This is my first entry on Quizilla lol so bare with me lol I hope you like it lol. This is a Yaoi about Itasasu. WARNING: INCEST AND BOYxBOY LOVE. DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT LIKE EITHER ONE. rATE AND COMMENT PLZ :}

Created by Pink-Kyo on Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Sasuke sat up, sweating and breathing hard. He had been waking up abruptly in the middle of the night for awhile now. There was noexplanation for it, he wasn't having nightmares and he wasnt sick. "God, I need to stop this. If I'm not getting enough sleep its gonna kill me in training." Sighing, Sasuke got up from bed and walked outside into the garden. The breeze that blew warmed his skin.
He walked over to the huge oak tree that had been there for years, well, as long as he had been alive anyway. He dropped down to the ground and drew his knees up to his chin. Letting his eyes fall to the ground, he let his mind roam freely. Before he could stop himself, he was thinking about Itachi, his brother, and all the feelings that rushed to Sasuke because of his brother. The anger, the hatred. But most of all was the love and overpowering want he felt for him. Stop it! Dont think like that! you know it would never happen anywayz, Sasuke thought to himself.
Sasuke continued to try to push the thoughts out of his head. He was concentrating so hard he didnt hear someone come up behind him. Suddenly, warm hands were pushing him to the ground. Sasuke couldnt react fast enough so he ended up being pinned to the ground by his wrist. Sasuke looked up in confusion. "Wh-who are you?! Get off me!" he protested.
All he could see in the moonlight was the strangers long, silk like dark hair, and feeling it brush gently agianst his face. Then, almost teasingly, the stranger turned their head ever so slightly and Sasuke gasped. In the moonlight, silver beams hit onyx eyes. Sasuke knew who it was now. His own brother. Itachi.
"what are you doing stupid?! Get off me now!!" Sasuke hissed at Itachi. Itachi laughed, amused by his brothers useless attempts to get free. "Why are you struggling little brother??" His lips curling in a teasing smile. Sasuke just glared at him, trying to fight the feelings that were being produced in his lower stomach that were being caused by Itachis body pressing agianst his. He had to get Itachi off of him soon, before something happened that would make things awkward. "Listen Itachi, just get off me-" Sasuke was cut off by him realizing the closeness of him and his brothers face. "Wh-what are you doing Itachi??"
>.> someones forceful (me: yea i know but its the first time i wrote a lemon lol)
"What you've wanted me to do for a long time." Itachi hissed in a lust filled vioce. Itachi leaned closer so their faces were almost touching and breathed onto Sasukes mouth gently. The warmth sent a million stings of wanting through Sasuke. He had never been this close to Itachi before. Itachi kissed Sasukes bottom lip gently, then drew back long enough to look at Sasukes face. He could tell that Sasuke wasnt goign to protest.
Itachi kissed him agian, with more force this time, pushing down on his brothers mouth. Sasukes mind was spinning, his thoughts wouldnt collect all he thought about was the feeling of Itachis mouth over his and his body pressing agianst him. With his right hand, Itachi moved Sasukes night shirt to the side and ran his hand up the pale skin.
When Itachis hand ran over his brothers chest, Sasukes body arched and a moan escaped his lips. Itachi smiled and ran his tongue over Sasukes lower lip, nibbling on the bottom of it afterwards, begging for entrance. Sasuke opened his mouth urgently and pushed his hands through Itachis raven locks, forcing Itachi to kiss him more forcefully. Itachis hands roamed all over Sasukes body, finally reaching his pant line. The feeling of Itachi's hands on him drove Sasuke crazy.

He was kissing him forcefully and wanting Itachi to take him into bliss, but he did not know how far Itachi would go before realizing what he was doing.
Quickly before Sasuke could refuse, Itachis hand was inside of his pants, rubbing and teasing Sasukes cock. Sasukes body shuddered and his lower back arched, pushing himself closer to Itachi. Itachi wrapped his hand around sasuke, pushing and pulling him into bliss. Sasuke cried out into the dark and spots covered his vision. He could tell he wouldnt last much longer and so could Itachi.
Itachi suddenly pulled Sasuke up into his arms and quickly walked back into the house and into his room. Itachi dropped Sasuke on the bed. Sasuke still couldnt see properly, the only thing he could see was Itachi. "It-Itachi, please! Dont leave me now!Please!" Sasuke begged tryign to get his thoughts back in order. Itachi ran his hand up Sasukes thigh gently, letting his eyes rest on Sasukes body.
Quickly, almost violently, he yanked Sasukes pants off, removing the boxers at the same time. Leaving a very naked and aroused Sasuke exposed. Itachi breathed in, feeling his body shake in urgency. Quickly stripping his shirt and pants off, he laid ontop of Sasuke, letting his brother feel just how much he wanted him. Licking Sasukes neck and feeling his member agian to make sure his brother was still turned on, he looked up at Sasuke. "Are you ready??" Itachi asked him.
Sasuke just nodded, he couldnt answer, his body was aching and Itachi was torturing him. Itachi laughed and decided to tease him some more. He brushed his member agianst Sasukes rear. Sasuke gasped and stiffened. His eyelids fluttered and he moaned loudly. Itachi coulndt take it anymore. He thrust into Sasuke, making Sasuke scream in pleasure, tilting his head back and arching his body. Itachi almost came that very instant because of Sasukes tightness.
Sasuke dugs his fingernails into Itachis shoulders and moaned loudly every time Itachi thrust. Itachi was losing control, he wanted to push into Sasuke as hard as he could, to feel Sasuke all around him. Kissing his stomach and moving his body agianst sasukes member which was pinned between the two of them. "Ai...Ita..ITACHI!!" Sasuke screamed as he felt his stomach tighten. Itachi watched as Sasuke squirmed with pleasure, grabbing the sheets and bitting his lower lip. "More! Itachi, harder!" Sasuke screamed agian. Itachis eyes widened but he didnt refuse.
He moved his body more quickly, thrusting fully into Sasuke. Shots of bliss and lust flew through Itachis body, amking him dizzy with pleasure. Sasukes own body was being shocked by wave after wave of pain mixed with pleasure. I could feel that he wasn't going to last long. But he didnt care, Itachi was destroying all his senses and driving him insane. And he loved it. Itachi shoved once more into Saukes lithe form and groaned loudly, cumming in Sasuke. There was a slight burn but Sasuke couldnt tell. The friction caused by Itachis body agianst his had gotten to him and he came onto his brothers and his own torso.
His back arched and his eyes rolled upward. Bright spots danced in front of Itachis eyes as he watched Sasuke grip the bedsheets tightly and gasp for air. Exhausted and feeling like his body was floating, Sasuke slowly dropped back down onto the sheets. He was breathing hard and sweating. Itachi was resting his own body on Sasukes, clearly exhausted as well. Sasuke smiled and brushed Itachis long locks out of his face.
Itachi looked up at Sasuke lovingly, "I love you Sasuke-kun, more than you'll ever know." Itachis whispered before falling into sleep on top of his little brother. Sasuke felt sleep creeping up on him as well. He bent to kiss Itachis hair then laid back down onto the pillows. "I love you too Itachi, More than you'll ever know too" Sasuke smiled as he fell into a rich sleep and dreams about Itachi and him.
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