Heart of Ice, Eyes of Fire (An Itachi and You story) Chapter 58 [Deadly Whirlwinds; I know what you want, Itachi Uchiha]


Created by melina678 on Friday, March 14, 2008

"Sakura," said a voice suddenly. Sakura turned her head to see Chiyo addressing to her, "Since Sasori is my grandson, I know his moves better. But that girl...I have never seen elemental manipulation like hers before. It's as if she doesn't even need chakra. Whatever you do, be careful around her."
Sakura nodded before turning back to look at you. This was not going to be an easy battle.
Let's go on with the story!
A dark fog covered the gravestones heavily, giving the dark earth underneath an almost evil look. There were no light to be seen above, only pitch darkness. Not even the twinkle of a star could be seen. Shadows from the gravestones sent eerie looking figures across the dark earth. If there had been enough light, a spectator would have seen a sudden creeping shadow slide its way across the ground. The shadow made its way through the patches of dead grass and fog until reaching a specific spot.
Slowly, the shadow seemed to pull itself away from the ground, forming itself into a 3-demensional hooded figure. It stepped through the fog, making it part underneath its almost gliding feet. It suddenly stopped in front of a large gravestone with a cracked angel on top of it.
"It's been quite some time...Suzume and Jaakuna," whispered a harsh voice. It sounded like it was coming from the angel, but then a dark figure slid out from behind the gravestone. The second figure had a large hood over its face. It was holding a large, double bladed scythe that glistened even without any light.
Slowly, the first figure removed its hood, revealing half of Suzume's face and half of Jaakuna's face. Suzume's black hair paled in comparison to Jaakuna's silver hair. Suzume's dark eyes glinted dully while Jaakuna's silver eyes seemed to shine with glee. Suzume's face had a look of grimace while Jaakuna's face had a devilish smirk plastered on its pale form.
"What have you been doing all this time?" asked the dark figure, its shadowed face looking directly at Jaakuna/Suzume.
"Please pardon my absence. I have been trying to retrieve the Faceless Demons, as you requested, but the girl and Akako managed to get to them all first. But I promise, I shall get them back for you, my master," whispered Jaakuna darkly. The dark figure gripped its scyth before saying,
"You have no right to try to please me...you have failed to bring me back my creations. Once I have everything I need, I'll be sure you suffer the concequences of toying with my powers..." Jaakuna's side seemed to back off slightly while Suzume's side of the body stepped forward slightly.
"What is going to happen now?" asked Suzume impatiently. Jaakuna's side glared at her when suddenly the second figure responded,
"The girl who has Akako, she has a love, doesn't she? Well...merely persuade him to come to our side," said the dark figure in a crackling voice, a horrible smirk appearing on the lower part of its face. Suzume smirked as Jaakuna's face disappeared, revealing Suzume's full face.
"And how should we persuade him, Death Demon?" asked Suzume, stepping towards the Death Demon more. The demon gripped its scythe harder before saying,
"He has seen what the Faceless Demon power can do. I have been watching him closely. Behind those dull, crimson eyes, I can see a lust for more power. He wants what the demons have. All you need to do is give some convincing and..." the Death Demon suddenly lifted its scythe, making it glint even with all the darkness around it.
Suzume looked up into the scythe to see a dead, bleeding you with Itachi holding your necklace, fire engulfing his hand. There was no sound, but Suzume could see Itachi was...laughing.
"..Give him a little push..." continued the Death Demon, lowering the scythe again so it turned back into its metallic form. Suzume nodded, a wicked glint in her dark eyes.
"Make sure you two do not fail me this time," said the Death Demon, suddenly disappearing in a huge burst of black flame. Suzume glared at the spot where the Demon once stood before sinking back into a shadow and creeping along the ground.
Winds blew Deidara's long blonde hair back, revealing the scope on his left eye. The clay bird soared through the sky, flapping its wings occasionally to gain more altitude. Mizuki stood next to Deidara, her blind eyes just looking straight forward. Deidara glanced down at her while his Akatsuki cloak was being beaten by the wind.
In a blur of silver, Sasori's tail went straight at Deidara. Deidara suddenly grabbed Mizuki by the waist and kicked off the ground. The bird had also taken off, helping Deidara and Mizuki land on its back. Deidara held onto Mizuki with his good hand, smirking and looking down at Sasori,
"Later, Master."
