NejiXreader {Lemon}

girls point of veiw!! this is for my friend SiouxsieNTBanshees

Created by IrmaLairXx on Friday, April 04, 2008


You layed down on your bed and sighed as you looked up at the white, paint peeling ceiling.It has been almost 3 weeks since you've seen the one you love, Neji Hyguua. He had left to go do some important role with his team, he really couldn't tell you what it was. It was sometimes hard being here alone, hoping he was okay, your heart would ache from it. You looked at your right hand, he had kisses it before he left and promised he would returned, but you were slightly doubtful, this is the longest he has been gone and with your right hand you grabed your shirt where your heart was and whispered "Please come back soon".

You sat up and wiped away the tear that fell down your cheek. You looked at yourself in the mirror, you were grubby from the training you did today and stood up and walked into the bathroom and turned on the hot water, then the cold. You took your training clothes off, peice by peice and hoped into the shower, closing the shower glass door. You were slightly tired but you hated feeling dirty, though you felt alot better as the warm water rained down against your head softly and running down your body.

You stood there for a few minutes with your eyes shut softly, feeling the water refresh your body. You then grabbed the shower gel, you loved the scent of it, and you cleaned your body with it, feeling cleaner and feeling better. You then grabed the shampoo, messarging your head with it and rinsed it out and finnally you grabed the conditioner. You left it in your hair for a few minites, allowing the conditioner to soak into your hair so it would be more effective, you then finally rinsed it out, your hair feeling much better and healthier. You turned both taps off and grabbed a towel and dried off as much as you could and wraped one towel around your body and the other wraped around your hair to dry it.

You walked into your room, straight for your drawer and grabbed your black Pj pants and a random, over sized top you liked to wear and threw them on the bed and grabed your underwear, putting them on. You slowly started to brush your hair and then putting it up in a pony tail for awhile so it doesn't make your clothes wet, then you put your Pj clothes on.

You left your room and walked downstairs and saw your father asleep on the couch, well it was quite late and he had, had started very early in the morning keeping gaurd over the village. You walked over to the kitchen and grabbed some ice-cream, putting it in a bowl and walking back upstairs to your room. You would grab a spoon full and eat it, but it felt more like it was melting in your mouth, the cooling feeling was wonderful as well as tastey. You smirked to yourself and said under your breath "damn, ice-cream is the best feeling when your sad". You finsihed eating the ice-cream and walked slowly towards your door but you droped the bowl and spoon onto the carpeted floor when two arms had wraped them selves around your stomach and someone kissing the right side of your neck tenderly. It gave you a shock at first but you then put your right hand on this persons cheek and he smiled against your cheek and the boy whispered into your ear "I missed you soo much _________".

It was the voice you longed to hear from the last 3 weeks and you replied "I missed you too Neji". He then continued to kiss your neck, licking it as he did and when he found your soft spot, all he had to do was suck on it very softly to get a slight reaction out of you, in a way telling him to keep going. You tilted your head for him to get a better angle and as he did, he licked on that spot and sucked it abit hard causing a silent gasp leave your lips. He stopped and turned you around, grabbing your cheeks to look into your eyes and you gazed back. He was looking for something in your eyes, seeing maybe for guilt or lose of love but he smiled, when he saw nothing of the sort and pressed his lips against yours and slid his tongue within your mouth which caused you to blush lightly. He would usually ask for entrance by licking your upper lip but you merrly shrugged it off and messagred his tongue with yours.

He moved his tongue around yours, it was warm and moist and you loved the feeling, it was his way of savouring your taste but you hadnt even noticed the fact he was pushing you softly and slowly backwards until you hit the wall behind you and found your arms pined to the wall by his own hands. You were slightly confused, this was the first time he had pinned you against anything before, he seemed alil different but it didnt seem like much to you. He wraped his tongue around yours and you both finally broke for air, but while you panted he kissed your neck tenderly, pressing his body up aginst yours.

You blushed as you felt something poke against the lower part of your stomach but it faded, it could have been anything and it was only a second thing. He still had his hands pinning you against the wall but they were moving upwards and once both your hands were beside each other above you head, he held both your wirsts together in one hand. His now free hand went behind the back of your head and he kissed your deeply and roughly and you gladly kisses back and he continued to kiss your lips over and over again. His hand left the back of your head and guided itselfs to your hip, rubbing it but slowly it was venturing higher, slipping just slightly under your shirt.

