message. When she opened her eyes, she ran immediately to the factory I sent the code to her computer so she would be able to swim in the digital sea to help me. I was swimming as fast as I could to get away from Xana. All of a sudden, Aelita Appears right in front of Xana and tells me to get out of the Sea. I acted like I was going to leave, but then I shot a purple ray towards my fake Father and it destroyed him. "Ah, Xana just knows what to do to get me in here!" I said to Aelita with a laugh. "Well I am going to tell Jeremy to let you in the group cause, how else am I going to keep an eye on you?" She said with a smile spreading across her face. "I always knew you had a sense of humor just like me!" I laughed will swimming in circles around her. "So how do you like the Digital Sea?" I asked Aelita with a questionable look on my face. "Its alright I guess I mean how are you so used to it? Oh yeah, thats right you were stuck in here for weeks before I finally figured it out!" Aelita said busting out laughing. "Yeah I was. I dont know how you got Pink hair when you have a brain of a blonde!" I said while tickling her. "Lets go Aelita before we miss Civics!" I shouted at her while sending the code to her computer. Once we were back at school, Aelita didnt tell the gang what had happened only that I had pulled a prank on her and she totally fell for it. Jeremy though didnt think it was that funny and fussed at me for missing math. Odd just kept staring at me in amazement and kept on high-fiving me. Uric thought that it was hilarious. Yumi just kept on smiling. "So Jordan, made any progress at our new meeting place?" Jeremy asked while eating his food. "Well if you consider a lot of dust, but everything else is good." I said while leaning my chair back. "Who is this new little friend of yours she must be a loser like everyone of you guys!" This tall black-haired preppy girl said to the gang. "Well if I am such a loser then why am I hanging out with them and you're not?" I said with a fake concern on my face. "You will pay for that you little....Uric!!" Sissy said while smiling nicely at him. "Ummmmmguys I have to tell you something very important now." Yumi said while not taking her eyes off of her food. So me and the gang were being dragged away from lunch to hear Yumi and her important news. "Well guys the reason why I need to talk to you is because...I am.....moving." She said while looking at a tree with a tear rolling down her face. "WHAT!!!?? Yumi why?" Uric asked while punching a tree. "I just have to ok!! Jeremy do me a favor delete me from Lyoko." She said while running towards her car.....that would be taking her away forever.

Well hoped u enjoyed it I am going to write more later bye!!
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