He then turned to look back at Naruto, his smirk growing more smug. The bird began swallowing Gaara more so only his legs were out. The bird started flying out of the cave, Naruto and Kakashi watching it carefully. As Deidara smirked at Naruto, his eyes flickered up to see you attached to the ceiling. His smirk faltered slightly as his gaze was attached to yours.
He could tell by the look in your eyes what you were mentally saying.
'Don't worry ______...un. Mizuki won't get hurt,' Deidara thought to himself, giving you a slight nod. You nodded in return, knowing what he was saying. He then took off to the skies.

'I intend to keep that promise ______ un,' thought Deidara to himself, staring at Mizuki as her long, dark red hair blew in the strong wind. Suddenly, as if sensing something, she turned around to look behind them.
"They are close, I can feel it," said Mizuki, barely audible over the rushing winds. Deidara blinked and stepped back a little to look below. Sure enough, about 50 feet below the large clay bird, Naruto and Kakashi were jumping in a canyon with large trees protruding out of the sides. Mizuki was glaring down at them, her long bangs whipping the sides of her face.
"Mizuki, I want you to stay low, alright, un?" said Deidara, smirking down at Naruto and Kakashi.
"No way Deidara!"
Deidara turned to look surprisingly at Mizuki. She was giving him a side glance with a playful smirk on her face.
"You aren't going to keep me out of this fun. Besides, I could use some more practice," continued Mizuki, her milky eyes shining with excitement. Deidara stared at her in surprise, his lips parted slightly. Suddenly, in a blur of red, Mizuki jumped off of the clay bird, free falling straight down towards Naruto and Kakashi.
Naruto stared up wide-eyed, watching as the blind girl fell from the sky up above him. His mouth was open slightly as he jumped from trunk to trunk on the large trees.
"Kakashi-sensei, what the hell is she doing?!" shouted Naruto, still staring up at the falling Mizuki. Kakashi narrowed his eyes at Mizuki, unsure himself what she was doing. Deidara leaned over the bird, watching Mizuki with interest. Mizuki continued falling, her blind eyes wide open.
Her arms were spread straight to the sides of her, her red hair being pushed back from the rushing wind. Suddenly, like a spinning tornado, she spun her body around in the middle of the air. An air current that was just barely visible surrounded her body, making her look blurred. She spun three times and suddenly stopped in the middle of the air. She stood up straight, her arms still out and wide. Protruding from her back were large, white feathery wings. They flapped slowly, keeping her high in the air.
Kakashi and Naruto's eyes widened as they stared up into Mizuki's face. A large shadow was now covering the upper half of her face. Her eyes were now a solid, glowing white that looked almost haunting. Mizuki smirked, her glowing white eyes seeming to glimmer in the sunlight.
Deidara stared down at Mizuki, his jaw hanging open loosely.
"What's going on, un?" asked Deidara out loud as Mizuki continued hanging in the middle of the air. Suddenly, something that you had told him popped into his mind.
The candle light flickered around the dark room, causing it to dance against the walls. The shadows seemed to creep back, pulling their dark forms away from the glowing embers. You sat next to the candle, your (color) hair shining in the light. You sighed heavily and sat down your pen, rubbing your stiff hand slowly. You yawned and stretched, pulling off your Akatsuki cloak as you did this. You looked back down at your scroll that lay open in front of you.
The large Book of Demons lay below in front of you, its illustrations reflecting off of your (color) eyes. You hunched over the book again, twirling stands of your hair in between your fingers skillfully. You had a look of utter seriousness on your face as you studied the text carefully. Suddenly, the sound of a creaking door interrupted your thoughts. You blinked and looked to your right to see your door open slowly.
The familiar blonde haired man poked his head inside.
Didnt think youd still be up this late, un, said Deidara, fully stepping into the room. You just shrugged and looked back down at the book, gazing at the pages absentmindedly. You heard the click of your door close. You thought Deidara left your room until you sensed him standing behind you.
Is there something you need, Deidara? you asked dully, your eyes still scanning the page. Deidara didnt answer right away.
"What are you reading, un?" asked Deidara curiously, his one blue eye scanning the page quickly. You looked at him through the corner of your eyes, giggling slightly.
