thanks to all who are supporting this story! I am having a great time writing it! i have to ask u all a big favor but i will put a journal up about it so check my jouranl soon!

Created by xMrsxMattxHardy on Sunday, April 20, 2008


So this Shannon person is pretty boring. he fell asleep in my chair and has been sleeping like that for an hour. so yepp im pretty board. nothing to do and no one to talk to. oh wait i think he is starting to wake up.
"Hey Lily. How long have i been asleep?"
"only for about an hour."
"Oh really. do you mind if i took a shower?"
"No not really just save enough water so i can take one too."
"you know we could save water by--"
"NO now go get in the shower and dont ever think i will get in a shower with you!"
"I didnt mean to sound perverted"
"i dont care just go."
And he did just that. I didnt mean to sound rude to him i just wanted sometime to myself. i wanted to think this whole thing over. i mean what if we dont even get along? this is just great...i'm already yelling at my future husband.
"Lily i'm out of the bathroom."
OMG there was my future husband standing infront of me in just a towel and all i can say is wow. what a great body. if he didnt have all those tattoo's i would use him as a model in my show.
"umm oh thanks."
So i took my shower and when i got out i realized all i took was my towel and i forgot my p.j.'s.Crap....
"Umm this is an odd question but can you go in my closet and get a pair of p.j.'s out for me? I kinda for got mine."
"hahaha sure. your gonna let me pick?"
"yes but i swear if u pick one of me skimpy ones i will kill u"
"oh fine."
"Lily can i open the door to give these to u?"
"Open it just a little ok?"
He opened the door just a crack and handed me my p.j.'s.
"thanks shannon."
"Not a problem love."
Wow the "love" part was a little suprising. but it sent chills down my spine because NO ONE had ever called me "love" before. I changed into my p.j.'s and came out of the bathroom to see shannon looking out the window.
"shannon are you going to bed?"
"Nah i dont feel like sleeping."
"Oh well im tired and i have to get my models ready tomarrow so im gonna go to sleep."
"Shannon are you ok?"
"Yeah yeah im fine."
"Oh well do you want to go to work with me tomarrow?"
"yeah sure whatever."
"ok well goodnight"
So you i into bed still wondering what was wrong with him. he seemed fine earlier. i tossed and turned all night worried about shannon. i decided to get out of bed a check on him. i saw him sitting in my chair he looked like he had been crying. I walked over to him and had him move over so i could sit next to him.
"Shannon please tell me whats wrong."
"I dont want to talk about it."
"Please tell me. maybe i can help"
"Well i dont know how to put this but i dont want to get married again. and i really liked this girl back home and i will never get the chance to be with her."
I did something that suprised me and him i held his hand and talked to him.
"Shannon if you think you are the only one who doesnt want to get married well think again. i dont want to either but it something we have to do. and about that girl you know i understand that you liked her but i am asking you to give me a chance."
"Lily i will give you a chance."
"Thanks shannon."
"lil do you want to go back to sleep?"
"Hey who said you could call me lil?"
"o sorry would you mind if i called you that?"
"No shannon i dont mind, and yes i want to go to bed."
And tonight i went to bed in the arms of my future husband. I could get used to this!

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