XxXAs WeXxXnaruto auXxXGo OnXxX [22- Computer trouble]

LAYOUT CREDIT TO VICTIMIZED. The banner was by me so it sucks lol

Created by UnderTheSunChick on Monday, April 28, 2008

The next day they were all meeting at Naruto's house to plan for the concert. Naruto and Mayia were on Naruto's laptop designing clothes that Mayia could make them with some help. So far the designs were just black, no color, no special anything on the ourfits.
"We need ideas." Mayia said after about two minutes of just sitting there thinking.
"Black outfits with red, yellow and orange. Kinda like a half black sun with the other half colored." Kiba said and everyone looked at him.
"Did Kiba come up with an idea all by himself?" Mayia asked and everyone laughed.
"I can be smart!" Kiba defended himself.
"We get it, we get it." Mayia said and put some custom colors up. "We need a design, pattern or something for the colors. Maybe a logo or something."
"Just mess around with it some." Mikisu said and sat on the couch while Mayia starting messing with the colors and making a shirt.
"But I suck at coming up with ideas!" Mayia said and stuck her tounge out at the computer screen, which now held a black shirt. She deleted everything on the shirt and handed the laptop back to Naruto. "You do something. I'm thirsty."
"Okay!" Naruto said happily and started messing with the designing page.
After a few minutes Naruto gave up and looked online for some outfits. His computer screen blinked a couple times and died off. "What the-? I just charged this thing!" he said and plugged it in. He tried pressing the on button a few times and trying to get it working by plugging in a different charging cord. "Damn laptop isn't working!"
"Let me see." Mikisu said. She took the laptop and set it down on her lap. She pressed and held the power button, while hitting a couple other buttons quickly, that no one else could see. She typed in a couple of words and moved the arrow to Naruto's log in file name. She clicked it and typed in a few more words and handed it back to him. "It should be fixed now."
"How did you...?" he asked and looked at his screen. Everything was back to normal.
"Just luck I guess." she said and shrugged, smiling slightly.
Mayia came back in and sat down. She missed the whole computer failure come back to life dilema, but she didn't care. She could hear them talking and typing from the kitchen. "What happened?" she asked and sat inbetween Naruto and Shikamaru.
"My laptop was screwed up so Mikisu fixed it for me." Naruto said happily.
"Really..." Mayia said and looked at Mikisu who was pretty much bored. "Whatever. Let's just get the outfits together and call it a day."
"Sounds good to me." Mikisu said while Sasuke just nodded.
"Good idea!" Kiba said.
"I just want to head home." Shikamaru said and Mayia sighed.
"Your always tired." she said and he smiled some. "Just lay on my shoulder then." He laid his head on her shoulder and wrapped his arms around her waist. "I'm not a teddy bear."
"But now you are." he said and closed his eyes yawning. Mayia mumbled fine and continued working on the outfits.
Short...I know....I had to get it I always say. :p whatever

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