SASORI LOVE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!part2

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Created by kdeniser on Sunday, March 23, 2008

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Hi ok here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Sorry if u don’t like these just skip it then) - So I was attracted to Sasori no Danna and Deidara Sempei (Sasori and Deidara). And they found out that I was Harino, Kelly (the person they were looking for) and so they grabbed me and put me on the back of one of Deidara’s birds and flew off with me.

STORY TIME!!!!!!!!!

Ok so here we go (again) BACK ON TRACK!!!!!!!!

kakashitheacholic.gif(Kakashi Sensei)
untitled-1.jpg(Sakura Harino (Kelly's little Sister)
“HEY, isn’t that those Akatsuki members we were looking for?” said one of the REAL ninjas “YEAH, HEY KAKASHI ISN'T THAT YOUR STUDENT KELLY HARINO?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...” said the second ninja “WHAT?!!!!!!... OH MY GOSH IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!! KELLY, KELLY, KELLY!!!!!!!!!!! Hm, I have to get her back, Sakura won’t be too happy that herolder sister has been captured by the AKATUKI…the only question is HOW… DARNIT!!!!!!!! Ok well for now I have to go get a squad to help me get her back” said Kakashi Sensei.

My P.O.V

“HEY, LET GO OF ME WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!!!!!!” I yelled in the one named Sasori’s face. “Ow that hurt my ear…GIRL, now stop your yelling and struggling and I’ll let go of you, ok?” he said COMPLETELY emotionless as he tightened his grip on my arm “OW let go of me you emotionless b______!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...” I yelled at him. “Young girls like you shouldn’t be cussing rude words like that…and if you really want me to let go of you then you should do as I say…(tightening his grip even more) I’m not a very patient person… GOT IT?!” he said into my ear “OW!!!!!!! OW... OH MY GOSH you’re going to suffocate my HAND!!! And yes I got it, your just lucky I’m not able to move cuz I ain’t all that patient either so LET GO! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And even if you don’t suffocate my hand you’re going to pull the stitches out!!!!!! So LET GO and let me see ya’lls faces!!!!!!!!!!” I whined/screamed. “Ha, ha, ha” Sasori and Deidara started laughing “WTF WHAT ARE YA’LL LAUGHING AT?!!!!” I screamed. “Shut up and I’ll let go of you and give you any answer your want got it?” Sasori said compromising with me. “Fine… I guess, now LET GO! ...please” I said. “Ok” Sasori said and with that I could move my body again on my own and he slowly released my arm, FINALLY. “Thank you, now who are you?” I asked. “Well I’m Sasori of the red sand from the Akatsuki but you can call me Sasori no Danna, Danna, or Sasori… I guess if you want” Sasori answered. “And I’m Deidara Senpai of the Akatsuki but you can call me Deidara, or Dei. Hm” Deidara said. “Ok well I’m Kelly Harino so where are ya‘ll takin' me anyway?” I asked in my cute southern way. “Um did you just say ya’ll? HA, HA, hm” Deidara asked stupidly. “Yeah waz it to ya, besides I’m from the south most part of the country, so yeah” I said. “Deidara you shouldn’t go making southern girls mad just cuz they talk differently besides if she is impatient like she said there’s more of a chance she’ll kill you.” Sasori warned “besides it was really cute the way she said it” Sasori whispered that part. “THAT’S RIGHT Deidara!” I said. About an hour later I fell asleep and somehow I ended up in Sasori’s lap (So weird!).SasoKat.jpg(ok lets just pretend that thats me in Sasori's Lap without the cat ears and i'm asleep and i don't have the cat thing in my hands)
