True rape story(this is not a cool thing to let happen)(its cruel)

not cool

Created by lilly-chan101 on Saturday, May 03, 2008


A true rape story!! You are one fucking sick person if you dont repost this i feel for you if this dosent touch you because this is just wrong. read this. its disgusting Walking in my nighty; rubbing my eyes My fathers sitting on the sofa with his friend He pats the seat in the middle; i sit Shivering so cold; a quilt he lends "Jessy you love me dont you" a smile; his Their breathe spirts weep "Daddy you know i do; what is it?" He smiles at his friend; his hand creeps His friend takes my hand; looks me in the eyes Daddys creeping up my nightie; cold hands I try to pull his hand away; grip is strong! They look at one another; nod; something planned I feel my palms sweat; Daddys under my knickers "Daddy im going to bed! Night" Pulling again But there grip is to strong for weak me I look at both; and ask, who are these men? His fingers going up me; pulling away His friend leans forward; a kiss? Why? His toungue moving mine; my eyes squint Lean back and away; "Why are you doing this?" No answer, i feel the pain inside me; him Chucks the quilt on the floor; me to I try and scamper away, but im not fast "O Daddy please, i love you" His friend; pulling at my nightie And my Dad pulling my pants down His friend pinning my hands to the floor As my Dad lies himself on the ground I squirm; as Daddy friend pulls me up And places me ontop of Daddy; thrusts within I cry; i bite; i scratch; i slap; i fail "O Daddy please you win you win!" I can feel my skin rip; my virginity breaking free I can feel the blood seep down my leg "Daddy your hurting me please" I plead to him and his friend; not even a beg Daddys laughing; why does he laugh? His friend shoves himself in my mouth and moans Tieing my hands togather; moving in and out "Ride me Jessy" He laughs and groans They smile at one another; laugh to They roll me over and spread me wide wel My daddy sits on my face; himself in again While his friend talks and pushes himself inside I can hardly breathe; i gag for air I cough and splutter; cry and weep I beg and plead; but its no use Theyve already made me hurt and bleed I stare into his eyes; that look upon me This is not my Dad; where is he? If he was still here; would he care Would he actually even; see? Finally they get of and lie me on the sofa My cheeks blouchy from tears and pain They play with them selfs; all over me Rub it in; making me feel the shame "Why Daddy? Please tell me why?" Dad looks at his friend; and waves him away "Jessy i love you" he smiles and kisses my cheek "Is that all you have in your heart to say?" He puts my nightie on me I walks me to my bedroom door Ever since that night; His friend And himself every Friday come back for more "Night sweet Girl; You are my life" Closing the door, tears still down my face Still the smell of him and his friend Fade into me like disgrace I watch the Moon go down; the sun come up "Jessy its school" Knocking at my door I cant help but cry; weep in pain Because im so scared he wanted more But one night daddy took it too far Daddy and his friend came back for one last shot They were worried they would get caught So he and his friend took me to a cemetary lot I was blindfolded and my hands were tied back "Daddy please!! Not tonight!" Daddy and his friend both had their last fun After that i tried to put up a fight I begged daddy "Please no more!" All he could say "Shut up you stupid whore!" Daddy unblindfolded me at last He said I love you so much He went back into the car and pulled out a bat "Daddy I swear I wont say a thing!!!!" I was dead After only one swing.......................... **Please if you care for all the children and women who have been raped repost this bulletin with the Headline "A Rape Story" If you do not repost this you are promoting rape and violence! YOU F***ING PERVERT! GOD SHOULD NOT FORGIVE YOU!!!!

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