He kept kissing you but you started to blush as your felt his hand rubbing softly upwards near your rib cage, his hands were soft and warm and he moved it up slightly more, he was rubbing just under your right breast. Rubbing side to side, you breast rested between his thumb and index finger and then slowly you felt his palm and fingers enclose your breast, you hadn't been wearing a bra. He messarged it with his right hand causing a gaspy moan to leave your mouth and into his. He continued to messarge your right breast and you felt something poke up aginst your lower stomach again, you broke the kiss to look down to see his pants pressed slightly against your stomach and he stop messarging your breast. He grabbed the bottom of your top and slowly started to pull your shirt up.

Your eyes grew slightly wider "N-Neji, are you sure we should be doing this?" He had pulled your top all the way off and grabed both you arms again, pinning them beside you and he started to kiss you neck and between kisses replied "I .. dnt know.. all i know.. is that.. i have to.. make you.. mine". He sucked on your soft spot causing a gasp to leave your lips. "mmmmm, you smell good _________" he commented, you smirked, he liked the scent of the shower gel but then he slowly started to kiss downwards, to your colar and from your colar he kissed just above your breast. This was the first time you had done this with Neji, infact it was the first time you had done this with anyone.

His mouth enclosed you hardened nipple from the cold air, suckling on it. You got a weird feeling in the pit of your stomach, like a flip and you could feel your temperture on the rise. You wanted to tell him that maybe you werent ready for this, but its felt so good. He licked and nibbled on the hardened bud causing a soft moan to leave your lips and it rang in his ears as his started to suck and kiss your breast more, he then released your right breast form his mouth and licked between the valley of your breasts and to the left one, leaving a cooling sensation on your hot skin and he started to kiss and suck on your left bud but alot harder making you bite your lip softly.

He then started parted his lips from your breast and kissed your lips and suddenly he bucked his hips into you mkaing you gasp loudly, your lower area was starting to make you want something you hadn't before. He this time grinded his hips against you, you able to slightly feel his memeber through his thin materal pants, you struggled to get you arms free and he let them go and you slowly pulled his shirt up and off of him. He picked your legs up and put them around his waist and you did so tightly as he pushed you up aginst the wall again and he started to kiss you neck. You had finally made up your mind as you reached out to your right and without looking you tried to find the lock to your door. Once found, you locked the door and just as the click of the lock was heard, Neji started to carry you to your bed and layed you down on it, you released your legs from around his waist and as he went to stand up, he removed your Pj pants in one quick move.

You were guessing he was becoming more and more turned on, as you were too. He sat slightly ontop of you, not putting much of his body weight on you and he kissed your lips rough but then started to leave butterfly kisses down to you neck and over your breasts. He moved him self lower and rubbed your legs and you watched him kiss down your stomach, making you giggle form being slightly ticklish. You gulped as you saw him pull down your panties, down your legs and onto the floor. He rubbed against your clit softly and you blushed, he then rubbed lower over your entrance and slid two fingers inside of you and he slowly moved his fingers in and out of your wet pussy making you moan and grab the sheets below you.

He looked up at you smirking and moved his fingers faster, moving them in a circular motionslightly and then pulled them out, licking them and loving the taste of you he leaned down and licked your entrance. He slid his tongue into your pussy and licked your walls and with his thumb, rubbed over your clit making you lift you head back slightly in pleasurable. He moved closer making his tongue go deeper and started to lick slowly in and out, you grabed the back of his hair with your right hand, not pulling or pushing but damn you just needed to grab something.

He moved his hand away and licked you clit before crawling back up to you but you grabbed his sides "Neji! take me now!" he smirked and stroked your cheek and he removed his pants leaving him in his boxers, you looked down to see but unfortunatelly you couldn't see an outline of his dick through his boxers. "Are you sure? cause there's no turning back" he said rasing an eye brow, taking your hair out from its pony tail but you rolled him over pinning him to the bed "yes i am! just take me! please" you begged, your lower area couldn't take much more and he rolled you back over and stood up.

He put his thumb inside his boxers and teasingly moved his boxers down slowly, he moved it down and you saw the ending of his dick and you drooled slightly but he kept pulling them down and once he removed them your eyes grew wide again. He was so big! He kneeled down onto the bed and you gulped back away slowly, "this is going to hurt, this is diffantly going to hurt" you thought to yourself, you hit the end of the bed and he crawled stright up to your face and kissed you and whispered into your ear "I promise this will only hurt for a moment" you nodded still not sure if you were ready for his size but you trusted him.

