He Took My Heart! (A Deidara Love Story) - CHAPTER 1

This is the first chapter of my Deidara love story and I worked really hard. Please write any criticism as kindly as possible and I will take suggestions. THANKS!!!!

Created by sk8ta on Saturday, April 05, 2008

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BEEP BEEP BEEP! Went your alarm clock as you got out of bed and smashed it on the floor.

"Ami do seriously have to set that thing for every morning?" asked Sasori as he got out of his bed.

"Does it matter?", you asked, "I smashed the thing any way".

"Thanks goodness." he said. "Shut up" you replied.

You got out of your bed and headed to the bathroom.

"Hey guys I'm taking a shower so don't come in. K?"

"Yeah. Yeah., un." said Deidara getting out of bed.

You walking into the bathroom and locked the door.

After you finished your shower you walked out to find Sasori in a shirt and his boxers.

You shook your head.

"Sasori." you said.

"Yeah." he replied.

"Under your bead"

"Oh. Thanks"

"Yeah sure." You got your clothes and got dressed.

As you walked down the halls to the kitchen you ran into Tobi.

"Oh hi Ami-chan! How is Ami this morning? Tobi found Deidara-sempi taking extra cereal and Tobi stop him! Tobi good boy?" you laughed.

"Hi Tobi. I'm fine. Why was Deidara taking extra cereal?" you said.

"That's good. Tobi doesn't know but Tobi stopped him so there would some left for Ami-chan. Tobi good boy?"

"Awww how sweet. Yes Tobi's a good boy." you smiled, "Well i have to go eat. Bye Tobi."

"Bye Ami-chan!" he said while skipping down the hall.

You walked into the kitchen finding Deidara pinned to the wall with steak knives.

"Ummm" you said beginning to laugh.

"Say nothing and just get me down, un" he said with an angry embarrassed tone.

"You boys. And over breakfast cereal." you smirked.

"Yeah. Yeah. I was hungry. Now get me down!, un"

"Fine" you pulled the steak knives out of Deidara's shirt.

"Ok you wanted food. He pinned you to the wall. I'm confused here."

"Just forget it, un." he said.

"Fine" you said taking a bite out of your cereal headed to the dinning room.

"See ya.".

After you finished eating you went back to your room hoping to just listen to some music on your stereo but when you walked in Hidan, Sasori, Itachi, Deidara, and Kakuzu were all having some conversation on the floor.

"Ummmmm......what are you guys doing?" you asked.

"If you want to know it's gonna cost you." said Kakuzu.

"Kakuzu. SHUT UP!" you yelled.


"huh?" he replied.

"What are doing?"

"We're talking., un". You shook your head.

"Idiots." you whispered under your breath.

"AMI-CHAN! AMI-CHAN!" yelled Tobi banging down the door.

"What?" you asked.

"Tobi has good idea. We can play a game! Since people are already here. Tobi have good idea?" he asked.

Itachi just glared at Tobi.

"Please. That's just a waste of time. It's childish" Itachi told Tobi.

"But" said Tobi beginning to cry, "Ami-chan said it was a good idea"

"I did?" you asked.

You saw a tear go down Tobi's face. 'OMG he's such a baby' you thought.

"Fine if they'll play I'll play. Just don't cry." you sighed.

Tobi's face lit up like a firworks display. He looked at everyone else.

"Fine!!!!!!" they all yelled at once. Tobi just smiled.

"What stupid game do you want us to play?" asked Hidan.

"Tobi was thinking about playing......truth or dare." he said.

Everyone moaned in grief. You sat down in the circle looking very bored to everyone.

"Ok Tobi goes first!".

"Kakuzu.....truth or dare?"

"Truth" he replied.

"Aww your no fun" Tobi said.

"Oh well. Is it true you were going through Hidan's pants to find spare change yesterday?" Kakuzu's face dropped.

Hidan's mouth dropped and he glared at Kakuzu.

