Don't Stop [SoKai - Kingdom Hearts] [M]

Don't Stop is a story about Sora and Kairi from Kingdom Hearts. The story is three years after KHII, when they are all 18. Sora and Kairi go to Paris for all of Febuary, with Roxas, Namine, Axel, Larxene, Riku and Tifa. Rated M for some sexual co

Created by LostDawning550 on Friday, April 11, 2008

It was a wonderful day on Febuary first, when the whole group (Axel, Larxene, Roxas, Namine, Sora, Kairi, Riku and Tifa) have just settled down in the plane.

"Kairi, it's been a year since our last dating anniversary, and I'm going to give you the best gift ever." Sora said to his girlfriend, Kairi. The two have been dating since they were fifteen, and they started dating on Valentine's day.

Roxas and Namine played "I Spy" and laughed like little kids, and also got intrigued by the pudding they served on the plane. So technically, they were very immature. As they looked to the side to find Larxene and Axel making out, they thought that Larxene and Axel were TOO mature.

Kairi and Sora looked over to emotion-less Riku, finally gaining emotion while he sits beside his girlfriend, Tifa.

After a long ride in the plane, the group finally arrived in Paris. They checked in at a hotel known as "Hotel de Leon", which was owned by Leon, their friend.

"Hey Leon! It's been three years, man!" Sora hi-fived him. "Yup - So how've you been these few years?" "Well Kairi and I are going out now," Sora said as he kissed Kairi gently on the forehead.

"Oh please, get a room." "Fuck you, Leon." Sora laughed. The group laughed, too, then Leon went on with it and asked them for rooms. "So... Which rooms do you need?" Roxas came up to the counter, and pounded his fist on the counter's bell five times. "I'd like some vanilla ice cream, sir!" "What the fuck is wrong with you, Roxas?" Leon asked.
"It's natural," Namine explained as she pulled him away from the counter.

"Roxas, we just need some rooms. Uhh.. We need 4 rooms, each with 1 bed ... That should be good." "Alright, Sora - it's on me - you're my friend, anyway." Leon gave a smile and sent them up to their rooms.

They all headed for their rooms.

"Kay, Kai. Let's just unpack and wait downstairs for the others and we'll all go for lunch. Quad-date." "Alright," Kairi replied. After everyone unpacked, They all walked to a restaurant known as "Selphie Nouvaneu" also known as New Selphie. Selphie owned this place. She took a break from the managing and helped out with the waitresses. "Hello, and welcome to Selphie Nouvaneu - how can we help you?" Selphie's large notebook covered her face. After everyone agreed on something to eat, they looked up, and at that exact time, Selphie put her notebook time. "Oh my god - Shit - SORA, KAIRI, RIKU! IT'S YOU! Kai it's been so long!" "Selphs!" Selphie and her best friend hugged after missing eachother for a time.

"I'll give you the best one on the house and pina coladas - no alcohol." Selphie ran into the kitchen with a smile, jumping and running at the same time.

"Thirteen more days," Sora whispered in Kairi's ear. "..till the anniversary." he gently kissed her on the lips again.

13 DAYS LATER: Valentine's Day

Sora and Kairi headed upstairs to their hotel room after a shopping trip with Roxas and Namine. Kairi got her clothes and put them in her closet. She wasn't half done - Sora came in the room and kissed her gently, then they had a very passionate kiss - their tounges exploring eachother's mouth. They fell into a deep make-out session.

Still by Kairi's closet, Sora unzipped Kairi's dress, as Kairi pulled down his jacket. They were so deep into their make-out session, they didn't even know what they were doing. Sooner or later they were only on their bed, Kairi in a pink with black lace lingerie, and Sora in his black boxers. They rolled around. They stood up again, and they stopped making out for a while. Sora gave a sexual grin, and rolled up the bottom of her lingerie, and next thing you know, Kairi was fully nude. Kairi did the same, but as she put down his boxers, she kneeled down and..

