7 Minutes In Heaven With Emo Boys! [ Really Long Results]

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Created by kismeimitalian19 on Sunday, March 16, 2008


You've somehow been dragged to your best friends party and all you want to do at the moment is go home because this party is lame. Trying to spice things up your best friend suggests we play 7 minutes in heaven. After some convincing you find yourself sitting on the floor picking an object out of a black felt bag. And your choice is...
A Half Empty Bottle of Black Nail Polish.
A Guitar Pick.
A Black and Blue Arm Band.
A Lip Ring??
A Red Rose.
A Shoelace?
Black Eyeliner.
A Drawing With A Boy And Girl Holding Hands.
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"Hey wait a minute. I recognize this nail polish," you say looking up at the group with a confused look on your face. Out of the corner of your eye you notice your brother slightly blushing but at the same time cracking up laughing. "JOSH! Stop stealing my nail polish!!!" You yell at your brother. You look towards your best friend and say, "I refuse to spend 7 minutes in a closet with him!" " Yeah that's just wrong. Just put the nail polish back in the bag and pick again." You glare evilly at your brother, "I'll pick again but I'm taking my nail polish back!"
"This can't be sanitary," You say while holding someone's lip ring. "Hey. Of course it is. I take a shower every week or two," you hear your worst enemy Landon say. Gasping you say, "Oh God. You've got to be kidding me." "Baby, I was just kidding. I shower every day," Landon remarked. Angrily you replied back, "Don't even think about calling me baby. I am not your baby nor will I ever be!" Turning towards your best friend you tell her, "The day I go in the closet with Landon is the day hell freezes over!" "Oh come on," your best friend says, "This might be a good time for you two to talk things over and get past your problems with each other." "Yeah come on baby, just give me a chance," Landon adds. Almost yelling you turn to Landon and say, "What did I say about calling me baby!" "Okay. Im sorry. Really I am, now will you give me a chance. Please," Landon says, almost pleadingly. "Fine. Lets go and get this over with," You say while walking towards the closet.
You hear the door shut and it becomes so dark that you can't even see your face in front of your hand. Without warning you feel Landons lips urgently press against yours. For a second you forget who you're kissing and kiss back. The kiss becomes softer and your lips begin to part. Suddenly the realization that you're kissing Landon becomes clear and you struggle to push him off of you. "What are you thinking Landon? Stop it!" "I'm sorry. I...I..." "Stop stuttering Landon and just spit it out. I swear you must do these things just to piss me off." Softly Landon replied, "Have you ever thought that maybe I annoy you and piss you off because I like you. Because it's a way for you to notice me?" "W-Wh-What?" Now you were the one tripping over your tongue. Landon interrupted your stuttering, "I really like you. I just didn't know how to show you so I resorted to the kindergarten way of teasing you and being mean to you. Can you please forgive me for being such a jerk? If you forgive me I won't act like one anymore. I promise." "I don't know if I can Landon." "Let me prove to you why you should forgive me." Landon said moments before you felt his lips crashing down on yours again. This time instead of resisting him you let yourself sink into the kiss. His hand moved to the small of your back pulling you closer to him as you ran your fingers through his hair. You didnt know what was coming over you but without thinking you moved your hands to his shirt and began to pull it over his head. Just before his shirt came off you both heard footsteps approaching the door, embarrassed you both jumped as far apart as the small space would allow. "What happened here?" Your best friend asked curiously. "Nothing," You both replied at the same time. Raising her eyebrows your friend stated, "You know what, never mind. I dont even want to know."
The rest of the party was a blur; your mind seemed to be stuck on the idea of Landon actually liking you. Before leaving you felt Landon slip a note in your pocket and you heard a whisper in your ear, "Don't open it until you get home. Call me when you figure out the answer." You walked home quickly, the whole time feeling Landons note burning a hole in your pocket. Finally you reached the safety of your room and almost ripped the note in half in your eagerness to read it. "Give me another chance to prove to you how much I like you. Dinner tomorrow night?" Not wanting to wait until tomorrow you quickly dialed his number. He picked up on the first ring and before he could say a word you yelled, "Yes!" "Well I'm glad you feel that way. I'll pick you up at eight," he replied to your excitement.
Dinner was great and you ended up losing your grudge against Landon forever. You started going out and from that moment on you were inseparable. You both went to the same college and eventually got married. [Then you rode off into the sunset and lived happily ever after.]