"I'm studying about the Faceless Demons," you said, looking back down at the pages. Deidara looked confused, staring down at the strange illustrations and text.
"Faceless Demons? Is that what Leader has been asking you to look for, un?" asked Deidara, stepping back slightly.
"Yes," you replied simply, turning a page slowly to look at an illustration of all the Faceless Demons. Deidara peered over your other shoulder, looking at the illustration.
"Alright, clear this up for me, un. Which ones are which?" asked Deidara, cocking an eyebrow at the black and white picture. You sighed and rolled your eyes impatiently.
"Ok...well, this is Akako, the Faceless Demon of Fire," you said, pointing at the first demon. You drug your finger across the page, pointing to the next demon, "This is Mizu the Faceless Demon of Water, Aasu the Faceless Demon of Earth, Kaze the Faceless Demon of Air, and Jaakuna the Faceless Demon of Darkness," you finished, slowly removing your finger tip from the page.
Deidara nodded and stood back slightly, folding his arms over his chest.
"And what exactly can all these Faceless Demons do, un?" he asked. Now he was just asking you all these questions to tick you off. You looked over your shoulder at him, giving him a playful glare.
"Well, each Faceless Demon can manipulate their specific element using different types of hand motions. They can also change their elements into specific shapes and objects. Each Faceless Demon was sealed within a necklace that has their Kanji symbol on them, representing which element they are. Each jewel on the choker necklaces are different colors. For example, the color of the Fire Faceless Demon is red, while the one for the water is blue. See the difference?"
"Yeah, un, but why are they called 'Faceless Demons'?" Deidara asked, sitting at the edge of your bed. You sighed heavily, rubbing the bridge of your nose.
"Whenever the demon is out of their necklace or is being used by the wielder of the necklace, a shadow appears over their eyes. Only their solid color eyes can be seen through the shadow. I guess that's why they named them 'Faceless Demons'."
"Well, what else do they have, un?"
"They have wings as well. Each demon has a different type of wing. For example, Akako's wings appear very similar to a dragon's. The spikes on it are also poisonous," you said, rubbing your temples slowly.
"How do the hostesses of the demons use the Faceless Demons, un?" asked Deidara, looking rather interested now. You huffed irritably, sending him a quick glare.
"What's with all the questions?" you sighed heavily before continuing, "Faceless Demons use a special form of chakra called chii. Chii is the first form of chakra back in the old days before all this ninja stuff came along. When I want to use Akako's powers, I take chii from the necklace. Once there is chii transfer, she can take over my body."
"Is that the same for the other hostesses, un?" asked Deidara.

Deidara blinked down at Mizuki again.
"So...you're not longer Mizuki at this moment, un...you are Kaze, the air Faceless Demon." Suddenly, Mizuki went shooting up at the sky, her huge wings out and spread. Deidara put a hand over his eyes to block out the sunlight as Mizuki flew high up in the sky. Like an eclipse on the sun, her shadow covered a huge section of the Earth below.
Naruto and Kakashi kept jumping, occasionally glancing over at Deidara to keep an eye on him. Mizuki closed her eyes, slowly moving her arms in a large circle above her head. Naruto and Kakashi stopped, staring up at her in bewilderment. Mizuki could feel the wind slowly wrapping itself around her wrists, spinning faster and faster around her. As Kakashi stared up at her, he slowly lifted his headband, revealing his Sharingan eye.
"Naruto, watch her carefully. I have a feeling what she's doing isn't going to be easy to defeat," said Kakashi seriously, still staring up at Mizuki. Naruto nodded, getting into a deep stance. Suddenly, Mizuki's eyes opened wide. Like a speeding bullet, Mizuki nose dived towards Naruto and Kakashi.
She lifted her right arm above her head high before slicing down in the air. Kakashi's eyes opened wide as a blur of wind came straight at him.
"Naruto, GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Kakashi shouted, suddenly jumping to the side of the canyon. Naruto did the same, and the moment his fingers touched the rocky canyon walls, a loud explosion rang in his ears. He turned his head to see splinters flying in his direction. He hunched his body more towards the wall, trying to block his face.
Naruto suddenly sensed a huge gust of wind coming at him. He turned his head again just in enough time Mizuki floating about 20 feet away from him. She blew her chest out and wide and suddenly blew hard at him. Winds like a typhoon slammed into him, knocking the wind completely out of him.
