Dear Sensei [Kakashi Hatake] ::oneshot:: {lemon}

i plan on making a part two to this so just keep an eye outrequests are always welcomed! Awwww cute little Naruto-Kyubi!

Created by Teacupp on Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Name: Kurosawa Mikutashi

Nickname: Miku

Age: 20

Rank: Jounin

"Late again Kakashi-Sensei, what am I going to do with you?" Miku teased as she got up off of the boulder she was resting on.

"Oh right, I was suppose you meet you here!.....for what?" Kakashi asked Miku, one of his first students, although she was now a jounin like he, he rarely had time to see her.

Miku rolled her pinkish red eyes and tossed her lavender hair over her shoulder ", I'm taking the Anbu entry exam soon and you were supposed to train me, you senile old man!"

Kakashi folded his arms across his chest ",I am not old,prove it!" he retorted.

Miku smirked and circled him slowly "Well for one alzheimers isn't one of the best signs."

Kakashi stood still but followed her with his eyes ",I do not have al--"

Miku touched her finger to her lips signaling him to be quiet "two, the way you always slouch is a sure sign of osteoporosis, and three this gray hair!" she was not directly in front of him but to the side as she twirled a lock of silver hair in her fingertips.

"You know very well that it's silver!!" he retorted hotly.

"Oh don't get your panties in a bunch," She giggled as she pulled back her her fist and aimed a punch at his head which he quickly deflected.

"I wasn't expecting that!" he scolded as he caught her kick.

"A ninja should always expect the unexpected Kakashi-Sensei wasn't that the first thing they taught you in the Academy?" she smirked as she spun her self to kick him with the other leg.

Neither Miku or Kakashi had time to make any hand seals so the battle raged on in taijustu, Miku hadn't noticed but her Sensei was steadily backing her up against a tree when they came near he pushed her up against it and secured all of her limbs.

"I win," he whispered huskily, Miku found heat rushing to her face at the close proximity of her sensei. "You blushing," he teased letting her go.

"from exhaustion!" she retorted crossing her arms with a huff.

Kakashi laughed and placed his hands on his knees heaving for air ", you're good I'll give you that."

"You're out of breath old man, maybe I should go find someone else to train with." She asked casually.

"Iie I'm just getting started," Kakashi answered and he lifted his hiyate to reveal his sharingan causing Miku to grin.

Quickly she shoved her hands behind her back and completed the necessary seals for her jutsu ",Fukuneko no justu!"

Kakashi chuckled ",it's not as effective as my sharingan, you know that." he jumped away and charged her at full speed.

Watching his movements closely she stepped out of his way just in time grabbing his arm ",Bite me old man." She flipped him over and threw him to the ground straddling him she whispered in his ear ",No I think I win." Kakashi frowned for some reason he was feeling very uncomfortable and he was relieved when she let go of him.

"You're still going over the written portion with me right?" She asked hopefully as she tied her hair into a loose ponytail.

"Aa, come by my apartment at around seven." He instructed her.

"Good that gives me enough time to get in the shower." she commented off hand before walking off leaving her perverted sempai with thought of her in the shower which made him stand rooted in spot.

"Good that gives me enough time to get in a cold shower," he said to himself before disappearing.

Seven O'clock was nearing and Kakashi was still scolding him self about his less than decent thoughts of his former student. 'Former being the key word maybe I can have something with her' he thought hopefully and cursed when the doorbell rang, he still wasn't done his inner argument. As he opened the door his breath caught revealing Miku in her very revealing clothing. 'DID SHE HAVE TO WEAR THIS!?" he asked god angrily.

"Hey," he greeted casually stepping aside to let Miku inside his dimly lit house, his voice held a little quiver but he quickly squashed it.

Miku glanced at him out of the corner of her eye noticing the quiver and smirked "So what should we start with?" She asked as she sat down on the floor he took a seat in front of her and flipped through the thick textbook.