"An Arm Band?" You say questioningly while trying to figure out who it belongs to. You notice a boy you've never seen before holding another arm band that matches the one you hold in your hand. "Get your butts into the closet already," your best friend says breaking the silence as she pushes you both into the dark closet. You hear the lock click into place and turn slowly to face the boy standing in front of you.
Standing in the dark closet the boy finally broke the silence, "I'm Jayden. You're ___ right?" "Yeah, you answer. I've never seen you around here. Are you new?" You add. "Yeah I just moved here. My dad got promoted and the promotion meant moving here." Jayden answered. "That must have sucked just getting up and leaving all your friends." You said softly. "Yeah it did but it's all right because it means that now I get to meet new people like you." Jayden replied as a grin broke out on his face.
"You dont know anything about me though. How do you know I'm even someone youd want to be friends with?" You said as you bit your lip. "I know more about you than you know. I know that you're beautiful, caring, and that you bite your lip when you get nervous; just like how you're doing now." You chuckled a little at that last one because it was so true. "And one last thing I know about you." Jayden added. "And what is that?" You asked leaning closer so your face was only inches from his. "I know that you want to kiss me right now because of how close you're leaning to me." And with that sentence Jayden leaned forward closing the rest of the distance between your lips and his. His fingers slid into your hair and he gently pulled you forward. Your eyes closed and you let his lips press into yours. His lips were soft as your tongue tasted the sweetness of them. His lips parted letting you explore his mouth as he did the same to you. You both pulled apart as you heard footsteps approaching the closet but he pulled you close one last time and kissed you deeper, the warmth of his lips mixing with the strength of his hands on your back.
The door swung open revealing your best friend. "Oh having some sexy time in the closet." You all laughed at her remark as Jayden grabbed your hand and led you outside to look at the stars. The stars twinkled seemingly in agreement with the way your heart felt. You looked down at your feet but your face was raised up again as Jayden grabbed your chin and tilted it up softly so that he could look into your eyes. "I was wondering if you maybe wanted to be my girlfriend," He asked softly. "Yes! Yes! A million times yes!" You replied and with that answer he leaned down slowly and kissed you again.
Jayden and you ended up going out together for three years. Then one day you decided to get married and eloped in Vegas. Eventually you had a larger wedding so that your families could share in the happiness and you both stayed happily married for the rest of your lives.

"Anybody missing their eyeliner?" You ask glancing around at the guys around you. "That would be mine, milady," Drake the joker of the group said sarcastically. "Now if you would be so kind as to let me escort you to the closet gentle lady." Laughing you replied, "Why of course kind sir. Okay honestly though enough with the medieval talk." "My heart is broken in two at your response to my wooing words." Drake said with a serious look on his face.
Finally locked in the closet together you both burst out laughing. "Well that was hilari-." Your sentence was cut off by Drakes lips against yours. Your arms wrapped around him as he pulled you closer to him. The kiss started off slowly as if his lips were testing the waters first. He then gently bit your bottom lip and begged entrance to your mouth. You let him in slowly as you both explored each others mouth. Slowly you both pulled away, "Wow." Drake breathed. "Wow is right." You agreed. "You know. I've always kind of had a crush on you. I'm glad you picked my eyeliner out of the bag." Drake said. "A crush? On me?" You asked secretly thrilled that he liked you as much as you liked him. "Yeah. I really do like you. So I was wondering, do you maybe want to blow off the rest of this party and grab some food?" "I would like that." You said kissing him lightly. Seconds later the closet door opened and you both smiled at each other. "Come on," he whispered in your ear, "My car is right around the corner. Just follow me." Grabbing your hand he pulled you to his car kissing you under every streetlight.
You went out with Drake for two years but then broke up when you both went to separate colleges. A couple years after graduation you randomly ran into Drake at Starbucks. He invited you to dinner to catch up and you two ended up starting to date again. You eventually got married and traveled the world kissing under every streetlight in every city you visited.