He gasped for air while he fell down to a large trunk underneath him. In a green blur, Kakashi was kneeling next to Naruto, trying to get him back up onto his feet. Kakashi wrapped Naruto's arm around his shoulder, his quick ninja eyes quickly spotting Mizuki. Mizuki was floating right above a large trunk, her white eyes looking at Kakashi hauntingly.
Kakashi stared back up in the sky to see Deidara circling around on his large clay bird. He was being a spectator to this whole ordeal.
"K-Kakashi-sensei, I can walk," whispered Naruto, the air finally coming back to his lungs. Kakashi nodded and let go of Naruto. Naruto put a hand on his knee, his other hand gripping his aching gut. As Naruto quickly recovered from the shock, Kakashi looked over at Mizuki once again. His sharingan eye look down and saw something peculiar.
Something almost invisible was spinning around Mizuki's arms. Kakashi narrowed his eyes, trying to see the object better. Suddenly, she sliced her arm through the air. Kakashi barely missed being slammed into the deeper into the canyon. Mizuki stepped back before slicing her other arm through the air.
Kakashi quickly grabbed Naruto again and jumped out of the way before one of Mizuki's 'wind hands' slammed into the tree coming from the wall. . Mizuki slammed the wind fist into the cavern, causing Naruto and Kakashi to jump out of the way as quickly as possible. Right as Naruto was about to get steady ground again, Mizuki puffed out her chest as wide as she could. She blew out, sending winds whirling and spiraling everywhere. Before their very eyes, a tornado was being created.
Deidara stared in amazement down at Mizuki. He had never seen this side of her before; this power, this determination. It was truly an impressive thing to view. Mizuki stood in the middle of the spinning winds, her arms and hands twirling and circling faster and faster. Kakashi and Naruto blocked their faces as best as they could.
They quickly turned around and tried to go back after Deidara again, but the moment that Naruto turned on his heel, he was face to face with those demonic white eyes. The roaring sound of wind rushed passed Naruto's ears. He looked around and saw he was inside the developing tornado!
Mizuki stood perfectly calm now, her red hair breaking from its band. It flowed and twirled wildly as she just continued to stare at Naruto. As the wind continued to pick up faster and faster, Naruto's anger and patience was disappearing. He glowered at Mizuki before stepping back.
"Shadow clone jutsu!" he shouted. In a second a double of himself appeared next to him in a cloud of smoke. The winds were growing strong and stronger, nearly lifting Naruto off his feet. He put his hand out and quickly his shadow clone developed and spun chakra in his hand. Mizuki simply raised an eyebrow at him, her eyes never blinking.
Naruto growled and suddenly charged at Mizuki.
"Rasengan!" shouted Naruto, but his voice was barely audible over the spinning vortex around them. Mizuki closed her eyes, holding her arms up in the air like a bird while Naruto raced at her. She suddenly whispered,
"Silent Daggers."
She slammed her hands down near her chest. The tornado suddenly seemed to shatter into invisible glass. The pieces came charging straight at Naruto. Naruto stopped, his Rasengan disappearing instantly. He stared wide-eyed as the flying wind daggers came straight at him.
Naruto ducked his head down, preparing himself to be stabbed. But it never came. Naruto slowly lifted his head and was shocked to see one of the almost invisible daggers floating right next to him. He blinked and looked passed it. In front of him was a wide-eyed Mizuki with a dagger coming out of her chest.
Behind her, he could see Kakashi kneeling behind Mizuki, holding a small blade into her back. She stood there wide-eyed, trembling slightly. As if by magic, her wings suddenly disappeared. The shadow over her eyes vanished and her white eyes returned to their milky color once again. Kakashi quickly removed the dagger, having some blood spatter on his hand a little.
Mizuki stood there, trembling more before collapsing, not moving an inch.
'Why is it every time I think about taking your power, a sharp pain goes through my chest?' he continued to question as he ran his fingers through your (color) hair as the kisses became more passionate. He slid his tongue at your bottom lip before pushing it, earning a soft moan from you.
'I want power...I want to break from my capacity. But, you..._______...you somehow find a way into my mind and make me pull back on gaining that power,' Itachi continued to himself as his tongue rubbed against yours slowly and teasingly, making you impatient. You ran your fingers through his hair, tugging at the material holding his hair in his low ponytail. With a quick tug, the material released the locks of his raven hair, making it slide over his back and shoulders.
