Digimon - A Matt Love Story #1

Created by x.aznbabi.x on Monday, January 30, 2006


~Must...keep...going~ You kept thinking as you danced on the 'Mega Dance Mix'. (The dance machines in the arcades where you step on the arrows when they appear on the screen.)Not long a small crowd gathered cheering for you. The 'small' crowd soon turned into a huge crowd. So huge that the other arcade games were empty. You kept dancing breathing steadily after every step. 'Level Complete' Came up on the screen. "I want that teddy bear." You heard a little girl say. She was wearing wragged clothing. The guards came in to take her away. ~Must've snuck in~ You realised. "Stop, she's with me" You said. As you bent down to pick up your bottle of water you crouched down to her. "Hey there what's your name?" You say sweetly. "I'm Lisa..." She says shyly. "Ok, Lisa if onee-chan gets enough tickets, she'll get you a really big teddy bear." "What? Really? Oh thank you thank you thank you *^ ^*" She says bowing. You then ask the counter person, "Excuse me sir, how much is the big teddy bear?" "20 000 Tickets Miss." Everyone's mouth dropped. You nervoulsy rubbed the back of your head. *^ ^"* "Ehehehe...*sigh*" ~Shit, 20 000?!?!?! Oh wel might as well try.~
~Taii's POV~ You & the digimon group walked in the arcade. "WHAT?! WHERE IS EVERYONE?! PLZ DON'T TELL ME IT'S CLOSED! *O.O*" You yelled. "Wow it really is empty..." Said Sora. "Hey...guys look over there, with the big crowd" Yelled Davis. (Yes this includes the new digi-gang. *T_T*) The group walked over to the crowd. They hastily pushed through wandering what the commotion was all about.
~Matt's POV~ You pushed through the crowd one by one until you reached the front row of the stage. ~The Mega Dancing Mix?~ You thought. You then saw a pretty girl pat a little girl's head. Then the older girl said to the counter man. "How much for the big bear?" "20 000 miss." You & everyone's face dropped. She nervoulsy scratched the back of her head. You saw her sigh & walk up to the stage.
~Your POV~ You walked up to the stage. You gulped a big mouthful of water. 'Level 100 START' (I'm making this up, lol lv 100..@_@) As soon as it loaded all these arrows & combos came on the screen. You were dancing to 50 Cent - Just A Lil' Bit. (The song playing now) You stepped on every one with no sweat. You actually thought it was pretty easy. After 5 mins the game finished & 7 000 ticketes came out. (You had 15 000 before) Everyone was whistling & cheering. You went to get your water bottle, but someone handed it to you. You looked down to see a cute boy around your age with blonde hair & blue eyes. "*sigh* Thanks" You took it from his hand & gulped 3 mouthfulls. "No problem, you were great up there." He said. You blushed & thanked him.
~Matt's POV~ You watched the girl dance. ~Wow she's really good *O.O*~ You noticed her bottle was about to fall due to the vibrating dance floor. You grabbed it & held on to it. You decided you would give it to her when she finished. Maybe then you could get a better look at her face.
~Your POV~ You grabbed Lisa's hand & put her on your shoulders. She just kept smiling. You knew she was most likely a very poor child. When you received your teddy bear everyone cheered & you handed it to Lisa. She couldn't stop smiling & giggling. "Hey there...you like it don't 'cha?" You said with a smile. You were then tackled to the ground by Lisa. "THANK YOU SO MUCH ONEE-CHAN WAIT TILL I TELL MA & PA! THEY WILL BE SO HAPPY THANK YOU SO MUCH." Her face suddenly went sour. "What's wrong Lisa?" "Just...i think pa will take it from me & give it to someone else for money..." She started sobbing. You walked up to the counter dude & traded in your left over tickets for money.. You got $500 back. (@_@) Here you go, go & give this to your family & say that a nice young lady gave it to you. & you don't have to pay me back. Her face lightened up. You saw tears of joy in her eyes. By now the crowd has dispersed & only teenagers around your age & some younger kids were watching you. (ahem digi-gang *cough*) You kissed her on the forehead as she ran off skipping, probraly looking the most happiest she has ever been. You turned around exhausted & saw the group. "Um hi..." You said. You could feel your body weakening in every word & breath that you took. "Hi I'm Taii, & this is..." (cant b bothered so yeh he introduces you & you introduce yourself) "Hey weren't you the guy who gave me my bottle?" "Me? Oh yeh" Said a boy blushing. You then smiled & waved to go off but collapsed unconscious on the arcade floor. END IN RESULTS

~Matt's POV~ You just introduced yourself & kept staring at Kay as everyone else introduced themselves. After a quick chat she turned to say bye but fell unconcious. You caught her in your arms. It was like a reaction. You carried her bridle style & ran to the hospital with the rest of the gang following.
~Your POV~ You woke up with an oxygen mask on your mouth. You slowly took it off & sat up. You hated hospitals, it reminded you of the times you had to visit there to check if your dad did any serious damage. You changed into your regular clothing. Then 2 boys came in. You could only remember the brown haired boy as Taii, but forgot about the blonde boy who gave you your bottle. You sat down & waved slwoly with smile to them. "Um Kaia right?" "Yeh...but I prefer Kay." "Kay then, are you ok? You sort of just collapsed in the arcade. But lukily my pal her Matt caught you before you fell." Said Taii patting Matt on the back pretty hard. "Oh well I gota leave & tell the others. What school you go to Kay?" "*sigh* Your school idiot...Im your friggin soccer captain for god's sake *T_T*" You said. "OH! I KNOW YOU OH! Oh wel I have to go & tel Davis & the others!" He said & ran out. Your eyes were focused on the door where Taii just ran out in top speed. "Haha, forgive Taii, he's not exactly the bright type." Said Matt. You turned to face him & giggled slightly. "Oh yeah, the nurse told me to tell you to drink lots of water, apparently you dehydrated for a few mins." "Oh ok yeh...~silence~...umm, do you happen to have a bottle of water?" You said rubbing the back of your head. "Oh yeh sure" He said. He got a bottle of water out of his bag. You could see he has already drunk 1/8 of the bottle but it was ok. You gulped all of it down in one go. "Whoa steady there..." He said with a worried look. You wiped your face & sighed in relief. "That felt nice..." You said. "Come on I'll check you out." Matt said. "You started blushing madly & stared at him in a confused look. He looked back & noticed what he just said. "AH! UM...I..DIDN'T MEAN IT THAT WAY..OH GEEZ UM I MEANT..CHECK YOU OUT..AS IN CHECK OUT AT THE COUNTER...*> < *" You laughed & saw him blushing even harder than you. You walked past him & kissed him lightly on the cheek. "Thanks for catching me" You said with a smile & walked out to check out. He was just left standing there in the wildernes...*@_@*
Plz rate & message me..^^. I'll name you in the next quiz if you mesage.^^. i wana know how this series is going coz im not sure if it's good..@_@

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