"I think we might have a musician on our hands," You say as you hold up a guitar pick. "Yeah, but can I have my pick back. I kind of need it for my show tomorrow" A voice in the group says. You look around trying to figure out who spoke and you realize it was a guy in your class named Christian. You'd always been intrigued by Christian because he was that brooding musician type but you had never actually talked to him. The closet door shut softly and you turned to face him still holding the pick in your hand. "Here's your pick Christian." "Thanks." He said as he grabbed the pick and slid it into his pocket.
As soon as the pick disappeared into his pocket you felt Christian move closer to you. "I really want to kiss you right now." He said roughly. "Well then what are you waiting for?" You said jokingly. Suddenly you felt yourself being pushed up against the wall of the closet. His lips crashed into yours and it felt as though he couldn't bear to go one more minute without kissing you. You melted into the kiss letting him push up against your body. He bit your lip playfully pleading for entry to your warm mouth. Your hands ran through his hair gently tugging his head closer to yours as his hands wrapped around your waist and began tugging on your shirt so that his hands could glide across your back. You moved away from the wall and turned him slightly all the while kissing him passionately. Then you pushed him roughly against the door of the closet and without warning the closet door buckled as you both tumbled out of the closet and fell onto the floor your lips still pressed together. Embarrassed you tried to push yourself off of Christian but Christian had other things in mind as he yanked you back to him making you kiss him again. Finally satisfied, Christian broke the kiss laughing at the way you were sprawled on top of him. You stood slowly and helped Christian to his feet.
The rest of the party went by quickly and as you were about to leave you felt Christian jerk you towards him. "I was wondering, would you come to my concert tomorrow? I have a surprise for you." He asked. Of course. You replied as a smile broke out on your face. The next day you went to his concert and it turned out that the surprise was a song he had written just for you. After closing the concert with the song he called you up on stage and asked you to be his girlfriend.
You went out throughout high school but broke up when he made it big in Hollywood. Years later he called you to catch up and you two got back together. Then at his closing concert of his world tour he sang your song and called you up onto the stage one last time. Then, with the whole world watching he got down on one knee and proposed to you.

Silently you hold up your object, a single red rose. Without looking up you make your way to the closet and wait for the boy you've chosen to file in behind you. The door shut softly and you turn to look at the boy. It was Cole, a boy who sat next to you in two classes and was basically just an all around nice guy. The weird thing was, you had never heard him talk before. "Thank you for the rose Cole." He nodded slightly in acknowledgment.
Sighing you asked him, "Cole do you ever actually talk?" It was silent for a couple moments until a smooth and deep voice interrupted your thoughts, "I can talk. I just choose not too. Talking is overrated." "Overrated?" You ask him. "Yes overrated. See for instance I could just tell you I've liked you ever since I set eyes on you. Or I could show you." Cole said as he leaned forward and tucked a stray piece of your hair behind your ear. You stood there frozen in place by his words. Did he really just admit to liking you? Before you could think about it more his lips were on yours as he cupped your face with his hand. The kiss started off softly, with just a ghost of a kiss on your lips. Then the kiss became deeper and harder as if Cole couldn't let go of you. You felt like he needed you and you knew at that moment that you needed him. After what seemed like hours but was probably only a few minutes you both pulled away, breathless from the passionate kiss.
The rest of the time in the closet went by quickly and was spent kissing softly in the darkness of the closet. The door opened slowly and you both walked out hand in hand. Sitting next to each other you felt a note fall into your lap. Looking down you opened the note and read it quietly. The note simply said, "Now that Ive shown you how much I like you, would you be my girlfriend?" You nodded silently and threw your arms around him. He picked you up and swung you around and said for everyone to hear, "Good. I was tired of waiting."
Together you spent most of your time communicating without talking through little touches and notes. You two dated for five years and then Cole proposed to you. Of course you said yes and you two spent the rest of your lives together.

Wow. A Shoelace. Upon further inspection you notice how filthy dirty it is. "Are you seriously telling me that you didn't have anything else you could have put in? Something a little cleaner maybe?" You say out loud. Your sentence is interrupted though by a loud chuckle coming from your best guy friend Thomas. You look over at him while standing up and start laughing, "Thanks Thomas. This is really such a heart felt gift. Come on, let's get in the closet already." "Oh a little anxious are we?" Thomas replied. "Yeah anxious to get the 7 minutes over with," you retort. Your best friend comes up behind you and whispers in your ear, "This should be good. He's had a crush on you forever." Your mouth dropped open but before you could ask her if she was serious the closet door slammed in your face.