"Defensive plans," he answered as he flipped the page ",this book is a lot different than when I took the test" he commented.

Miku smirked "that's because you're like 56 years old" Kakashi rolled his eyes, the only time he removed his Hiyate was in the privacy of his own home, so Miku saw both eyes roll clearly.

"C'mon you hooligan, formation A?" he joked.

"Kekki Genki in the back, offensive on the sides, and defensive in front. Four people Diamond shape. Ha beat that gramps!" She pumped her fist in the air triumphantly.

"Call me something like that again Miku-chan and see what happens," Kakashi threatened.

The threat oddly turned Miku on and she mentally scolded herself 'Kakashi-Sensei is my...well...Sensei I can't be having those kind of thoughts about him! Besides he probably still thinks of me as a little girl!' she thought but her body and voice betrayed her as she felt herself leaning towards him ",What are you going to do about it jii-san?"

Kakashi faltered, was she flirting with him? The smirk on her lips were flirtatious, the way she batted her eyelashes were flirtatious, and the way she was leaning which showed off even more of her cleavage was flirtatious. 'I'm taking this a running with it.' he stated firmly in his mind, as if anyone was going to oppose him. He leaned forward leaving about an inch of room between their lips before whispering ",I guess you'll just have to wait and find out," and then he leaned back as if nothing had happened ",Formation D?"

Miku narrowed her eyes 'tease' she thought before answering him she could still feel his hot breathe on her lips even through his damned mask, after about a half an hour filled with no sexual banter Miku sighed ",Neh Jii-san got any water in this joint?"

Before Miku had even realized what happened she found her self pinned to the floor by her former Sensei "How many times do I have to tell you I'm not old!" he growled playfully as he held the tiny woman to the ground, their faces were just as close as before and it was taking Kakashi all his will power to just not kiss her.

Miku smirked before slowly saying "prove it," Kakashi had been looking away when she began to speak but as soon as she did their eyes met knowing exactly what she meant by her statement.

But Kakashi, being Kakashi wasn't going to let her have what she wanted so easily ",hmmmmm how to prove to my very under clothed, voluptuous, and irresistible former student that I'm not old?" Kakashi had clearly emphasized 'former' to erase any doubt either had in their mind. He tapped his chin to humor the thought "I could take off my mask to show you I have no wrinkles?" He offered dumbly. The thought of seeing Hatake Kakashi without his mask made her very excited she nodded vigorously making Kakashi chuckle as he slipped both his masks down to reveal a very handsome face he had a grungy look too him as he wasn't clean shaven but he didn't have a beard yet either. Her hand instinctively reached up to caress his face causing him to smile slightly before leaning in and capturing her lips in a passionate kiss. As soon as their lips touched sparks went flying and the next Miku knew she was laying on her 'former' Sensei's bed in nothing but her bra but that too was soon discarded to their trail of clothing that lead from the living room, in case they got lost on their way back. Feeling Kakashi kiss her neck she gasped in ecstasy and sighed in delight as he left butterfly kisses all the way down to her right breast.

"Sensei," she whimpered causing him to smirk right before he flicked her nipple with his tongue causing her to shutter pleasantly he trailed around it barely even touching the swollen nub and then without warning he took the entire thing into his mouth sucking on it in a tantalizingly slow manner Miku had gasped right as he had sucked her causing his member twitch uncomfortably in his boxers. Although the smirk never left his lips as he began massaging the other neglected twin.

Miku could barely think straight, rather then realized that both she and Kakashi were trying to find a loophole in a taboo, which never lead to anything good. She felt his warm tongue slowly trail it's way down to her warmth as he gave her clit a nice hard flick with his tongue causing her to lurch forward with a sharp intake of breath.

Kakashi chuckled as he pulled himself back up to hover over his former student, he brought his lips down to hers for another star-struck passionate kiss, her tongue massaged against his almost in need. Kakashi had to admit it, he liked to feeling of being needed he moved to her ear and lightly outlined it with his tongue before whispering "Are you a virgin?"

