Hinata falls in love. A love story

This is my first story I hope you like it.

Created by Sasukekun15 on Sunday, March 30, 2008


It was a day like any ordinary day, to Hinata. but this day was accually the day of her life. She had other boyfriends before but they didn't really work out. One day Hinata was walking alot a path in the leaf village. (this is a different Hinata than the one in Naruto) she seen Naruto walking with Sasuke. Annoying the crap out of Sasuke.Hinata run like there is nothing to run about started running and ran up to Naruto. Tripping hinata by accident Hinata trip on Naruto's big shoe's and fell down. Injuring nothing but her elbow. Her elbow was bleeding from the fall and Naruto rushed to the amergencey hospital for a bandaid. When they got back Hinata and Naruto ate ramen. and talked for about 3 hours. After that Naruto asked Hinata if she would like to go to the movies at night about 7ish. Hinata thought for alittle bit said yes. So she went home leaving Naruto behind and asked her dad if she could go with Naruto to the movies at 7. he said sure. When 7 came around Naruto at the door ring the door bell seven hundered times Hinata's dad got it. Naruto was talking when Hinata can out to the living room. With a dress so beautiful. it was the color of Crimsom red with alittle hot pink in sertain places. They went to the movies and had a worderful time.But when Naruto seen two guys from the Akatsuki, Itachi and Kisame, they tried a to get Naruto And they did so they took Hinata to. When she woke up she was tied up. She didn't knwo were she was. She got the idea that she would call her dad with her cell phone but when she tried to get it was gone. Itachi got it when she was asleep. she couldn't see Naruto any were. so she started to call his name really loud. Then she seen a figure not Naruto's figure it was Deidara. He took Hinata down some stairs where Naruto was strap down to this table. Hinata was so glad to see Naruto but Naruto was very weak his voice sounded like it was gone he was bleeding at his wrist and chest. Hinata tried to get up but Kisame pull her up and sat her on a sepperated table tied her up to that. Hinata could see the deing in Naruto's eye and the weak through out his body. She was starting to get very worried about Naruto so. She use her kouni to rip the rope off. When she did Itachi appeared to her and tried to get her but she use her tijusu. And she escped with Naruto otu of the Akatsuki's hide out.
So they got back home safe and sound. but when she got to her dad's he was very mad at her. But she explained tohim what had happen. and thta was the end of Naruto and Hinata's love date. And they spent happily ever after. The End

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