You turned to Thomas with a confused look on your face. "What's wrong?" Thomas asked, "A second ago you were joking with me and now you're all acting weird." You wonder whether or not you should ask him about what your best friend just told you but decide not to. "Oh nothing I thought I saw a spider." You say quickly trying to cover up the confused look on your face. "You're lying. I can tell." Thomas replies. Crap you thought to yourself, he knows me too well. "You're right thats not why I'm acting weird, I have to ask you something and you need to tell me the truth. Do you have a crush on me?" "I...umm...well," Thomas stutters over the words. "Thomas please tell me. I'm not going to run screaming out of the closet. I promise." Taking a breath Thomas says, "Honestly. Yes I like you. I've had a crush on you for as long as I can remember. It just seemed like you didn't like me in that way so I figured it was better to be your friend than not to be near you at all. Im sorry I didn't tell you earlier. I just didn't want it to be weird between us." You both stared at each other for a while, him waiting for you to answer, you trying to comprehend what he had just said. Finally after a couple minutes in silence you lean over and kiss him gently on the lips. He kissed you back sweetly. "Wow. So does that mean that you might like me too?" Thomas asks curiously. You laugh slightly and start kissing him again. This time the kiss was more passionate. Thomas wrapped his arms around you and pulled you up against him. This was how your best friend found you when she opened the door. "Thank god. She said. It's about time."
You and Thomas walked out hand in hand and after the party decided to go hang out in your old tree house. Up in the tree house Thomas asked, "So I was wondering if this meant that you might want to be my girlfriend?" "I think I would like that," you say smiling at him and grabbing his shirt to pull him towards you for another kiss. You and Thomas ended up going out all the way through college. Then after graduation he took you back up to the tree house and proposed to you. You of course were thrilled and said yes. You two stayed married for the rest of your lives and lived happily ever after.

"Wow. This is really good." You say while looking over the little drawing in your hand. The drawing was of a boy and a girl sitting on a park bench holding hands. "Uh. Thanks." You hear a quiet voice say. You look around the group and finally realize that the speaker is Demetri, a shy boy in your class that you've never talked to. You walk towards the closet and he opens the door for you and says "After you." What a gentleman you think to yourself.
The door shut softly thrusting you both into darkness. Suddenly the light from Demetris cell phone illuminates your face. "Ouch," You say not expecting the bright light. "Sorry," he mumbled, "I just wanted to see what you looked like. I didn't really have a chance to look at you before we got in here." He stood staring at your face for what seemed like an eternity. To break the silence you eventually asked, "So what do you think? Bearable or are you about to run screaming out of here?" The boy chuckled and answered, "I think you look beautiful." "Well...thank you." More seconds passed until finally you awkwardly asked, "Uh is there anything in particular you want to do in here?" You say while looking around the small space. Hesitating Demetri finally said something softly but all you heard was, "sitaritifiissuow." "Huh?" You asked confused. Demetri tried again this time successfully uttering, "Umm is it all right if I kiss you?" "Please do," You replied as he began to come closer. Your eyes shut in anticipation and then you felt his lips touch yours softly. The kiss was sweet and pure. Demetri began to deepen the kiss tracing the outline of your lips with his tongue. You pulled away surprised at how much you enjoyed the kiss. "Wait. Did I do something wrong?" Demetri asked. "No. Not at all its just not what I expected." "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" "Definitely a good thing." You answered with a smile on your face. The door abruptly opened momentarily blinding you both. "Times up!" Your best friend yelled. "I think we figured that out." You replied grabbing Demetris hand and sitting down on the couch with him.
The rest of the party went by pretty quickly and you spent most of it sneaking in quick kisses with Demetri. After the party was over Demetri drove you home and walked you to your doorstep. "So does this mean you might consider being my girlfriend?" Demetri asked timidly. "I would love to be your girlfriend. On one condition." You answered. "And what is that?" He questioned. "You have to kiss me again." Without saying a word he leaned down and softly kissed your lips.
You ended up going out with Demetri all through high school and college and he eventually proposed to you while on vacation in Hawaii. Of course, you gladly accepted and you continue to be happily married to this day.

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