"What makes you ask such a absurd question?" he asked.

"Tobi wants to know you're trying to avoid answering the question." everyone looked at Kakuzu.

"That does seem like something you would do." said Sasori.

"Uh..uh....uh.....yes it's true." said Kakuzu. Hidan gave him a death glare.

"3...2...1...." he counted down. Kakuzu ran but Hidan stayed.

"Hey Hidan that wasn't nice" said Tobi.

"Neither was looking through my stuff for loose pocket change!" Hidan yelled,

"Stealing is a sin!"

"Hidan get over your self" you said.

"Tobi thinks it's Hidan's turn since Kakuzu left" said Tobi with a smile.

"Fine" said Hidan, "Deidara" Hidan said cracking a smile.

"huh?" replied Deidara.

"Truth or Dare?" he asked.

"Dare" he said, "I always pick dare. We've played this stupid enough for you to know that." Hidan smirked.

Deidara didn't look to happy to see it.

"I dare you to......KISS AMI!!!!" he said.

Both yours and Deidara's faces dropped. Everyone else began to to laugh.

"Hey" you said, "that's not fair!"

"Who said it would be?" he replied. Deidara just sat there still shock.

"Yeah!, un." said Deidara.

"Deidara are you turning into a chicken?" asked Itachi.

"No" he replied.

"Then kiss her." Itachi said with a bit of force.

Deidara stood up, walked over to you, and bent down in front of your face.

You were completely terrified. Everyone was watching. He put one hand on you cheek and leaned onto you closer. He gave you a small kiss on the cheek.

"Your definitely a chicken" said Sasori.

"Fine, un." said Deidara.

He picked you up, pinned you to the wall and pushed his soft lips against yours. Everyone was in shock.

"What about me being a chicken?" Deidara asked.

"Never Mind" said Sasori.

After a little while longer the game ended. It was late and you wanted to go to bed after a completely unexpected day. You changed into your pajamas then flopped on your bed. You heard someone turn the rooms door handle and jumped up. It was Sasori.

"Oh hi Sasori. I thought it was someone else." you said.

"Um..nice to see you too. Who did you think it was?" he asked.

"Deidara." you replied.

"Oh. From earlier. Right?"

"Yeah." you sighed, "I need to stop giving into Tobi. I always regret it." Sasori smirked.

"What?" you asked.

"Nothing." he said.

"Yeah sure. That's what you want to me think. But...." you were cut off when Deidara walked in the room.

"Oh. I'm interupting something?, un." he asked.

"No" you said.

"Ok." he said. He walked over to his dresser.

"Hey Ami about earlier..."

"It's ok." you said. He smiled. Sasori just rolled his eyes.

"Deidara" said Sasori.

"what?, un." he asked.

"Hallway. Now!" They both walked to the door. You were really confused now.

(In hallway)

"What heck" Sasori whispered yelled to Deidara.

"What?" he asked.

"When are you going to face it that you like her and you're going to admit it to yourself and tell her how you feel?!?!?"

"I don't know. I think I am a chicken when it comes this stuff. I mean she's smart, powerful, beautiful, nice....."

"I know." said Sasori.

Deidara glared.


"You know what. I'll think about it., un" Deidara said.

"Good." they both went back in the room.

"Everything ok guys?" you asked.

"Yeah" said Deidara, "Everythings fine, un."

"Ok. Good. Well I'll see you guys in morning I'm really tired." you said.

That night Deidara couldn't sleep a wink with non-stop thinking.

-----Deidara's POV------

'OMG' you thought, 'I do like her. Maybe even love her. But I'm to scared to say anything at all. I don't even know if she like me back. What if I take the risk and our friendship get messed up? What am I talking about that probably happened earlier.'

Your mind was filled with questions and what and what not to do and how you thought about things and on how Ami would react. You're used to being tough but this is one subject you knew you were the weak on.

"Well let's see what happens tomorrow" you whispered.

-----End Deidara's POV-----


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