Created by SavageSun on Monday, January 30, 2006

Narrator's... Narration of Course:

"Claire," a girl called. The girl had short black hair, thick black eyelashes and stunning blue eyes. With a small silver stud in her nose and dark purple lipstick, Charlotte Gelling was Grey High School's bad girl.

"Oh, hey Char. Where's Allison?" Claire responded.

Here's the low down on Claire Tolan:

Claire Meadow Tolan is not a flower child. She is not a punk. She is not a goth. She is not a prep. She is not popular. She is not a reject. She is not ugly. She is not gorgeous. Claire Tolan is like most of the kids you might know, normal, average. In fact, she's probably a lot like you.

"Allison? She's at her mom's house, so it's just you and me this weekend Tolan," Charlotte said, buckling one of her loose boot buckles.

"Oh, Charlotte. I'm sorry, I forgot, I have to spend the weekend studying for Calculus. I have to ace this quiz or my mom is going to kill me," Claire said rolling her eyes and stepping backwards.

"Claire watch out!" Charlotte shouted before a thud.

"Ow...You can't be serious..." Claire groaned as a soccer ball nailed her on the head.

"Oh God..." Charlotte murmured before rushing over to check on her best friend.

"Are you all right?" a low voice said. Looking up they saw one of the school's soccer players. "I'm sorry, one of the guys kicked the ball a little hard."

"You think?" Claire snapped.

"Geeze, sorry." he said reproachfully. Claire waved him off. "My bad, sorry." he said a little more sincerely the second time before running back to practice.

"You sure you're all right Claire?" Charlotte asked crushing a small piece of dirt from the soccer field with her heavy black boot.

"Yeah... I'm fine," she said before picking up her backpack.

"Ugh, what a prat. Those jocks think the own the place," Charlotte said, "Especially pretty boy Seth Abney- last name is too damn long to say."

Claire laughed.

"Char, it's not that hard, it's Abney-Becker. And Seth isn't all that bad, he's a nice guy," she said in his defense.

"It's bad enough all the girls in this one horse town worship him like a god. Not you too, he already has Allison," she said with a groan. Claire's face contorted.

"Not even Charlotte. He's just in a lot of my classes that's all. Don't get me started with Allison..." Claire said tying her hazel hair back in a loose bun. Charlotte snorted.

"Ugh, thank you. I mean... he's not even that hot if you really look at him," Charlotte said while finishing a silver Sharpie illustration of a flower on her jeans.

"Why would you of all girls waste your precious time to stare at Seth Abney-Becker with such care and consideration?" Claire asked mockingly. Charlotte flushed rose.

"Oh shut it Tolan. I bet you do it too," Charlotte retorted, as Claire grinned.

"Well he is in a lot of my classes..." she said stroking her chin with mock thoughtfulness.

*Still the narrator*


"Way to go Shepherd," Seth said passing the soccer ball to his teammate.

"Just play the game Becker," his teammate replied, before passing the ball back to him.

That's right dear reader, it's Mr. "Last Name Too Damn Long To Say". And I bet you sitting at the computer screen want to know about this fine gentleman eh?

Well too bad, use your imagination.
(Narrator is glared at by the two authors.)

Whoops, just kidding. All right then smarty pants, here goes.

Simply put, Seth Abney-Becker is a typical jock. He can't draw, he can't act, he can't sing, but he can run fast as hell and kick a soccer ball while doing it. But unlike most jocks dear reader, Mr. Becker is in AP classes and thrives in the academic community, more than able to hold his own in the academic war zone. Bachelor number one also enjoys long walks on the beach, moonlight dinners and... okay I'll stop. Not a good time for shenanigans is it? Seth Abney-Becker is the local god. Basically, he is Henry Grey High School's Brad Pitt, their Go To Guy, their sex symbol.

There isn't a party around that he isn't invited to, not a girl he can't win and not a heart he can't break. His life is the life you imagine if you were your school's megastar. Yup, his life is anything but pedestrian and stale. It's exciting, it's fun and it's the life this guy lives easily as I walk. Life is a bitch sometimes, isn't it?

Well guess what? By noon on Monday, these two lives will never be the same. Nope, this isn't your typical story where a loserish girl meets a popular guy, loves him, gets a makeover and wins him over. This isn't even one of those stories where a girl is sky rocketed to popularity and she and the most popular guy hook up but in the end she loves the loserish/nerdy/miscellaneous guy. You've never seen a story like this before, so hold tight, say your prayers, and hope you make it out alive ladies and gents...

(And for your own safety, KEEP YOUR HANDS INSIDE AT ALL TIMES!)

*Gun shot, and a heavy thud*
Audrey: Yeah. I told you, for your safety, keep your hands inside at all times.
Maize: Oh no... not another one.... We can't handle another lawsuit...
Cliffie, mwahahaha! Thanks for reading, message us if we should continue! In the great words of Dave Chappelle, konnichiwa bitches.

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