Miku couldn't help but laugh hadn't Kakashi heard about her late night, and sometimes even, mid-day escapades with Iruka, Hayate, Genma, or even Shikamaru. It wasn't as if she were a whore she never got her self into situations like the one with her a Kakashi, she was usually dating them or they were "Talking". Ehhh who was she kidding she liked sex, the idea of it and the action and, no she wasn't dating Hayate or Genma when she 'had her way with them'.

Kakashi smirked ",So I guess the rumors are true?" he asked as she kissed down his neck.

"Mmhmm," she sounded as she nibbled on his Adams apple causing him to let out a low rumbling groan of pleasure.

"I never knew I taught such a slut!" he whispered before kissing her.

"I'm going to ignore the fact that you just called me a slut, but no I'm not a virgin" She whispered into his lips as she arched her back, brushing her breasts against his firm chest.

She smiled as Kakashi began to speak ",good because I don't want to be breaking more than one taboo tonight." he joked finally admitting it.

Miku cocked her eyebrow suspiciously ",would you stop if I was?"

Kakashi smiled slightly as he adjusted her hip for his entrance, looking up at her he gave a quick peck on the lips "no," he said before entering.

Miku gasped and let out a light scream as she gripped the rumpled sheets, she hadn't expected him to be this was godly ",Oh my god!" she cried as he pumped in and out of her while he licked and sucked her neck.

"Oh god Kakashi-sensei....You're so big!!" She drawled out in ecstasy.

"Ergh, you're so tight baby," was his reply, after that nothing coherant was utter.

Miku felt Kakashi quickening his pace just in time to because she was reaching her climax as well "uunnngghhhhh Oh my god Sensei!!!" She screamed.

"Fuck Miku ugh!!" he swore as he came inside without a second thought, her rolled off of her and pulled the covers up wrapping an arm around her shoulder as she gasped for breath.

"Oh and by the way, I'm only twenty-six," he commented as he panted. Miku gasped, her Sensei was only six years older than her.
"Y'know," he said off handedly once the two of them had steadied their breathing ", we didn't get much studying in."

Miku snorted and cuddled up to her former sensei whispering ",it's okay you can always make up for it during training." she offered questioningly.

"Hm... sounds like a good Idea" he agreed, knowing full well they wouldn't be "training", he didn't want her to fact he wanted her to stay for ever, but that might just be his hormones talking 'no I think I'm falling for her' he thought before drifting off to sleep.

The next morning he woke up feeling cold he turned over to find Miku's spot empty save for a piece of paper

"Dear Sensei,

Thanks for the lay, but since we didn't get any studying done I went over to Genma's to 'study'

xxx Miku"

"Fuck!" Kakashi swore as he woke up and looked over to where he expected Miku to be, but she wasn't there...again....wait didn't he just wake up? 'dammit did I just dream that entire thing?!' He thought angrily. He felt so dirty for dreaming about his student in the way he had, after showering he walked into the living room to find the Anbu training text book exactly where he dreamt they left it on the front cover a note was taped.

"Dear Sensei;

Don't worry I didn't leave you high and dry, I'm not that type of girl. I bet you forgot that the Anbu exam was this morning, huh old man? I left the door unlocked so I can come back in...I hope you don't mind. I can't wait to tell you how it went!

oxxxo Miku"

"Heh," Kakashi chuckled as he put down the note he knew that he couldn't dream something that realistic, just then the door opened and Miku came bounding in with a smile on her face. As soon as she spotted Kakashi standing in the kitchen she ran full speed at him and jumped into his arms. Kakashi caught her around the waist and secured her so she wouldn't fall as she gave a heated kiss.

"I did it ANBU rank 2!" she squealed as she kissed kakashi passionately again causing his member to twitch. ",ready for a repeat of last night?" she whispered as Kakashi smirked and carried her towards the bedroom.

picture of Kakashi when he woke up the second
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