'Why is it when I feel like I can finally just take the Faceless Demon from you...you somehow pull me back to wanting to just stare at you...?'

'How can I want to take your power away from you...and yet want to protect you at the same time?'
Itachi glared ahead of him, his Akatsuki hat low over his crimson eyes. Some drops of water dripped in the deeper part of the cave he was in. He glanced to the right before looking back out towards the entrance. Rain was pouring rapidly outside, splashing all over the now slippery rocks.
Kisame had gone out for another small mission he had to complete, so Itachi was left alone. Heh, like it mattered...Itachi didn't care either way. He glared outside at the pouring rain again. Days like this reminded him of that time in the rain with you. Yes, he was actually thinking about that without cursing himself mentally.
He leaned back against the cold cave wall, slowly closing his eyes. He wasn't anywhere near tired, but he just felt the need to just relax his mind. It had been racing for quite some time now...
The sudden sound of footsteps made him alert. He quickly stood up with little effort, holding a kunai underneath the sleeve of his cloak.
"Who's there?" he said darkly, his sharingan spinning slightly. A light chuckle echoed all around the walls.
"Oh Itachi...always trying to be the high and mighty one," said a female voice. Itachi quickly removed his Akatsuki hat so he could get a better view of his surroundings. From what he saw, there was nothing around. His eyes suddenly looked down at the ground.
He quickly saw an irregularly long shadow across the grey, rocky surface. The shadow seemed to stretch out towards her more, its form wiggling slightly.
Slowly, as if being pulled by strings from a puppet holder, the shadow removed itself from the ground. First the shoulders came up, slowly lifting the head with it. Like a snake, it wiggled itself up until it stood straight up and tall, slowly taking form of a woman. The shadows slowly fell back onto the ground, but the woman stayed.
Suzume smirked her wicked smile at Itachi, slowly stepping forward towards him. Itachi stayed emotionless, just glaring into her eyes. She stepped up very close to him, her dark eyes looking into his crimson ones, "Oh relax Itachi...why are you so tense?" she purred, a finger tracing the collar of his Akatsuki cloak. His eyes hardened even more and suddenly she gasped as Itachi gripped her wrist tightly.
She looked shocked at first, but then a sly smirk reappeared on her pale face.
"Well, doesn't this just bring back memories?" she said, gesturing to his hand on her wrist. He pushed her back hard, making her stumble slightly. She glared at him while she got her balance back.
"What do you want?" he asked dangerously, showing his glinting kunai underneath his cloak sleeve. She stood up, an impassive look on her face.
"I should be the one asking you that," she said coolly, her hands to her sides. Itachi's eyes narrowed slightly, but Suzume could sense a hint of curiosity in his crimson eyes. She chuckled again, slowly pacing in a circle around him, rocking her hips side to side.
"Oh, don't play dumb, Uchiha. You are a genius; you should know exactly what I'm talking about," said Suzume who was now standing behind Itachi. Itachi stood still, looking through the corner of his eye at her as she continued to circle him. Itachi remained silent, waiting for her to continue.
"Must I really tell you?" she asked, raising a slight eyebrow. Itachi just looked at her, not saying a word. She smirked and stepped up towards him again. Slowly, her thin hand reached up and trailed across his cheek. Itachi jerked away and shoved her hand back to her body. He turned on his heel, picking up his hat and placing on it his head.
He was about to storm outside when suddenly Suzume's voice rang out,
"I know you want the power of the Faceless Demons..."
Itachi stopped dead in his tracks, staring out into the rain with slightly wide eyes. Suzume's smirk grew when she saw she got him.
"I can help you get what you want, Itachi Uchiha..." she hissed between her fangs.
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Sneak peak:
...You turned your head, watching as Sakura's fist flew right passed your skin. You suddenly grabbed her arm, looking at her straight in the eyes. She stared at you in shock for a moment before screaming out in pain. You could hear the hissing noise coming from her burning skin as you sunk your flaming hot fingers deeper into her flesh.
Chiyo-baasama gasped before pulling hard on the chakra strings, forcing Sakura out of your grip. You glared, slowly lowering your hand. Sakura stared down at her arm while her whole body trembled. Your finger prints were now permanetly burned to her...

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