I woke up (eyes closed) and then I felt something go through my hair and totally freaked out, I sat up so fast I almost gave Deidara a heart attack.1214623040_3127_full.jpg(Deidara freaked out)
“What the hell was that for you almost gave me a HEART ATTACK! HM” Deidara yelled scared to death ALMOST. “Huh, oh sorry Deidara, that just really scared me I felt something in my hair and… IDK it just REALLY scared me again sorry.” I said. “Oh well I guess I should apologies for scaring you then cuz that thing that was in your hair was my hand…” Sasori said apologetically. “Oh well its ok…” I said as I felt a little blush (Just pretend it's you!)“Are you BLUSHING Kelly?” Deidara asked (ANOTHER stupid question). “HUH, NO w-wh-why, why would I be blushing?” me face turning darker every moment. “IDK… cuz you like Sasori no Danna…” he said in a smart___ kinda way. “I DO NOT!”, “yeah you do, you can’t hide it”, “GGRRRR! DON’T JUDGE ME!”, “well you do I can see it in your eyes”, “see what?”, “that you LOVE DANNA!” and that fight went on for about an hour until Sasori had to interrupt us. “OK, gosh I don’t freakin care if she does or doesn’t like me just give it a rest.”, “Hey Danna why are YOU blushing?” untitled.jpg(Just pretend it's Sasori!)Deidara asked TRYING to annoy us obviously. “WHAT do you mean? I’m not blushing! HEY WAIT a second your just trying to get me to admit the fact that I like her aren’t you?”, “HA, HA I KNEW IT”, “WAIT, NO, THAT DIDN’T COME OUT RIGHT” Sasori said. “SHUT UP!!!” “Here Danna have your little girlfriend! HA, HA” Deidara said pushing me into Sasori’s lap making me hit his chest really hard. “UM... sorry Sasori I did…” I was interrupted with a kiss from Sasori on the lips.SakuraXSasori.jpg(Sasori kissing Me) “UM…UM…”I stuttered. “What is UM the only thing you can say?” Deidara said. “UM…” Sasori then kisses me again and I kiss him back and it turns into like a makeout scene. “UM hey guys…GUYS hey I’m still sitting here!” Deidara said getting annoyed. We madeout for about 2 minutes before braking apart for some much needed air! “FINALLY, ARE YOU DONE YET?!” Deidara said really annoyed. “For NOW” I said. “UHG… that’s great, NOT! I hope you realize that Leader-Sama is NOT going to like you two being together RIGHT?” Deidara asked. “I don’t give a rip!!!! I love Sasori and I’m not going to let some dumb leader say who I can and can’t love!” I yelled. “OK well hey look were we are.” Deidara said. Raising an eyebrow I asked “where?”, “Huh oh right well were at HQ.” Sasori answered before Deidara could even open his mouth to talk. “Well I think that before we go in I should do this…” I said as I wrapped my arms around Sasori’s neck and giving him a deep passionate kiss and him returning the favor. Then I heard an unfamiliar voice say “SASORI, STOP KISSING HER!” with that little command Sasori turned and stopped kissing me. “GRRRRR, SASORI I want you far away from her got it?” “Yes leader-Sama.” And with that he got up making me fall off of him and onto the bird. “GRRR!!! You know Sasori I wasn’t finished…” I said getting up and grabbing his arm. “Kelly, sorry but I have to listen to leader-Sama after all he is the leader.” Sasori said in an emotionless voice just as more Akatsuki members came out “MAN, I HATE YOU SASORI YOU CARE MORE ABOUT THAT FREAKIN' LEADER OF YOURS THEN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought that you liked me?!!!!!!! Isn’t that the whole reason you madeout with me? But no I guess you just do that to every FREAKIN girl you see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I said as I realized that even more members were coming out. Tears were in my eyes the whole time I was talking. I jumped off the bird and made a run for it.