He put his left hand on your left hip and gripped his dick with the other and guided himself to your entrance and moved the tip of his dick in, it wasn't hurting yet so you relaxed abit and he kissed you softly, he then trusted himself all the way inside you, streching your walls, you grabbed his shoulder tightly and you half-scream but it was muffled by his mouth, your eyes started to water. He slowly moved himself half way out making you groan and he much slowly then he had before moved himself back in, you closed your eyes from the burning sensation, it was still hurting.

He moved his hips at this pace a few times, trying to let you get use to the feeling, you still held a firm grip on his shoulders still, arching your back from the pain but its was slightly subsiding. Your tightly closed eyes losened and you bit your lip the pain turning to pleasurable sensations and you released your tight grip on his shoulder, still holding on though. He felt you ease slightly and started to trust himself harder causing a soft moan of his name leave your lips and she smirked hearing his name being said like this and he moved his member in and out of you faster.

You opened your eyes to find yourself connecting to his own pink ones. he slid his right hand from your back to your hip and leaned down kissing you roughly and trusted himself even faster, making you roll your eyes backwards in pleasure and he then started to kisses down your neck, licking it at times. You moved slowly your right hand from his shoulder, to the right side of your face and then behind your head and gripping your hair tightly, biting your lip from the feeling in your lower area.

He moved himself in and out of you continuously before you rolled him over, being in the postion of control. Taking that in, he moved his hips up and down hard and you moved your hips in sync with his and lifted your head back. He rubbed your hips as he trusted, then rubbed the sides of your back as you put both of your hands on his stomach for surport. Neji looked at your actions with a little smirk pressed apon his lips, he was loving every minute of this and trying to capture this moment as his eyes looked at every inch of your body.

He moved his hands lower, grabbing a tight hold on your ass as he continued to trust upwards, moving slightly faster, feeling his hands you looked at him and he slightly leaned up to kiss your neck and you moved your head to the side automatically and he started to suck on your soft spot making you moan gaspy like into his ear, he licked down your neck to your ear and moaned "mmm _________" in your ear.

He gripped your ass again before moving them upwards onto your hips again, but instead of just putting them there, he forced you harder down on his dick, making himself enter you deeper and at that same time you arched your back and lifted your head back groaning, he grined against your skin and started to lick and kiss your colar. He then started to move your hips onto him, making him enter you faster and he closed his eyes and you moved your hips even faster and harder.

You were feeling something at the pit of your stomach and was sure you might release it soon, he seemed to notice this and rolled you over, grabbing your legs and placing them around his waist and you gladly wraped your legs around him. Once your legs were locked into placed, he trusted hard and fast at your pussy, his hands on the bed, surporting himself up and you arched your back, gripping your hair tightly.

he pushed himself all the way in a few times, and him moaning slightly because of it. He was moving so fast you were sure you were going to let go soon, but just as you thought about it you finally released your fluids on his dick and it seemed to make him want to move faster than he was and you moaned loudly. He kissed your lips and you could feel like throbbing inside of you, telling you he was on the edge and he went inside you harder but then you felt him leave you and you groaned from the sudden stoping of movement, but after a few moments you felt a warm liquid go against your stomach and you looked down tosee he had released his seed onto you.

You blushed slightly for what you had just done with him and he smirked in returend and kissed you roughly, before his trembling arms finally gave way and he fell ontop of you. He layed between you legs but move his body slightly to the side so his upper half was on the bed to the right of you and he traced his left hand's finger tips up and down your chest, between your breast and down to your stomach.

You smiled and moved his headband up and kissed his forehead where his mark was."soo... __________, did you miss me?"
You chuckled slightly and ran your fingers through his long hair
"Why, yes i did"
"And did you have fun?" He said grinning slightly evily, looking at you
"Maybe i did, maybe i didn't" You replied catching his eyes.
"I know you did" he said seductively
"how?" you have him a smirk
"i can see it in your eyes" you laughed to yourself forgetting his eyes could tell alot about you just by looking into them.
"Okay, you got me"

He laughed silently before closing his eyes, you could tell he was tired, not just from what happened, but the mission he had been gone for long for. You smiled and rested your head against his forehead, grabbing the blankets and putting it over the two of you hot bodies.
"sleep well Neji"
and you both fell into a deep sleep.

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