Sasuke love story - oneshot

for sakura uzamaki! lol she asked me to do a oneshot so she got it!

Created by hayatesgirl on Saturday, April 26, 2008

*Sasuke POV*

He ran. Just ran and ran and ran, trying to get that image out of his mind. His mother and father lying on the floor… and it was Itatchi. Itatchi did it, he thought. He felt tears slip down his cheeks. Pushing his hands to his ears he ran. ‘Shut up,’ he told the voices. Itatchi couldn’t have. Yet he still tried to kill him too. Sasuke’s world was crashing around him. He came to a corner of one of the buildings and leaned against it, the flashing images in his head never disappearing, never going away. That’s when he saw her. Injured but alive. She wasn’t dead either. Someone to share his pain with…

Sasuke suddenly woke up, drenched in a cold sweat. He had that dream again. The same one that always plagued him. Alira, he thought. He could still remember that day, a shuriken dug deep into her throat, her eyes wide with the fear of a trapped rabbit trying to find a hopeless escape. Hopeless, they had survived. Two of the three remaining Uchiha clan. The third was not coming back. A flash of anger passed through him. After all these years he hadn’t figured out why.
The door slid open and there she was, black bangs framing her face, contrasting with her pale skin, her brown eyes wide and alert. Hidden deep within their depths she hid her fear. She was panting slightly from running up the stairs.
“I’m alright Alira,” he said, reassuring her. “I’m fine.” He must have yelled in his dream again, he thought, his cheeks colouring slightly with embarrassment.
Alira nodded obviously relieved. Sasuke glanced at the pale white scar that ran across her delicate neck. He remembered her pearly red blood that dropped as rain falls, the wound that had cost Alira her voice. She smiled softly and slipped out, exiting the room. Sasuke sighed. This was what it had been like, all these years since. The stress, the worry. Both of them knew that safety shouldn’t be taken for granted. It was false word. Safe meant nothing. Someday, something would happen, and when it did, they weren’t going to be caught off guard. Not again. Sasuke smiled as he heard Alira’s light footsteps ascend up the stairs to his room. She stood framed in the doorway, a tray of food balanced in her slender hands.
“Thanks Alira,” he smiled. She smiled shyly back and placed it in front of him and sat down on his bed. Sasuke picked up his chopsticks and took a bite of the meal she had prepared for him. “It’s wonderful, Alira,” he said. She blushed slightly and lowered her eyes. Sasuke watched her from the corner of his eye as he ate. Somehow he felt that their fates were intertwined together, two threads of the same piece of string. He finished his breakfast and placed the tray aside. Neither of them moved, finding comfort in each other’s presence.

*Alira POV*

Alira felt her heart beating, as it always seemed to whenever she was around him. Suddenly he spoke. “Alira, I had a dream last night,” he said. She cocked her head thoughtfully. It wasn’t like Sasuke to tell her these sorts of things, he was usually quiet, just like she. Sometimes there were things that she wished she could say to him, but at the same time the silence seemed to say things for her. She had found different ways to speak since she had lost her voice. “It was of the massacre,” he said quietly. Alira nodded, iciness beginning to spread through her heart. Even when it was mentioned now it still was painful. Yet when she looked in the mirror every day the white scar that ran across her throat was always a reminder. Every word not said hung between them like a shroud of emptiness, the ghosts in their memories playing like films in their mind. It was Itatchi, everyone had said. Sasuke never spoke of him and it was as if he had never had a brother. Alira couldn’t understand how two of the same family could be so completely opposite – Sasuke – so sensitive and kind under the hard shell he presented to the world. Itatchi was so different, she thought with cold dread crawling its way up her back. “I remembered how I found you Alira, and I suddenly realised that I don’t want anything like that to happen again to you,” he said softly. Alira took her hand and traced her fingers down the side of his face, suddenly overcome with her feelings for him. Warmth washed through her heart and she smiled. They paused, her with her hand on his cheek, him staring into her eyes. Enchanted by the moment Sasuke leaned forward and placed a kiss on her speechless lips, knowing that whatever happened in the future he would protect her from it. He would be her guardian.

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