Sasori’s P.O.V

I watched as she jumped off the bird and started running. After she disappeared I realized she was right, so I took off after Kelly. About half an hour later I caught up with her and grabbed her with my chakra strings. “Kelly, wait your right I do love you and love is more important than leader-Sama’s orders I’m sorry”

My P.O.V

“Sasori… I cant take it when people listen to others about a person rather then their hearts and I LOVE you Sasori and I… I don’t want to lose you… PLEASE… please don’t leave me!!!!!!” I yelled. “Kelly I’m not going anywhere without you, your mine and NO ONE can tell me to be with you or keep me from you but me, not even LEADER-SAMA!” Sasori said. “Thank you Sasori - Sama … I LOVE YOU! Now take these strings off me so I can kiss you” I said. “You promise that you won’t run away?” Sasori asked curiously. “Yes, I promise I won’t” I said reassuringly. Then Sasori let go of me and I ran into him and kissed him. “Do we really have to go back?” I whined. “Yes, I’m sorry but I promise they won’t bother you” Sasori said. We headed back to HQ and I saw leader-Sama give me a deadly glare I gave the same look at him. We landed were the bird had been and walk in the secret spot were the entrance was. Leader-SamaAkatsuki__Leader_PEIN_by_dannex009.jpg(That's Leader - Sama also known as Pein - Sama)
looked at me and then said in an evil, misty voice “Go wait for further instructions in my room, I will be there momentarily to arrange were you will be sleeping and who your partners will be… NOW GO!” Sasori lead me to a dark hallway and as we passed a room the door opened and Deidara came out which scared me SO MUCH!!!!! “Deidara WHERE THE HELL DID YOU COME FROM? YOU ALMOST GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK!!!!!!!” I yelled at Deidara. “Oh sorry Kelly, I didn’t know you got scared so easily” Deidara replied. “I D-don’t, I just didn’t expect you to come out of nowhere that’s all” I said defensively. “Ok well anyway let’s go Pein-Sama, I mean leader-Sama will be looking for us” Deidara said. So we walked down the hall and got to the very end and then stopped Sasori knocked on the door and we heard a dark, evil, Creepy! Voice say “ENTER”, “Um... do we HAVE to enter?” I asked in a small scared kind of voice while sliding towards Sasori and backing behind him like a shy, little kid. “Come now Kelly its just leader-Sama, he’s not THAT scary, now is he?” Sasori asked in a sweet and kind voice. “Well I guess not, but he just scares me with his evil mysterious voice and all.” I said getting out from behind Sasori. “I said ENTER” Pein repeated. “UM y-yes sir.” I said as I opened the door still scared. About 5 minutes after we entered Pein came out of the shadows and said “So you will be Deidara and Sasori’s partner from here on out and you will have to share a room with them as well if you don’t like it, SUCK IT UP!...”, “Oh I don’t mind I use to have two younger brothers and had to share a room with them…”, “WHO SAID YOU COULD TALK?!!!!!!!!” Pein said his voice booming through the room. I looked at him terrified, Sasori realized that I had the look of a lost child on my face and grabbed my arm I didn’t move a square inch. “Hey Kelly you ok? Are you there? Kelly? Kelly wake up!” Sasori said getting worried. I didn’t say a word for at least an hour then Pein sent us out Sasori carried me out bridal style and took me to our room that now had three beds rather then the normal two. Sasori placed me on a bed under a small window and sat at the end. I FINALLY snapped out of it. Sasori looked at me with relief in his eyes as he noticed that I was back to my old self. “Um… Kelly, are you ok? You haven’t been your self since Pein-Sama started yelling at you” he said worriedly. I looked at him as a glaze went over my eyes once more giving me the look of “no ones home” Sasori looked at me and noticed this. He grabbed my shoulders and shook me really hard and then tears started to swell up in my eyes and I’m seconds I was crying like a little girl. “UM…uh did I… did I do something I’m sorry Kelly please don’t…don’t cry” Sasori said thinking it was his fault when really I was just in a flash back of my childhood back at my EVIL babysitter’s house. Then I screamed “NO PLEASE DON’T ANGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed so loud that Deidara came running in “WHAT HAPPENED?!!!!!!”, “IDK!!!!!! SHES LIKE STUCK IN THE PAST OR SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!” Sasori yelled. “WELL CALM HER DOWN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Deidara replied. Sasori thought and did the first thing that came to mind and kissed me suddenly my eyes cleared and I stopped trying to scream though his lips and kissed him back and then I pulled away. I looked down and started to cry once more. Sasori wrapped me in a hug as I cried. “Kelly what happened? Why did you scream that name and was that like your past or something?” Sasori whispered into my ear. “I’m sorry Sasori, my past often haunts me, and Angle was my babysitter from when I was 6 years old. She was horrible she tortured me and found joy in it and that was a flashback of when I was over at her house, when she was watching me. She was mad cuz her boyfriend broke up with her cuz he found out what she did to me. She had burned my arm really badly the day before and he found out about it and broke up with her. So she got really mad at me and made it look like it was my fault and she beat me with a whip and was arrested for beating me up.” I replied. “WHAT SHE WHIPPED YOU?!!!!!!!!!!” Sasori said in a worried/shocked tone. “WHAT HAPPENED?!” Deidara said in a shocked tone thinking * what are they talking about? Who got whipped? * “Be quiet Deidara” Sasori said quietly. Moments later Pein burst through the door. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE?!!!!!” He said angrily scaring the___ out of me. Sasori could tell I was frightened as I clung onto him. He let go of me and turned toward Pein and said “would you shut up?! Can’t you tell she has SEIRIOUS ISSUES?! I’ve been in here trying to calm her down for like 3 hours!”. “That’s your problem not mine.” Pein said emotionless. “Actually it IS your problem if she’s scared and caught up in flashbacks then she can’t do anything. She doesn’t even realize that she’s awake. So yeah it is your problem not just mine.” Sasori said calmly. “Well didn’t you just get her to wakeup?” Pein asked in a smart-alecky voice. “Well yeah, but…”, “But nothing just wake her up that way.” “Well… OK, I guess that works.” Sasori replied smiling a HUGE smile. “WAIT, how did you wake her up?” Pein asked curiously. “UM… I did this…” Sasori replied as he turned around and started to kiss me I looked up and kissed back wrapped my arms around his neck not realizing the others in the room. About a minute went by and then Pein had gotten annoyed “OK THAT’S ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!” He said in an annoyed tone. “Oh leader-Sama… I-I-I didn’t notice you…” I said as I began to blush a deep red color. Pein gave me and Sasori EVIL, Death stares.

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