Is Gaara ticklish??????

lets find out if he is

Created by Bloodyheartache on Monday, March 31, 2008


Me: hmmm i wonder if Gaara is ticklish
Lee: u know idk if he is
Me: what do you mean?????
Lee: well he must have that sand shield for some other use right?
Me: never thought of that
Kankuro: HI YALL
Me: - -' what do you want?
Kankuro: i herd you want to find out if Gaara is ticklish
Kankuro: well..........
Me: u dont know do you
Kankuro: *sighs* no
Lee: - -'
Kankuro: sry
Me: shh here he comes
Gaara: ?????????? hi??
Me: hi gaara-kun
Lee: hi
Kankuro: hi lil bro
Gaara: alright whats going on?
Me: n-n-nothing
Kankuro: *runs away*
Me: wuss
Lee: *jumps on Gaara's back and tickles him under his arms*
Me: O_O
Lee: nothing??????????
Gaara: - -' no
Lee: oh *gets of and runs*
Me: what the heck? who invented the world?
Gaara: *shrugs*
Me: hmmmm *tickles gaara stomach*
Gaara: *blushes*
Me: hmmmmmmmmmmmm
Gaara: oh no
Me: oh whats wrong gaara? u not ticklish there?
Gaara: *still blushing* n-no
Me: *takes his shoes off and tickles his feet*
Gaara: *trys not to laugh*
Me: haha so you are
Gaara: *trys to get up and run but im on him*
Me: cant get up gaara :P i pined u down
Gaara: u dont think i know that
Me: just making shur *tickles him*
Gaara: *laughs*
Me: yay i did it *does a happy dance*
Gaara: *glares at me* revenge :)
Me: oh crap *runs*

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