Sora stared at her. "Are you sure you're ready?" "If I wasn't.. I wouldn't do this.." Sora started sucking on his cock, going back and forth. Then they got to the bed, and Kairi was on Sora's lap. They were kissing eachother passionately, again. Sora put Kairi off his lap and started kissing every inch of her body. He was necking her, then headed for Kairi's average-size tits. He started massaging her breast, as Kairi gave a moan. "Oh Sora.. That feels good." "Not as good as this," Sora headed south, then jackpot - Kairi's vagina. he started licking the shit outta him, then played with her clitoris with his tounge. "Oh.. Sora.. Please - more.. I - I .. N-nn-need... moooreee.." Kairi moaned. "You asked for it," Sora stuck his tounge in her tight hole, and stuck it in as far as he could reach. Then finally he stopped. "Don't stop," "I know, Kai." Suddenly, Kairi's velvet eyes closed, and Sora grabbed his cock then crammed it right in her vagina. She lied down, knowing that this was the big moment. He started pumping the hell out of him. He layed on top of her, but still was inside her. "Sora - just drop it - give me twenty." "Alright," Sora got ontop of her again, and pumped twenty times. "Ugh, UGH!" Kairi heavy breathed way too much. "That good or do you need fifty?" "Sora - D-Don't sttoop!" Sora played with her vagina for about ten minutes with his cock and his tounge, then switched for Kairi's asshole, her anus. He injected his average-sized cock again, and pumped and pumped. "Uh, uh! Sora! Front!" Sora listened to her, then licked her clitoris up and down. Kairi sat down, her legs crossed, when Sora stopped for a second. She giggled. "I'm not yet tired, you?" "No, which is why..." Sora opened her legs wide open until her vagina looked opened enough. He held them open, and his head was between her legs. He licked like crazy and again placed his tounge deep in her. After four more minutes of playing, they had another passionate kiss, as Kairi had her legs around Sora's waist. It was Kairi's turn. As Sora stood up, she played with his penis for a while, then once he lied down, Kairi sat on top of him, grabbed his cock, and rubbed it against her pussy. "This is self-sex.. But it's better with two. I need it again." "Again?" "Okay, it feels good anyway," Sora agreed but this time he did what Kairi did. He rubbed his dick against her vagina for about three minutes, then they got in the shower. They were all wet, and had the same intercourse as a while back. Sora wet his finger then opened Kairi's legs again, then rubbed his wet finger against her vagina. "Does that feel good?" "Yes.. More - More! AUGH- SORA PLEASE!" Sora started opening her vagina wide, then began to suck it. They got back on the bed, still wet, and Sora was on top of her. She played with his cock, licking and tasting it, while he played with her pussy again. After around an hour and a half of getting the cum out of them and still playing and playing, the blankets and sheets were messed up, they both were sweaty, and they lied down on their pillows, breathing and drinking from their water bottles. "Let's go to Roxas and Namine's room. Only Namine and Larxene are in there. But so what? Roxas is there in three minutes. Once they headed there, they say Namine and Larxene have a little tit action. "You want a feel good moment?" Kairi asked. "Sure!" they all agreed. Namine's turn. Sora crammed his cock in her as Kairi went under Namine - Namine was on her hands and knees - Kairi started licking her pussy like it was the last day with her. Namine heavy breathed, and Larxene wanted Kairi to feel good too, so she started licking her pussy. Roxas entered the room, and Larxene raised her ass up, so Roxas could stick his cock in her. Later, Axel walked in, and let Namine suck on his cock. After everyone switched a couple times, Riku and Tifa had their own interaction. Tifa's large breasts muffled Riku's mouth, as he spat in it. Riku started getting under Tifa, as they had another make-out session. That was only the 14th day of Febuary.

15th of Febuary

Party day. Sex party day. they all met up in Larxene and Axels room. The couple with the best intercourse wins an extra 30 minutes alone. All the furniture was moved out of the way. Sora lied on the ground, and Kairi placed his cock in her vagina. She started to hump, and she heavy breathed again. They also did their intercourse on the 14th. "Kairi... Marry me." Sora told the other 18 year old. "I will - when we're 20." Sora smiled. "Let's continue." "YAOI-YURI BATTLE!" Larxene and Tifa got together, and had some tit actions. Luckily, Larxene brought two sex toys for lesbian girls - a pink tube. Larxene and Tifa were the first to use one. They pumped eachother with the tube, and Namine and Kairi played with eachother's clitorises for a while, then used the sex toy. They rubbed eachother's pussy's side to side also. Riku and Sora went on top of eachother and sucked on eachother's cocks. So did Namine and Kairi. Kairi and Namine's vagina's turned dry for a while, until they continued licking. Tifa and Larxene sat, and Larxene started frenching Tifa hard. Axel and Roxas had a make-out section, and had  a little "Hump course". They loved this Sex party, and sooner or later, everyone was with their original lover. The winners were Sora and Kairi, so they had another treatment.

Sora frenched Kairi hard, then let her taste his cock for fifteen minutes or so. He started to place his cock in his vagina, and while pumping and humping, they made out on the bed. Everyone watched and cheered. After that, another sex party was created. Tifa's massively large tits' nipples were sucked by Kairi and Namine, and Larxene worked on her clitoris. After Kairi was done with Tifa, she went back up to Sora, as Sora was having a little action with Riku. "Hey," "I'm gonna do you," Sora started placing his dick in her again, and they made out while pumping. Their Legs were wrapped around eachother, then they hid under the blankets, and had another intercourse. They went out of the blankets, and Kairi got whipped cream, then placed them around her nipples. Sora sucked on them hard, then suddenly.. "Group on one! All girls on Sora!" All the girls started doing any sexual interactions with Sora as possible, but Kairi's pussy was lucky to be licked. Tifa got the cock, Namine got his topless chiseled body, and Larxene got to share with Tifa. "Kairi - you're so sexy with your vagina - especially when I have it in my hands." "Mmm.. Yes. Sora - ugh, ugh, no! Sora, yes! F-f-faster.. Don't stop, agian, kay?" "I won't,"

After the group on one, Kairi was ontop of Sora, her back on his chest. She moved down so that her vagina was in place with his cock, she placed it up, then squeezed his cock with her vagina. "That's a nice rub." "Ahh..!" Sora tried to resist, but having sex was irresistable. "Sora -I thought you were the naive kind - but I like the new erotic Sora. This feels so good. Mmm.. Yes - Ugh, ugh!"
After nights of erotica, they all fell asleep, with erotic fantasies with their lover in their dreams.

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